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Virgin River Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – Taken by Surprise

BY Angela

Published 1 month ago

Virgin River Season 2 Episode 2 Recap - Taken by Surprise

Mel was taken aback when a wounded man came into the clinic unannounced. He asks for oxy, and when Mel tells him that they don’t keep those kinds of drugs on the premises, the man wields a knife and threatens to kill Mel. Luckily, Jack was outside, contemplating if he’ll go in to talk to Mel or not. Just as he was leaving, he heard glass breaking from inside. Jack comes in and sees Mel trying to fight off the man. When the man sees Jack, he holds Mel hostage and tells Jack he won’t leave until he has the drugs. Jack gets close and tackles the man, freeing Mel, who falls badly and hurts her ankle. Jack tries to go after the man but loses him. Jack drives Mel to her cabin and calls Doc from the car so he can call the sheriff.

At the cabin, Jack helps Mel on the bed, gives her some ibuprofen, and puts frozen peas on her ankle to help with the swelling. She thanks him, and Jack leaves.

At Paige’s, she is preparing food for breakfast while her face shows some fresh bruises. Wes has beaten her again, and he asks her to pack so they can go back to Florida.

At Doc’s clinic, Doc still can’t wrap his head around why Hope has agreed to take Charmaine in. Mel and Charmaine come, and Jack asks about the sheriff’s action on what happened to Mel the other night. Doc said there is nothing they can do at this point but wait and beef up security. Jack tells him he’ll install deadbolts for added security.

Charmaine apologizes to Mel about her behavior the previous day, and Mel tells her that it’s okay. She also tells them that Hope offered her guest room for Charmaine to stay in. Both Jack and Charmaine didn’t like the idea, but Mel and Doc told them it was the best option.

Mel goes to Hope’s to prepare Charmaine’s room. She tells Hope that she should give Jack some space because Hope thinks that Charmaine being there means that Jack is not upset anymore. Jack and Charmaine come, and Hope gives them a not-so-warm welcome. Hope tries to talk to Jack, and he tells her that he has forgiven her but that she should stay away because he does not think he can trust her. Mel tells Jack that he’s being harsh, but Jack tells her that she was the harsh one when she left without explanation.

Back at Paige’s, Wes tells Paige they’re leaving. When Paige refuses to go, he threatens her and reminds her that she is a fugitive. He orders her to get Christopher and go, but she tells him she won’t. He chokes her, and in an attempt to free herself, Paige accidentally pushes Wes down the stairs.

At the bar, Muriel gets her way in making Doc join her for dinner later that night. Preacher gets a call from Paige. She’s crying and asks Preacher to come over. Jack arrives at the bar and is immediately disappointed to see that Charmaine left her medicine in his truck. He’s about to leave and go back to Hope’s when he gets a call from his buddy, Mike. Jack asks for help in tracking the addict who threatened to kill Mel. Preacher tells Jack he needs to run to Paige’s for an emergency.

Back at Hope’s, Charmaine suffers from a headache because Hope purposedly left the vacuum on while having the TV blast. Mel walks in and sees what she’s doing. After turning off the vacuum and the TV, Mel tells Hope that she’s only doing what’s best for her patient. Mel checks on Charmaine and gives her some magazines and broth. She was leaving the room to get a spoon when Jack walked in. Jack refuses to look at her, and Charmaine picks up on it. She asks if they fought, and he tells her everything is okay.

Doc comes and tells Mel to go and check on Charmaine’s vitals. Mel tells him she’d rather wait until Jack leaves, but Doc tells her that he cannot wait because he has a patient coming to the clinic within the next hour. Mel asks Doc to do it for her. Doc advises her not to let anything simmer for too long because it will eventually boil over.

Preacher arrives at Paige’s house and sees her bruises. Paige shows him the body of Wes, who died after falling down the stairs. She tells him she’s going to turn herself in and that Preacher should take care of Christopher while she’s in jail.

Meanwhile, Hope goes into Doc’s clinic to talk about how her relationship with Jack might never be the same again. Doc says that time heals all wounds, just like it healed their relationship. Doc leaves for his dinner with Muriel.

Back at Paige’s Preacher tells Paige that he can watch Christopher while things get sorted out. Paige tells him that she cannot sort things out. She’s going to jail, and there is nobody he can trust with Christopher but him. He tells Paige that if she goes to jail, Christopher becomes a ward of the state and that he cannot have custody of him no matter what. He tells Paige to leave Virgin River for a good while he takes care of the body. Paige does not want to do what Preacher asks of her at first because that would mean implicating him in the crime, but she eventually agrees. She kisses Preacher. Preacher leaves a voice mail to Jack using Paige’s phone, saying she needs help shutting off the main water valve because she and Christopher are going out of town for a family emergency.

Doc arrives at Muriel’s house, who’s determined to seduce Doc.

Mel goes to the bar to clear the air between Jack and her. She says sorry for leaving without telling Jack and coming back without telling him either. Jack accepts her apology but tells her that they cannot go back to being friends. He urges her to take a chance at a relationship again with him. Mel tells him she can’t because that means she might get hurt again and that she’s not that strong. He tells her he doesn’t want anyone else but her. Mel walks out and tries to drive away, but her car won’t start. She screams and cries with frustration. Jack comes and comforts her with a hug.

Jack drives Mel home, and just when he’s about to leave, Mel holds on to his hand. She kisses him, and they end up in bed.

Our Thoughts

Oh, our hearts jumped when Mel finally gave herself to Jack. We knew that it would be impossible for them to suppress the fire between them for so long! We hope that this means that Mel is finally willing to take a chance with Jack. We feel sorry for Preacher because just as we thought things were doing great between him and Paige, he has to let her go and implicate himself in her crime. Poor preacher, will he ever see Paige again? We certainly hope he does. He seems like a good man, and he does deserve to be happy.

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