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Sweet Home Season 1 Episode 7 Recap


Published 1 year ago

Sweet Home Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

[00:01:00] Jae-Heon and Eun-Hyeok were carrying Hyun-Su while the speedy monster attacked them. Eun-Hyeok hit the speedy monster’s right eye, which allowed them to hide. They crawled under one of the cars, but the monster still found them. Eun-Hyeok used his car keys to trigger the alarm of multiple cars in the basement. The monster attacked the cars as soon as the alarms were triggered. They moved each time the monster attacked, but they ran out of options when the monster shifted his attention toward them. The monster attacked them, but Eun-Hyeok found a minivan. He used it to ram the monster, but the noise woke up all the other monsters in the basement. Eun-Hyeok drives the minivan around the basement to shake the monsters off, but they failed. All hope was lost, but the old man came to their rescue.

[00:04:00] The old man used his flame thrower to burn the monsters to death. Meanwhile, Du-Sik continued to battle the spider monster to save Su-Yeong. The other tenants didn’t want to help, but Eun-Yoo went out to save Su-Yeong and Du-Sik. One of the monster’s legs got tangled with the rope they set up. Eun-Yoo pulled on the rope along with one other tenant. They couldn’t lift the monster, but the other tenants decided to help. Du-Sik told Su-Yeong to run away as she got free from the monster’s grasp. The monster stabbed Du-Sik’s leg, but he didn’t feel anything. He managed to free himself and crawl away as the tenants finally pulled the monster back. Su-Yeong went back to help by throwing a molotov at the monster. The monster broke free from the rope and attacked Du-Sik.

[00:06:30] Hyun-Su and the group arrived just in time to save Du-Sik and kill the monster. They thought the monster killed Hyun-Su, but he got up despite being wounded by the monster. They looked at Hyun-Su and waited to see if he would change back into a human. Hyun-Su’s eyes returned to normal as he crawled back to his cage. Everyone apologized to Hyun-Su as Eun-Hyeok told him he could choose where he wanted to sleep that night. Yu-Ri went around treating the wounded. Eun-Yoo noticed she had difficulty breathing, but Yu-Ri assured her she’s okay. She saw Sang-Wook smoking outside the daycare center, so she brought the first aid kit to him. She told Sang-Wook to show some respect and manners around the other survivors. Sang-Wook wanted to know why he needed to show respect and manners when the world was ending.

[00:10:30] Yu-Ri responded that the other tenants chose to fight and survive, unlike him. She explained no one wanted to die except for him. Sang-Wook admired Yu-Ri’s spirit and asked for her help to treat his wounds. He lifted his shirt and shocked Yu-ri with the extent of his burn scars. Meanwhile, Hyun-Su went to the store to get some food. The other tenants stared at him until he left. Hyun-Su stood beside Sang-Wook when the old man arrived. He pushed both of them aside to take the spot where they were supposed to eat. Sang-Wook and Hyun-Su decided to leave, but the old man told them to sit down because they wouldn’t find another spot to eat.

[00:13:00] After eating, the old man noticed a scar on Hyun-Su’s arm. With Sang-Wook’s burn marks, he showed them his own scars. The old man told them that his doctor only gave him six months left to live, but he surpassed the deadline and made the doctor look like a fool. He told them to just eat, so Sang-Wook did as told. He gobbled up his food like a maniac; Hyun-Su did the same. After dinner, Eun-Yoo replaced the bandages on her ankle. Eun-Hyeok went inside the room and helped her with it. Eun-Yoo noticed that Eun-Hyeok’s glass was crooked, so she used the same bandages to straighten them up a bit. Meanwhile, Yeong-Su dragged Su-Yeong out of the daycare to play. She didn’t want to play, thinking that the grownups would scold them.

[00:16:30] Yeong-Su convinced Su-Yeong to play, but she still refused. She pushed Yeong-Su to the floor so that he would stop pestering her. Du-Sik saw them arguing. He told Su-Yeong to play with her brother. Su-Yeong asked Du-Sik for a gun or any weapon she could use against monsters. Du-Sik told her that he would give her a weapon when she’s old enough. Su-Yeong thought she would die before she reached the right age. She’s worried about Yeong-Su as they no longer had any parents, so she needed to be a big sister to him. One of the tenants decided to sneak to the bathroom to take a bath. Eun-Hyeok established a rule regarding water conservation, but the tenant chose to break the rule. He was concerned about the health of his skin. As he was rinsing, the water turned black and appeared to have been contaminated.

