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Sweet Home Season 1 Episode 6 Recap


Published 2 months ago

Sweet Home Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

[00:01:00] We go back 20 years to September 2000. Hwang Seung-Jae was walking back home when a teenager confronted him. It was the scarred face man, Pyeon Sang-Wook. He asked Seung-Jae why he burned their house down. At first, Seung-Jae didn’t recognize Sang-Wook, but he saw the burns on his face, and he knew he was the boy from the burning house. Seung-Jae told Sang-Wook he burned their house as part of a prank. He told Sang-Wook to never return to him because he was already punished for his crime. Seung-Jae was imprisoned for a few months and placed on probation. Sang-Wook couldn’t accept that Seung-Jae was penalized lightly for killing his father. He stabbed Seung-Jae on his neck, instantly killing him. Fast forward 20 years to July 2020. Sang-Wook got a request from a man looking for his daughter.

[00:02:30] The man knew Sang-Wook killed people in exchange for money. He begged Sang-Wook to find the person who took his daughter. At first, Sang-Wook refused to take the man’s request and told him to just give up. Sang-Wook couldn’t resist the man as he begged for his help. He accepted the request despite the low amount offered. Accepting the request brought Sang-Wook to the Green Home apartments where the pedophile was staying. He found the pedophile and killed him. Sang-Wook woke up and started strangling Yu-Ri. He told Yu-Ri not to touch him, so Yu-Ri gave the bandages to Sang-Wook and left the room. The old man was checking out a motorcycle parked outside the apartment. He planned to take it but Yu-Ri stopped him.

[00:06:30] The tenants were talking about Sang-Wook. They have mixed opinions about him. Some were grateful he got rid of the pedophile, while others were worried Sang-Wook would eventually kill them. The daycare director thanked Sang-Wook for bringing her daughter back. She removed all of her jewelry to pay Sang-Wook, but he had already left. Sang-Wook went to the area where Min-Ju was buried. He dug a small hole in the dirt and buried the keys to the pedophile’s apartment. Jae-Heon saw Sang-Wook and asked him why he’s burning money. Sang-Wook told Jae-Heon he got paid to do a task, but he failed. Jae-Heon returned Sang-Wook’s phone to him. He saw the text messages on his phone and apologized for invading his privacy. Sang-Wook asked Jae-Heon to pray for the pedophile’s victims, telling Jae-Heon that God favored him more.

[00:11:30] The tenants were practicing their defense strategy if they got attacked by monsters. Eun-Yoo sarcastically applauded everyone’s efforts and left. Meanwhile, Yi-Kyung broke into a sealed area of the building. Eun-Hyeok disapproved of Yi-Kyung doing whatever she pleased, so he told her to leave. Seok-Hyeon’s wife opposed the idea of allowing Yi-Kyung to leave because she’s pregnant. Yi-Kyung told her that she needed to do something, and she’s more than happy to leave. Yi-Kyung took the old man’s motorcycle and left the area. Eun-Hyeok told the old man that he sent Yi-Kyung away to pay his debt. The old man didn’t understand what Eun-Hyeok was telling him. All he cared about was his motorcycle being given to Yi-Kyung despite his disapproval.

[00:17:30] Jae-Heon brought Sang-Wook to Seok-Hyeon’s store. He poured a shot of soju but only to taste it. Jae-Heon revealed he used to be an alcoholic, and he’s desperately resisting the urge to go back to his old ways. He told Sang-Wook he’s going to be in charge of the store. Jae-Heon explained that people tackled their problems in different manners, and he knew Sang-Wook wanted to be alone. He could tackle his own problems and be alone at the same time inside the store. Meanwhile, Su-Yeong and Yeong-Su were playing at the daycare center when the director came in. She told them to read a book instead of playing all day long. Su-Yeong responded by telling the director that Yeong-Su still didn’t know how to read. The director sat down with them and taught Yeong-Su how to read.

[00:21:00] Yeong-Su went outside the daycare to read the Green Home apartment’s house rules. He noticed that his name wasn’t listed on the buddy system list. The old man offered to be Yeong-Su’s buddy since his name wasn’t on the list either. There were four rules inside the building. First, people needed to move in groups of two or more. Second, people needed to eat once a day and only the rationed amount was allowed. Three, everyone needed to get their temperature checked before bedtime. Lastly, the infected needed to be quarantined. Hyun-Su came back from his errand upstairs and handed a bag full of batteries over to Eun-Hyeok. He went to unlock his room and gave the keys to Du-Sik. Du-Sik locked Hyun-Su inside and gave the keys over to Eun-Hyeok.

