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Peaky Blinders Season 4 Episode 5 Recap – The Duel


Published 1 year ago

[00:01:00] Tommy drove around town as Luca, and his men continued to follow him. Luca told his men to shoot out Tommy’s tires. He added that Tommy might surrender; they would allow it as long as Luca got the final shot. Tommy brought them to the apartment block as he hurried to the machine gun he had set up. Tommy opened fire but only managed to kill one of Luca’s men. They hid behind their truck and waited for Tommy’s gun to backfire. Luca and his men returned fire, and Tommy had no choice but to take cover.

[00:03:00] Tommy managed to escape into one of the apartments where he also kept another machine gun. Luca sent one of his men to follow Tommy. They went to the other side to cut off his escape. Luca realized that Tommy was prepared for their attack and that Polly had lied to him. Tommy tried to run, but Luca’s man caught up with him. Luca heard the gunshot and ran towards it to assist. Tommy managed to kill the gunman following him before Luca could reach him. Tommy ordered everyone in the apartment complex to stay indoors and stay down while Luca and the rest of his men hunted him down. Luca was following Tommy as he told the people to keep quiet. They reached a staircase where he found a boy and offered him some money in exchange for Tommy’s location.

[00:06:30] The boy told Luca that Tommy had gone downstairs, but Tommy actually went upstairs. Luca sent one of his men upstairs while he went downstairs with another. It was three against one for Tommy. Luca accidentally fired on his own man, thinking it was Tommy. The man reacted and told Luca that it was him. Tommy reached the rooftops and went down the fire escape. He saw one of Luca’s men and shot him. Luca heard the gunshot and looked out the window. Luca’s right-hand man told him to leave because they didn’t know the streets like Tommy did. Luca refused; he knew that they had Tommy cornered, and he didn’t want him to get away. Tommy went down to finish the job. Tommy finished off the man he had shot before Luca could get to him. Luca was disgusted that Tommy would kill off a wounded man without a fight.

[00:08:30] He tried to avenge his fallen comrade, but he missed. Luca finally ran out of bullets, and he challenged Tommy to a standoff. Luca drew out his pistol, but before they could shoot each other, the police arrived. Sergeant Moss told Tommy that he had come over to stop whatever he was doing. Sergeant Moss shouted at the apartment complex that the rule of law had been restored. Moss didn’t accept Tommy’s payment; he told him that soldiers were coming to Small Heath. Tommy went home to his son Charlie. Polly was there waiting for him. He called in a family meeting to tell them what had happened in Artillery square. Polly explained that she had received a letter from Luca after Christmas looking to set up a deal to spare Michael for Tommy. Polly agreed to Tommy’s orders, and they set up the plan perfectly, but Tommy was unable to kill Luca.

[00:12:30] Johnny Dogs and Charlie celebrated Tommy’s small victory. Arthur, on the other hand, was disappointed that Tommy had devised a plan without them. He invited Tommy to drink in order to calm his nerves. That evening, Tommy went back to the office, where Lizzie accompanied him through the night. Tommy invited Lizzie for a drink, but she no longer drank liquor because she was pregnant. Lizzie told Tommy the big news and confirmed that the baby could only be his. Lizzie suspected she had gotten pregnant the day they had made love by the river. Tommy tried to get the baby aborted, but Lizzie told him that she was keeping the baby. Tommy’s hands were shaking as he talked to Lizzie about what had happened earlier. Lizzie tried to keep Tommy from thinking of the events earlier, but things just kept playing inside his head.

[00:16:30] Not even the big news of having a baby was enough to keep him out of the dark. Tommy told Lizzie that she would receive an allowance from the company as well as a new house. Arthur went to the betting shop and opened the vault. He placed the daily earnings inside and took out their stash of cocaine. Arthur came home drunk and high. He told Linda that he needed saving, so Linda told him what they had discussed earlier. Linda assured Arthur that they would be back in their garden in no time. Arthur told Linda that it was just going to be one winter in Birmingham. Polly took Michael to Aberama Gold. He was second on Luca’s list, and she wouldn’t have him near the Peaky Blinders. Michael took a wagon ride deep into the woods to hide among the gypsy clans.

