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Sweet Home Season 1 Episode 5 Recap


Published 2 months ago

Sweet Home Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

[00:01:00] Eun-Hyeok went to the storage room. Seok-Hyeon approached to tell him that he’s okay, but he wasn’t there for him. Eun-Hyeok wanted to talk with Hyun-Su. Seok-Hyeon was surprised they were picking Hyun-su over him. He told Hyun-Su they were just going to use him, but he didn’t care. Eun-Hyeok told Hyun-Su they needed to properly barricade the entrances and exits of the building so that they could secure themselves against other monsters. Eun-Hyeok wanted him to fetch Han Du-Sik from his room so that he could help out with securing the building. He added that he took Hyun-Su’s side so that they could mutually help each other. Hyun-Su would do the dangerous work that other people couldn’t. In return, they wouldn’t oust him.

[00:02:30] Meanwhile, Han Du-Sik just discovered what happened to the old lady inside his bathroom. As he stared at the womb-like structure inside his bathroom, Du-Sik remembered when the old lady told her story. Du-Sik could relate to the old lady because he also lost his kids. The old lady asked Du-Sik to kill her if she ever turned into a monster. Du-Sik told the old lady he couldn’t take care of the kids without her help. Back to the present, Du-Sik was about to fire his weapon when he saw a baby’s hand moving inside the womb structure. Du-Sik lowered his weapon and closed the bathroom door. He told the children the old lady was no longer in the bathroom.

[00:06:30] Scarred face man was going back upstairs when he bumped into the daycare director on the ground floor. She knew he was a gangster and offered to give him everything she had in exchange for his help. The daycare director still wanted to go outside, probably to recover her daughter’s remains. He pushed her aside and declined her offer. The scarred face man went back upstairs through the staircase. Hyun-Su was going to follow him, but Eun-Hyeok stopped him for a bit and whispered something in his ear. Eun-Hyeok’s request shocked Hyun-Su, but he didn’t have any choice.

[00:08:30] Seok-Hyeon’s wife visited them inside the storage room. She brought some food for him and the man. Seok-Hyeon demanded his wife bring him more food, but she refused. She told Seok-Hyeon they were rationing the food so that everyone would have something to eat. Seok-Hyeon told his wife the food inside his store isn’t for sharing. He threatened to eat his wife the moment he turned into a monster. The man told Seok-Hyeon to hold his anger in just like what he’s doing. Meanwhile, Hyun-Su thought about what Eun-Hyeok whispered to him before he entered the staircase. Eun-Hyeok told him that his main goal was Han Du-Sik. Eun-Hyeok added that the children were only secondary, and if things didn’t go in his favor, he needed to focus on his main goal and leave the children behind.

[00:10:00] Yi-Kyung confronted Eun-Hyeok after sending Hyun-Su upstairs. She told him he’s playing with people’s lives, but Eun-Hyeok proved his point. He explained no one was willing to make the hard decision, and they needed Du-Sik to strengthen their defense. Eun-Hyeok knew they needed to keep Du-Sik alive at all costs and saving the children could bring him in harm’s way. Eun-Hyeok sent Hyun-Su so that he would get used to his mutation. He explained to Yi-Kyung that willpower seemed to affect someone infected. Eun-Hyeok wanted to turn Hyun-Su into their weapon. Yi-Kyung showed Eun-Hyeok a retractable knife and told him the knife was a weapon. She added that Hyun-Su was still human. Eun-Hyeok told her that Hyun-Su was still a human for now.

[00:11:30] Yi-Kyung couldn’t take how twisted Eun-Hyeok’s plan was, so she left the bathroom. Before she left, Eun-Hyeok explained his first plan regarding the people’s votes. He showed the fake votes he kept in his pockets. Eun-Hyeok planned to keep Hyun-Su in the first place despite calling for a vote. He didn’t expect that people would vote for Hyun-Su. Yi-Kyung responded that the people voted to keep Hyun-Su because their conscience couldn’t take being acquitted of murder. Eun-Hyeok knew that the people didn’t vote because of their conscience. Eun-Hyeok told Yi-Kyung that the other tenants were also thinking about themselves. No one knew who or when someone would become infected. He explained that the other tenants voted in fear of dying and being ousted once they were infected. They didn’t know Ji-Su was listening to their conversation outside the bathroom.

[00:13:00] Eun-Hyeok told Yi-Kyung about the blog post he saw before they lost internet connection. Someone knew about the infections and their effect on humans before the government did. The man wrote the blog under the pen name “Crucru.” Yi-Kyung recognized the pen name; she knew it was her husband. Ji-Su planned to leave the building because of what she heard from Eun-Hyeok. She told Jae-Heon that the other tenants would soon become infected, and it would no longer be safe to stay with them. Jae-Heon asked Ji-Su where she was going, but all she could say was she would find a way to survive. Jae-Heon chased after Ji-Su to convince her to stay.

[00:14:00] Hyun-Su and the scarred face man continued to face the terrors in the building as they headed up to the 14th floor. Hyun-Su wanted to find more monsters as his mutated self was in control. He tried to enter a closed section of the building, but the scarred face man stopped him. The man punched Hyun-Su’s gut to bring him back. Scarred face man gets pulled by a monster as he got distracted, bringing back Hyun-Su’s normal self. Hyun-Su chased after the man, but they got caught in an explosion. The young woman and old man earlier were making their way to the ground floor to help the other tenants while trying to kill monsters along the way. After the explosion, they found the scarred face man clinging to his life.

