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Scams Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

BY Kean

Published 2 years ago

Scams Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Makoto visits Sachiko at the hospital. She tells Makoto that three men robbed the house she was working at. When Sachiko told the men she didn’t know where the money was, the men beat her. “This was a punishment,” she says. Makoto says if anyone needs to be punished, it‘s him. Sachiko says she put the house on the register, and maybe one of Makoto’s friends had something to do with what happened. But Makoto says it’s just a coincidence. Makoto meets up with Seimiya. He tells him all three house robberies in a week are all on the M register. “Someone’s leaking information?” Seimiya asks. Seimiya asks Makoto where he got the register. So Makoto says, “My mom’s a homecare worker, and she collected this data for me.” Seimiya asks Makoto who could it be. “It’s not you, right?” Makoto replies. Because Makoto decides not to suspect Seimiya, only three people are left to suspect. 

At work, Kurusu asks Makoto why he got rid of the M register. Makoto says there’s no reason to take any more risks because they can hit their goal without the M register. When Kurusu leaves, Makoto and Seimiya share a meaningful look at each other. Makoto notices the robberies stopped after they got rid of the M register. But he still isn’t sure if Kurusu was involved. When Makoto visits her mom at the hospital, he finds that the police officer has returned. “He said all the victims were our clients. He’s getting suspicious,” Sachiko says. Misaki expresses her disappointment over what happened to Sachiko. She adds that the news is full of stories of people being abused. While listening to Misaki, Makoto sees Yamada standing outside before disappearing quickly. 

Seimiya brings Makoto home. They drink even though they know they’ll get scolded if Dokugawa finds out. Makoto says they will hit their goal soon. He adds that he’s thinking of quitting once they succeed. “What will happen to me?” Seimiya asks. Makoto says they can just quit together and look for a new job. Makoto admits he’s scared of his feelings because he has started to enjoy the job. Seimiya gets angry. “Don’t act like a smart-ass after all this,” Seimiya says. 

One of the money collectors gets attacked again after taking the money. This time it’s worth nine million yen. When the boss asks Kanbe what he will do about it, Kanbe says their rule is not to do anything if they fail to collect. The boss says the injured man is a professional but as soon as he worked for Kanbe, he got attacked. The boss thinks Kanbe’s men are involved in the robbery, but Kanbe firmly believes it’s impossible. “My men can make more money by simply working hard,” Kanbe says. “Quit patting yourself on the back and bring your men here, or I’ll kill you!” the boss snaps. When Kanbe still insists that he trusts his men, he gets punched in the face. Kanbe suspects his boss was behind the problems but going against him would be bad for them. 

Onuma shares a meal with another man. But he’s the only one who eats and talks because the other man has both his hands tied behind him. The other man also has a plastic bag on his head, with blood dripping from his face. He receives a phone call from Dokugawa. “I’ll take care of it,” Onuma replies. Back at the office, they manage to scam 5 million from another target. If they collect it, they will finally reach their target. While they’re celebrating, Seimiya watches them in silence. Makoto calls Dokugawa to let him know and to send someone to collect the money, but instead of sending someone else, Dokugawa comes to collect the money himself. When the robbers come to take the money again, Dokugawa attacks them.

While Makoto and his team are in the middle of a celebration, Dokugawa walks in and kicks the whiteboard. Kurusu immediately runs, so Dokugawa starts chasing him. Dokugawa returns to the office and asks the other to chase Kurusu because he’s working with the robbers. Seimiya gets left behind in the office as the others chase Kurusu. Kurusu goes to his friends and tells them they should leave together. While they’re getting ready, Onuma appears. “Is this the Kurusu home?” he asks.

Our Thoughts

Because we knew that the robbers are Kurusu’s friends, we thought it was Kurusu who was leaking the information. But we had a bit of doubt when we saw how Seimiya reacted when he found out that Makoto would quit after reaching their goal. He started avoiding Makoto and didn’t even want to talk to him. But then suspicions changed when Kurusu started running. What could be his reason for robbing other people’s houses? They are already earning a lot of money from scamming people, but he still chose to do something like such. Kanbe suspected his boss of being the one behind the robberies, so we’re looking forward to seeing his reaction when he finds out it’s one of his men. 

For Makoto, we think it will be more difficult for him to leave. After what happened to Kurusu, Kanbe might hold on to his remaining men. If Makoto leaves, it will be too difficult for just three people to run the store. When we saw Onuma, we knew that Kurusu might experience the same thing Yamada experienced. But we don’t know if Yamada is still alive or not. Because Makoto keeps seeing his ghost, we just have to assume he’s dead. 

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