[00:22:30] As Michael left, Aberama took Polly back to Small Heath. She had been cooped up in Small Heath for so long that she had asked Aberama to take the longer route back. Aberama responded that he knew routes that would take forever to get back. He and Polly set up a campfire by the river. Aberama caught a buck rabbit, which they planned to cook. He asked Polly if she did have a second sight, which she confirmed. Polly told him that his wife was around him sometimes, just watching him. He asked Polly if his wife was around at that moment, but she wasn’t. Polly asked for the rabbit and knife. She also told Aberama to come closer. Polly wanted to sleep with Aberama, but she warned him. Polly took the knife and held it at his throat.

[00:27:30] Luca didn’t know how to get to Michael, but Aberama did. If anything bad happened to Michael, Polly would become his enemy. Meanwhile, Luca met with Alfie and offered him a proposition. Alfie knew Luca wanted Tommy dead, while Luca knew that Alfie wanted him to run his rum into New York. Luca knew about the boxing fight between Goliath and Bonnie. He wanted Alfie to take his men to the fight in order to kill Tommy. After a few more talks and arguments, Luca finally agreed to Alfie’s terms. Alfie realized that Luca had just agreed on the deal without negotiating. He knew that Tommy was right, and Luca planned to kill all of them. The next day, the army arrived and picked up Ada. She tried to run away, but she couldn’t. The army strip-searched her because she was armed when they came to her house.

[00:38:00] A colonel talked to Ada about her political ties to the communists, but she told him that she was no longer with the communists. The army had been following Ada for quite some time, and they even knew about her meeting with Jessie Eden. They even knew the drinks they had ordered during that time. Ada showed the colonel her business card with Shelby Company LTD. They allowed her to leave on the notion that she would speak to Tommy about their business. Tommy came to the gym to see Bonnie train for his fight. Soon he had seen enough and went to his office, where Ada was waiting. Upon Tommy’s arrival, Ada wasted no time and asked him about Colonel Ben Younger. Ada was strip-searched, for which Tommy apologized.

[00:41:00] Tommy explained to Ada that the British army had come to him about a business proposition. They wanted his help to stop the revolution, which was why Tommy had invited Jessie for dinner. He needed to gain Jessie’s trust in order to find the men within Jessie’s organization who wanted an armed revolution. The British government gave Colonel Younger command in Birmingham to stop the possible revolution. In exchange for Tommy’s help, he would have a five-year contract to supply the army with vehicles that amounted to 2 million pounds. Tommy couldn’t resist the offer, but Ada reminded him that his plan would only work if he was alive. Tommy responded that he planned to stay alive. Ada left Tommy in disappointment.

[00:44:30] Charlie and Curly prepared the table for Tommy’s dinner with Jessie. Curly thought some music would be great, but Charlie told him that the dinner was for business. Tommy and Jessie arrived. Curly suggested some music; Tommy didn’t want to seem rude, so he allowed music for Jessie. Curly went to get the gramophone. Tommy planned to cook their dinner while they talked business. Tommy handed a piece of paper to Jessie. The paper stated all the necessary changes to the wages and contracts of all the factory employees. Tommy found out that Jessie was one of the people who wanted a war to break out.

[00:50:30] Curly returned with the gramophone along with some records. The night went on as Tommy and Jessie ate dinner and had a few rounds of drinks. Tommy planned to dance with Jessie, so he turned the gramophone on. Jessie didn’t want to dance, but Tommy insisted. The two of them kissed as Tommy groped her ass. Jessie stopped Tommy and told him that they would have sex soon. Tommy told Jessie that he had set a meeting for them with the appropriate people. The next day, Arthur and Johnny Dogs ran bets and security for the fight.

[00:55:00] A crowd gathered for the fight as they lined up to enter the venue. Johnny Dogs checked each man that passed through him for weapons. They allowed everyone in once they had reached the desired capacity. Johnny Dogs called everyone wanted to place their bets. Arthur continued to get high as he snorted cocaine. Tommy and Arthur went to Bonnie to check on him before the fight. Aberama told Bonnie to put Goliath down in the fourth round as Tommy had offered an extra 20%. Arthur also offered Bonnie some cocaine to take his edge off, but he didn’t need it. Polly, Linda, and Lizzie arrived for the fight. The fighters weren’t coming out, so Tommy went out back to check. A man wearing a top hat appeared from the shadows.






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