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Record of Ragnarok Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – Killer Move

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Record of Ragnarok Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - Killer Move


Brünnhilde summons the other Valkyries for her grand plan. Randgriz, the fourth sister of the 13 Valkyries, steps forth. She details all the sacred weapons Thor has, which Brünnhilde calls the biggest cheats in all of history.
She asks Randgriz to dedicate her body to the cause. Randgriz happily obliges.
Back at the battle, we see Lü Bu’s weapon glow. The gods can’t believe it—it’s the hidden power of the Valkyries. While the gods have their own cheats, so do the humans. The Valkyries have bestowed a blessing called the Divine Treasure Forge.
Randgriz appeared in spiritual form earlier in the fight, transforming herself into the Lü Bu’s weapon.
Lü Bu strikes, but Thor blocks with his fist. Thor is wearing Járngreipr, the greatest armor in the heavens, to protect his hands against the intense magma energy of the Mjölnir. But Lü Bu also wears one of heaven’s weapons—a Shield Breaker—a direct translation of the name Randgriz.
Járngreipr shatters like a potato chip. The crowd gasps in surprise. The humans crowd cheers, happy to finally have an edge against the gods. Lü Bu’s army is in tears, trembling with anticipation; their master is now doing something he would never have achieved in real life.


Zeus and Mercury finally figure out the plan of the Valkyries. Initially tasked to guide the souls of the greatest humans to heaven, they seem to have a different agenda now. What they were preparing for was an open rebellion against the gods, offering their bodies as weapons. Zeus fumes at this betrayal, but he also feels excitement. It is one of the more interesting events since the Big Bang. He calls out to Brünnhilde in awe.
Back in the field, something else is happening. Thor is wounded. Mjölnir is on the ground, steaming, and glowing in red. Without Járngreipr, is there ever a way he can wield it?
The giant weapon throbs and cracks into pieces, revealing something inside that pulses like a heart. Thor knows it’s finally awake.

Gloves Come Off

Zeus explains those gloves do not protect Thor from the power of Mjölnir. They are used to prevent the god from crushing Mjölnir before it awakens. Thor takes off the other glove. The crowd goes silent.
Thor lifts the weapon with bare hands and asks Lü Bu not to die as he winds up the hammer to his back for a strike.
Now, even the gods don’t know what the result will be.
Brünnhilde receives a text message leaving her breathless: a list of all the competitors in the battle of gods versus man. Göll shares her nervousness, saying it’s the end. Brünnhilde disagrees—the Valkyries and their thirteen weapons will step forth as god slayers—Einherjar!
Zeus sees the list too and smiles with glee.

Back and Forth

The humans gasp as a strong, red glow surrounds Mjölnir. Now Thor is serious. He throws Mjölnir at full force. It has never missed in 100 throws; it has even easily broken the skulls of the Jötunn.
But today is another matter; Lü Bu evades it by keeping low before charging at a defenseless Thor. Mjölnir boomerangs, attacking Lü Bu from behind. He sidesteps as Thor catches his weapon back and uses its gained centrifugal force for the ultimate blow.
The two warriors clash, and the arena explodes.

Our Thoughts

The pacing for this battle could be better. So many battle anime can weave exposition and action seamlessly. This one just feels flat stretched out far longer than it should be, breaking the pace of the fight. I rate this 2.5/5.

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