[00:24:00] Du-Sik asked Eun-Hyeok if what they’re doing to Hyun-Su was acceptable. Eun-Hyeok told Du-Sik that they didn’t have a choice when it came to Hyun-Su. They couldn’t risk being with him through the night because he might turn into a monster. The tenants gave Hyun-Su a list of things they needed from their rooms. Hyun-Su took the list and went back upstairs. He had set up a system of strings while he moved from room to room. Hyun-Su planned to leave when he heard the bells ring from the corridor. Hyun-Su took a peek at the corridor, but he immediately got attacked by a very speedy monster.

[00:26:00] The tenants were helping out in making molotovs inside the store. One of the tenants thought it would be best to drink some liquor to avoid going to waste. He didn’t know that Sang-Wook was watching him as he sneaked a few sips out of the soju bottles. The tenant saw Sang-Wook looking at him, so he waved at Sang-Wook, thinking it would help. After a few minutes, they heard someone whistling from the hallway — there’s a monster inside the building. All the tenants went out to see who was whistling. One of the tenants came face-to-face with a monster full of hair. It was Seok-Hyeon. His wife, Seon-Yeong, stepped forward and volunteered to handle the situation. Seon-Yeong asks Seok-Hyeon if he had any last words. She thought Seok-Hyeon would apologize to her, but he didn’t.

[00:29:00] Seok-Hyeon told his wife to kill him. He was about to tell her something, but she didn’t allow him to speak further. Seon-Yeong hits him with a lead pipe multiple times until Seok-Hyeon could no longer get up. Hyun-Su got back from his mission just in time to witness Seok-Hyeon‘s execution. He saw his mutated self through his reflection as he passed the pool of blood on the floor. Hyun-Su’s mutated self told him that he would suffer the same fate as Seok-Hyeon. Hyun-Su ignored his mutated self and just went back into his cage. Seon-Yeong isolated herself from the rest of the tenants. She smoked for a while as she mourned her husband’s death.

[00:33:00] Meanwhile, Yi-Kyung arrived at Dongbu Penitentiary Clinic. Back in July 2020, the penitentiary caught fire, and her husband was one of the casualties. She requested to locate her husband’s body, but the higher officials refused. Yi-Kyung resigned from being a firefighter on the spot. She rode the motorcycle straight to her husband’s office. Yi-Kyung found her husband’s tablet and opened it. She was reading her husband’s blog entries about the disease, but she couldn’t finish it as the army arrived. They placed a bag over her head and took her in.

[00:36:00] The tenants started to worry because the power went out. Yeong-Su asked Su-Yeong if they were going to die. One of the tenants told them it’s all over. Eun-Yoo told everyone to stop whining because it wouldn’t change anything. Ji-Su told Eun-Hyeok how the tenants were doing. He wasn’t expecting they would lose power so soon. Eun-Hyeok explained that losing electricity wasn’t their main problem as long as they had water and food. Ji-Su asked Eun-Hyeok if he thought they would survive.

[00:38:00] Hyun-Su woke up with Eun-Yoo reading a book beside him. She asked him about the story behind his scar. Hyun-Su told her that he had wounded himself. Eun-Yoo responded he needed to stop blaming himself so that other people would understand his pain. Eun-Yoo gave Hyun-Su a box of band-aids before leaving. As Eun-Yoo was leaving, she bumped into Eun-Hyeok and Ji-Su. They argued about Hyun-Su, so Eun-Hyeok decided to stop their argument. Eun-Yoo told Eun-Hyeok not to interfere because he’s not her real brother. Eun-Hyeok slapped Eun-Yoo to end the argument.

[00:41:30] Eun-Hyeok told Hyun-Su he needed to leave. They were running out of time, and he was slowly losing control over his mutated self. Eun-Hyeok couldn’t risk Hyun-Su being around them if he turned into a monster. Hyun-Su went to the basement parking to find an exit, but the spider monster caught him instead. Meanwhile, the army started questioning Yi-Kyung about what she knew regarding monsters. She wanted to know what happened to her husband, but the army told her he’s dead. Based on her husband’s blog entries, he tried to cure himself but failed. Yi-Kyung knew she needed to save herself, so she told the army about Hyun-Su.

[00:46:00] Eun-Hyeok, Ji-Su, Jae-Heon, and Sang-Wook went to the basement to rescue Hyun-Su. They found another monster in the basement, but they opted not to wake it up and focus on their mission. The spider monster used Hyun-Su as a distraction to separate the humans. The spider monster used the air vents to get to the other tenants while Eun-Hyeok and his group rescued Hyun-Su. The monster chased Su-Yeong as Du-Sik arrived to save her. Meanwhile, Eun-Hyeok and the group were able to save Hyun-Su, but they needed to face off with the speedy monster. Du-Sik and Su-Yeong ran for their lives as the spider continued to chase them. Du-Sik lost control of his wheelchair and fell. Su-Yeong tried to help him, but the spider caught up with them. The spider grabbed Su-Yeong’s jumper and pulled her away from Du-Sik.

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