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PITCH “Wear It” Recap

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago


By Ruby Campos

What Else You Got?

Ginny’s just signed a new campaign with Nike and has it made right? Not exactly. This episode of Pitch shows that the effects of the game and mainly being such a high profile public image have really taken a toll on our favorite baseball player.

First of all this episode is spliced with Ginny in the present talking to a therapist with scenes explaining the events of the past 48 hours that led up to the present. So something big definitely happened that caused her to be here.

The first thing that seems to create a domino effect on Ginny is the fact that she recently signed a new deal with Nike. In the campaign, they compare her to many of the great firsts, including the first black baseball player, the first woman in space, and the first black president. That already puts a huge pressure on Ginny to make a good impression on the world, and we see that when she has a panic attack in the middle of the night. She calls Amelia, who rushes over, and meekly asks if there’s any way they could get someone else to do the Nike campaign, knowing that it’s too late to back out now.

Matters only seem to get worse when Ginny is having a bad game the next day. Mike comes up to her and asks if she’s having a panic attack, which makes Ginny suspicious and more off put by his relationship with Amelia, since Amelia was supposedly the only person who knew about it.

Kylie Bunbury as Ginny Baker | i© 2016 FOX Broadcasting Co.

Kylie Bunbury as Ginny Baker | i© 2016 FOX Broadcasting Co.

Ginny confronts Amelia while Evelyn helps her get ready for the Nike party. She decides that she won’t go to Amelia for personal matters anymore, and instead leave her to handle only the professional aspects of her life. Ginny isn’t done yet however, she keeps as far away from Mike as well as Amelia at the red carpet event that night.

While the two get their fair share of Ginny’s cold shoulder, Mike believes their being together is the reason Ginny is acting this way, while Amelia thinks Mike hasn’t really had his head in this relationship from the beginning, and the two break up.

Meanwhile, Ginny goes into hiding for a bit after being bombarded with pictures via the red carpet and various fans. Cara, a waitress at the party, notices how stressed out Ginny is and offers to take her away from the party and she agrees, of course.

Cara ends up taking her to a different kind of party. It’s much more laid back; people are playing video games and beer pong and dancing, and everyone there is actually Ginny’s age. She really does seem to enjoy herself and takes part in every activity the party has to offer her. The party ends with her dunking a basketball into a pool, wearing New Balance sneakers, with at least 5 different cameras capturing it.

Amelia and Eliot are quick to notice Ginny’s disappearance but don’t find her until Eliot comes across the pool video on the internet. Using the geotag, they locate the house and find the dress but not the person. Amelia laments about how much time she has put into this and Ginny seemingly doesn’t appreciate any of it. Eliot speaks out and lets her know that it isn’t just about her, and that he has had to make sacrifices in his life too. Apologizing for not recognizing what he does, Amelia promises him a raise and an actual job title as they continue their search for Ginny.

All the while, Mike decides to pay his ex-wife, Rachel a visit, while she has company over, including the new guy she’s been dating. At the end of the night, he tells her he’s still in love with her but she knows better than that. Rachel tells him he’s always liked chasing rather than having and that he needs to figure himself out before being with another person.

Ginny wakes up the next morning in Cara’s car, parked outside of the stadium. Amelia and Eliot finally find her and let Ginny know that the video has leaked all over the internet. Amelia informs the player that since she was seen wearing a brand that wasn’t Nike, she’s going to have to do some damage control. That means for every game, she’s going to buy a hundred tickets for veterans and also give them free Nike gear.

Finally, the managerial staff meets with Ginny to discuss everything that has happened and what they’re going to do to help her. Amelia shows Ginny another video that Cara took from the previous night. In it she has a breakdown and says she doesn’t want to go back to playing baseball and all of the responsibilities that come with being Ginny Baker. Everyone is concerned for Ginny and genuinely want to help her so they called the therapist to talk to her.

After spending the entire episode avoiding having to open up, Ginny finally states the difficulty of her position. She doesn’t know if she wants to keep doing this because she’s just herself not the public’s depiction of her, but she also can’t just quit because she represents so much for so many people. The therapist tells her it’s not going to be easy having to reconcile with those two parts of her but she knows she’ll get there eventually.

The episode closes just as Ginny seems to be more peaceful state of mind when Amelia gives her some bad news, the selfies she had taken with her ex, Trevor have resurfaced again and this time it looks like they’re going to be released.


It was great seeing most people actually concerned with Ginny’s well-being in this episode. Everyone from Amelia to Mike to the higher ups like Al and Oscar to a stranger like Cara all ultimately wanted what was best for Ginny and they could all see that something was wasn’t right. It was especially refreshing to see that Cara had no ulterior motives and didn’t take advantage of Ginny in her vulnerable state. Everyone on Ginny’s team, ball players and background players, has come a long way into getting to this point where they treat her more as a dear friend they care for rather than someone to profit on.

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