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Record of Ragnarok Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – Joy

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Record of Ragnarok Season 1 Episode 4 Recap - Joy

Flash of Light

We go into Lü Bu’s past. Lightning strikes a tree in front of him as he stares in awe.
Back in the battle, he charges forth, meeting Thor’s hammer with his strike. The arena explodes; dust and lightning energy overwhelm the audience. Lü Bu cleanly blocks Thor’s massive stroke. The crowd roars with praise, and the battle drums thrum.
Göll calls out to Lü Bu to take care of Randgriz, who is in the weapon.
Suddenly, we see Lü Bu’s foot waver and break. First the right, and then the left as both fighters disengage. The human warrior is on his knees.
Zeus admits seeing him take the hit from Thor was entertaining, but it’s about to be over.

Red Hare

Thor stares his enemy down, about to hit his final strike. The Valkyries and humans are bracing, but something enters the battlefield—a red horse.
Shiva is surprised. How did that thing come in?
The horse approaches Lü Bu to lick his wounds. Thor stands down, curious.
Lü Bu’s troops realize if the horse hasn’t given up, they shouldn’t either. They cheer even louder than before, giving their rousing support to Lü Bu.
Heimdall doesn’t think the human can stand any further, but somehow Lü Bu’s spear trembles as he starts to raise himself. The crowd cheers. It’s not over yet.
Thor smiles as his opponent rides the horse. Its name is Red Hare.


Back in Lü Bu’s memories, when he saw the lightning hit the tree, we see he wasn’t afraid. The sky filled him with awe instead. He thought that somewhere in the heavens, there’s a mighty presence.
Zeus allows the horse to join the battle; it’s an extension of the warrior’s body.
Lü Bu asks the horse if he’s willing to sacrifice, as they start their charge in a circle.
Thor raises his weapon in anticipation. Lü Bu changes his grip to the base of the spear.

Sky Eater

Back in his training days, Lü Bu sought to perfect his skills in weaponry: stance, focus, and swing. He broke a thousand halberds and swung a thousand more to hone himself—he knew the ultimate foe would come.
After years, he perfected his technique. He gripped the weapon’s base and slashed the heavens so strongly the clouds parted; his spear disintegrated. Yet, he was never able to use it on anyone—the technique’s name: Sky Eater.
Now with the ultimate attack, ultimate weapon, and ultimate foe, he is ready to face his enemy.
Thor asks Mjölnir if it is also ready. The hammer pulses in agreement. The next strike would be the greatest strike of their lives.
Lü Bu winds up, strengthening his grip on the horse.
Thor lets the hammer fly and catches it while Lü Bu rears his hand for Sky Eater.


Both warriors blur as they strike at the same time. A beam of light fills the arena and clears the clouds above. Both fighters smile as their weapons clash.
In the aftermath, Lü Bu’s arm is shattered; the weapon Randgriz swept back.
Thor remains standing.
Lü Bu bites his other remaining arm off; it had broken severely anyway. He looks up to the sky; he’s given it his all. Charging forward, he smiles at Thor and thinks it is what joy feels like. Thor smashes his head off clean.
Lü Bu’s body falls as Thor looks to the sky. Heimdall announces him as the winner. The gods are thrilled, the humans devastated.

Our Thoughts

This episode is a hundred times better than the last, with good pacing and a gripping storyline. They were able to match Bu’s awesomeness with Thor’s. Well done, 4/5.

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