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Sweet Home Season 1 Episode 10 Recap


Published 1 month ago

Sweet Home Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

[00:01:00] The tenants confronted Hyun-Su and Ui-Myeong. They didn’t trust Ui-Myeong but Hyun-Su vouched for him. He told everyone to put down their weapons. Ui-Myeong told Hyun-Su that he’s going to find more of their kind. He wanted Hyun-Su to come with him, but he wasn’t too sure about leaving the tenants. Ui-Myeong thought it was a disease at first, so he volunteered for the experiments, but they couldn’t cure him. He finally accepted it wasn’t a disease. Ui-Myeong claimed he was chosen by nature to be higher than humans.

[00:06:30] Yu-Seong saw his monster friend, but the other tenants planned to kill it. He told them not to kill it, but they saw it only as a monster. Hyun-Su told them the monster didn’t attack humans but they didn’t care. They used Du-Sik’s flame thrower to burn the monster to death. Yu-Seong cried as they killed his friend. Ui-Myeong tried to calm him down, but Eun-Yoo took them away from him. She told Hyun-Su he should be picky about choosing his friends. Eun-Hyeok spoke with Eun-Yoo regarding the special infectee flyers. Eun-Yoo told him they couldn’t turn Hyun-Su over to the government. He responded they wouldn’t turn Hyun-Su over, but he needed to talk to him about his plan.

[00:10:00] Eun-Hyeok asked Hyun-Su to talk but he refused. He no longer wanted to hear what Eun-Hyeok had to say. He told Eun-Hyeok he’s no longer his dog. Eun-Hyeok asked Ui-Myeong if he planned to stay with them. He responded he didn’t plan on staying for long. As payment for the tenants‘ kindness to him, he told them about “Operation Golden Hour.” He told them the operation was the army’s last stand at gaining control of the infection and the country. Once the army could no longer control the infection or determine how many people have been infected, they would activate Golden Hour. They weren’t going to rescue people; they were just going to kill anyone they saw. Yi-Kyung didn’t believe him, but Ui-Myeong told them they needed to survive on their own.

[00:12:00] The other tenants took a chance to get even with one of the gangsters by drawing a red circle on his right foot. They told him he would die if he fell or took his foot out of the circle. The gangster talked to Ui-Myeong and asked him to vouch for him so that the tenants would treat him as their equal. Ui-Myeong just looked at him and walked away. Meanwhile, Yi-Kyung told Eun-Hyeok the truth. She showed her the tracking device that the army gave her. Yi-Kyung told him she trusts him now more than the government. Eun-Hyeok hid the device, but they didn’t know that one of the tenants was listening to them.

[00:14:00] Du-Sik went back to his apartment to talk to the old lady. He was starting to experience symptoms of the infection, and he feared he would turn into a monster and accidentally hurt the children. Meanwhile, the old man was sitting at the makeshift cemetery when he noticed something odd in the room. One of the tenants took the tracking device from Eun-Hyeok’s storage and activated it. He thought the army would save him if he activated the device. Yu-Ri went over to see the old man already digging when she went to the cemetery. She told the old man that he’s sick and he could die if he continued to overwork himself, but he didn’t care. Yu-Ri suddenly passed out. Sang-Wook saw Yu-Ri’s inhaler, and he knew she was in danger.

[00:17:30] Sang-Wook rushed to Yu-Ri and tried to bring her out of the building, but Ui-Myeong stopped him. He told Hyun-Su that Sang-Wook was trying to leave. Ui-Myeong explained that the soldiers would come looking for them if anyone reported their location. Hyun-Su responded it wouldn’t matter because they wouldn’t be there when the soldiers arrived. He planned to leave with Ui-Myeong. Hyun-Su helped Sang-Wook up so that he could bring Yu-Ri to a hospital. He ran out of the building, but Ui-Myeong fired his weapon at them. He pushed Hyun-Su aside and started firing on the tenants. Yi-Kyung was nearby, so she fired back at Ui-Myeong, but the bullets didn’t affect him.

[00:21:00] One of the tenants named Byeong-Il died because of Ui-Myeong. Hyun-Su fought him, and he discovered that Ui-Myeong could shapeshift into other people. He told Hyun-Su he didn’t kill Seon-Yeong because it was him. Hyun-Su turned into a monster and killed Ui-Myeong. The other tenants wanted to kill Hyun-Su, but Eun-Yoo stopped them. Du-Sik appeared and hugged Hyun-Su to stop him from turning into a monster permanently. He went back to his normal self and cried in front of Du-Sik.