[00:16:00] They carried the scarred face man with them as they left the floor. The monster was once a man who had his own problems. The monster had a backpack with him, and a diary fell from it. An entry in the diary stated that his son died because he couldn’t reach him during a fire. The monster‘s mutation was based on his own shortcomings. He could stretch his hands to catch his prey. The diary entry continued with the man blaming himself for his son’s death. In the end, he convinced himself that it wasn’t his fault, but deep down, he couldn’t forget about what happened to his son. The daycare director continued to mourn the loss of her daughter. One of the tenants wanted to help her as she slumped on the floor in front of the building entrance.

[00:18:00] Meanwhile, the old man and young woman brought Hyun-Su and the scarred face man back to their apartment. The young woman wanted to treat the man’s wound, but he refused. The man walked out of the apartment without saying another word. The young woman checked on Hyun-Su, but he also refused to be treated. The old man noticed something odd about him, so he pointed his crossbow at Hyun-Su’s face. He told Hyun-Su to show them his wound or he’ll kill him. Hyun-Su showed them that his wound was already healed. The old man told Hyun-Su to leave because he was a monster. Hyun-Su slowly took his things and headed for the door, but the old man started laughing. He was just playing a joke on Hyun-Su.

[00:20:00] The old man wanted to accompany Hyun-Su to the 14th floor. He told Hyun-Su that he wasn’t afraid to die. The younger woman’s name is Park Yu-Ri. The old man tells Yu-Ri that she’s fired from being his nurse. He wanted to play superhero with Hyun-Su before he died. Hyun-Su thought the old man was just acting tough, but he explained to Hyun-Su that fearing death and wanting to die are two different things. Meanwhile, Seok-Hyeon was sleeping when his wife visited him. He woke up with his wife staring down at him. Seok-Hyeon’s wife told him that if she turned into a monster, she would definitely kill him. She added that she didn’t want to kill him as a monster because that won’t satisfy her. Seok-Hyeon thought his wife was just talking nonsense and went back to sleep.

[00:22:00] Seok-Hyeon didn’t know his wife was holding a knife behind her back. She really wanted to kill him but she couldn’t because of the other man in the room. She slowly backs out of the room while the other man asks if the scarred face man is still outside. Seok-Hyeon’s wife told him that the man had left and headed upstairs. The man knew that scarred face was heading back to his apartment. He checked his pocket for his keys and realized that they were gone. He got angry at himself that he didn’t notice his keys were gone. The scarred face man made it to the apartment and started turning it upside down. He was searching for something, but he couldn’t find it. He left the apartment but went back to check if the keys worked on the apartment next door.

[00:24:00] His hunch paid off as the keys unlocked the front door. Scarred face man entered the room and found a dark room full of pictures. We finally got some context on their identities. It seemed scarred face man wasn’t a bad guy. The room was full of pictures of naked girls. The man he was torturing was a pedophile. Meanwhile, Hyun-Su arrived at Du-Sik’s apartment with Yu-Ri and the old man. He immediately asked Du-Sik about the old lady. Back at the management office, Eun-Hyeok kept a list of survivors, infected, and dead. Eun-Hyeok used the radio to call out other survivors, but no one responded. Hyun-Su and his group were about to discover where the old lady was as he opened the bathroom door inside Du-Sik’s apartment. Ji-Su and Jae-Heon made an SOS banner and hung it on the side of the building.

[00:27:00] The pedophile cuts himself to get the attention of the other tenants. They let him out so that he could get himself treated. Jae-Heon saw the pedophile man leaving the storage room; he knew something was wrong with him. He felt nervous and avoided having a conversation with the other tenants. Meanwhile, scarred face man came back to the ground floor to confront the pedophile man. Jae-Heon tried to stop him, but he couldn’t. Jae-Heon saw the man’s phone and picked it up. The pedophile man hits scarred face man on the head twice, but he wasn’t affected. He blocked the third attack and faced the pedophile. The scarred face man threw the pedophile through a wall as the other tenants watched them fight.

[00:29:30] The scarred face man remembered a man named Hwang Seung-Jae. Seung-Jae was sentenced to 11 months and two years of probationary supervision. Seung-Jae is responsible for something that happened to the scarred face man. After his flashback, he hits the pedophile three times, ultimately killing him. He told him he didn’t deserve to die humanely for being a pedophile. The scarred face man dragged the body out of the building. He went back to the building entrance to close the gate. As he was closing the gate, Jae-Heon arrived to stop him. Scarred face man tried his best to close the gate, but he no longer had the strength and passed out. Scarred face man brought the bodies of Su-Ung and the daycare director’s daughter into the building before closing the gates. The daycare director hugs her lifeless daughter as hard as she could.

[00:35:30] Su-Yeong and Yeong-Su were talking about their father when the daycare director came in. She took the time to clean up the children while they cried together, mourning the loss of their loved ones. After cleaning the children, the tenants joined the daycare director as they buried her daughter, Park Min-Ju, and Lee Su-Ung. The children made paper flowers and gave them to the old man, who placed the flowers on top of their graves. The old man said a few words and gave Su-Ung a salute for his service. Yi-Kyung tried to console the daycare director, but she knew she needed to be tough because she’s a mother. She didn’t know Yi-Kyung was currently pregnant. Seok-Hyeon continued to become infected while his wife congratulated Yi-Kyung about her pregnancy.

[00:39:00] Eun-Hyeok called Hyun-Su and sent him out again on a mission. He scaled the building using the fire exit staircase. Meanwhile, a new threat rose outside their building. A huge monster grabbed the long-tongue monster as it was sucking the blood out of Seung-Jae’s body.

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