[00:26:00] Yu-Ri and Sang-Wook were sitting in a car outside the building. They were talking about how Yu-Ri killed the gangster, but Sang-Wook told her again that what she killed was no longer human. Yu-Ri was worried that killing someone would be her last memory. Sang-Wook responded she should just forget about it. Yu-Ri told him that he also should forget about the people he killed. They held hands as they died peacefully.

[00:28:30] Hyun-Su woke up, but he didn’t remember what had happened. He was crying as he saw Du-Sik’s lifeless body, but he didn’t remember who he was. Ji-Su asked Eun-Hyeok how Hyun-Su was doing. He responded that Hyun-Su didn’t remember anything that happened. Ji-Su wanted Hyun-Su to forget all of the bad memories. Meanwhile, Eun-Yoo was outside Hyun-Su’s room. She remembered the promise she made with Hyun-Su. She wanted Hyun-Su to survive on his own so that he could start a new life, free of pain and bad memories.

[00:32:00] Yeong-Su hid from Su-Yeong. She eventually found him. They argued as to why he left without saying a word. Yeong-Su hated his sister for killing the monster earlier. He thought it could be their father’s spirit, but Su-Yeong told her brother that their father was already dead and he’s not coming back. The old man found them and told them to stop arguing. He remembered a key that Du-Sik gave him. He opened the locker and found Du-Sik’s gift for the children: a homemade medal. He pinned the medals on the children and told them they needed to look out for each other.

[00:35:00] The next day, Su-Yeong told Yi-Kyung that the old man is no longer waking up. She went over to check his pulse and confirmed he’s dead. They brought the old man’s body along with Byeong-Il. Yi-Kyung dug up a new grave to bury them, but she found the bunker that the old man was digging up. In the end, the old man found what he was looking for. Eun-Hyeok told everyone that the old man could finally rest in peace. It started to snow while Ui-Myeong escaped using his powers. He could transform into any human being because he turns into slime.

[00:37:00] That night, the army arrives. They tell everyone to surrender the infected so that they can be transferred to a safety camp. Eun-Hyeok checks his storage and sees that the tracker is gone. Yi-Kyung goes to the office; they knew someone else used the tracker. The gangster goes through the bunker, trying to find an exit. He turns on the electricity, but he also trips on a grenade. The tunnel explodes, which triggers the army to open fire. They think the tenants have weapons inside the building.

[00:40:00] Eun-Hyeok leads the tenants into the bunker to avoid getting killed by the army. They are walking in the tunnel as Eun-Yoo notices that Hyun-Su is missing. Eun-Hyeok volunteers to go back for him. Eun-Yoo disagrees with his plan, but he assures her he’ll return. Eun-Hyeok meets with Hyun-Su by the entrance of the building. Hyun-Su tells him he should’ve given back Yeong-Su’s scarf. Eun-Hyeok tells him it’s not yet too late to return the scarf, but he’s already made up his mind. Hyun-Su takes the scarf with him as he walks out of the building to face the army.

[00:45:00] The tenants finally reach the bunker. Eun-Yoo is the last to enter, but she’s still waiting for Eun-Hyeok and Hyun-Su. Yi-Kyung tells Eun-Yoo that no one is coming. Eun-Yoo remembers what Eun-Hyeok told her about promises. He explains that if someone promises something so surely, it’s certainly a lie. Eun-Yoo wants to run back and look for Eun-Hyeok, but the other tenants drag her into the bunker while Yi-Kyung closes the gate. Eun-Hyeok sits in the management office and listens to Eun-Yoo’s walkman. He sees their family photo hidden inside and remembers their wonderful time together. Debris fall all around Eun-Hyeok as the building is about to collapse.

[00:47:00] The army starts firing at Hyun-Su, but the bullets don’t affect him. They stop firing when they notice their target isn’t going down. He remembers all of the happy memories he shared with the tenants of Green Home. He cherishes every moment as he continues to walk toward the army. The next day, the tenants are looking for a way out of the bunker. One of the tenants has a dog, and she leads them toward the exit. They climb out of the tunnel, but the army waits for them. One of the tenants confesses he pressed the tracker. The commander tells Yi-Kyung that their deal isn’t over, so she still needs to go alone on her mission. The army takes the other tenants to a safety camp. They refuse to leave without Yi-Kyung, but she tells them they need to survive.

[00:53:00] Yi-Kyung gears up for her mission and drives a vehicle in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, the army is taking Hyun-Su to a secret location. He is alone with the army vehicle driver, which turns out to be Sang-Wook—he no longer has any burn scars. It seems to be Sang-Wook, but it could be Ui-Myeong.

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