[00:18:00] Eun-Hyeok went to Du-Sik to tell him that their water supply was already contaminated. Du-Sik offered to fix his glasses, but Eun-Hyeok refused. He told Du-Sik he preferred his glasses that way. Eun-Hyeok invited Du-Sik to go to the basement as they needed to discuss something. On their way to the basement, they bumped into some tenants. They went to the basement to fetch some packages. Eun-Hyeok told them not to go wandering the building alone. Eun-Hyeok pushed Du-Sik’s wheelchair down to the basement. One of the tenants noticed that the package he’s holding belonged to Du-Sik, so he followed them to the basement. Eun-Hyeok and Du-Sik were looking at an SUV. Du-Sik checked the vehicle and told Eun-Hyeok it was in good shape. Eun-Hyeok told Du-Sik to reinforce the SUV so that they could use it when they leave.

[00:21:00] One of the tenants overheard their conversation and was shocked to hear that they would abandon them. The other tenants went back to the daycare center to distribute the packages. An old lady started calling out the owners of the packages, but she discovered that some of them were not there. She kept the packages for her own, causing suspicion among the other tenants. One of the men went up to her to check the name on the package. He saw that the package belonged to Yi-Kyung, but she had already left. Meanwhile, the army stopped torturing Yi-Kyung and gave her a tracking device. They wanted to get their hands on the person Yi-Kyung was talking about. They called them special infectees. The army used to have many of them, but everyone died before reaching the 15th day.

[00:23:00] One of the tenants went to the management office to check Eun-Hyeok’s plans. He found a piece of paper that seemed like a plan to leave the building. The man panicked and demanded his share of food and the keys to the car. He didn’t want to die in the building, so he planned to leave on his own. Sang-Wook interfered and punched the man. He then dragged him out of the office and pushed him to the exit. He dared the man to leave, but he refused. All the other tenants heard the commotion and went out to see what was going on. He told everyone they would die, but the old man responded the weak die first. He told the man to get a grip and take care of himself.

[00:26:00] Eun-Hyeok called a meeting to explain his plan so the tenants won’t panic. He told them they only had five days’ worth of food left, so they needed to go out and look for food and supplies. One of the tenants asked him how they would determine who went outside. Eun-Hyeok responded the mission was super important, so only the people who had a higher chance of succeeding would be allowed to participate. Eun-Hyeok told Sang-Wook he’s one of the persons going outside. Sang-Wook reminded Eun-Hyeok what kind of person he was, but Eun-Hyeok didn’t care. He told Sang-Wook he might have killed many people, but he hadn’t saved anyone; now was his chance.

[00:28:00] The man who panicked earlier went to the food store to apologize to Sang-Wook. He told him that he deserved to be punched for his actions. Sang-Wook apologized for punching him; the man left. Jae-Heon was inside the store when it happened. He applauded Sang-Wook for having better manners than before. Meanwhile, Hyun-Su heard Ji-Su playing the guitar. Ji-Su stopped playing as Hyun-Su entered the room. He told her it’d been a long time since he heard music. Ji-Su responded she was just improvising; Hyun-Su wanted her to finish playing the entire song. Hyun-Su commented on the song, saying it made him feel at home. Ji-Su thanked him because she couldn’t think of a title for the song until Hyun-Su gave it one.

[00:31:30] Eun-Yoo was inside the bathroom when Ji-Su knocked on her stall. She needed to use the bathroom badly, but Eun-Yoo refused to come out. Eun-Yoo noticed Ji-Su was no longer talking, so she checked on her. She saw Ji-Su lying on the bathroom floor. Eun-Yoo thought Ji-Su was turning into a monster, so she called for help. Eun-Hyeok checked on Ji-Su; he thought she’s suffering from appendicitis. Some of the tenants wondered how he’s sure about Ji-Su’s illness. Eun-Yoo explained that Eun-Hyeok went to medical school. Eun-Hyeok discussed the options with Jae-Heon. They knew Ji-Su needed to undergo surgery, but no one was capable to do it. Eun-Yoo told them they needed to do anything to help Ji-Su.

[00:35:00] Eun-Hyeok went to Ji-Su to explain her options. He told Ji-Su that she might die if they proceeded with the surgery. Ji-Su agreed to do the surgery as it would still give her a chance to live instead of just accepting death. The tenants prepared the office for surgery. They sterilized everything, including the tools Eun-Hyeok needed to perform the surgery. Meanwhile, Sang-Wook and Yu-Ri headed out to find surgical tools and supplies. Eun-Hyeok told Hyun-Su that saving Ji-Su was their primary goal. If things didn’t go as planned, they needed to bring her to the nearest hospital before looking for food.

[00:37:30] Jae-Heon visited Ji-Su before her surgery. They talked about their hobbies while Hyun-Su prepared to leave the building with Sang-Wook and Yu-Ri. Hyun-Su remembered the day his life went south. He was just trying to be friendly with a new student in their school. Hyun-Su offered some coins so that the new student could use the vending machine. Hyun-Su extended his hand to help the new kid, but it would be the greatest mistake of his life. The new kid bullied Hyun-Su. One by one, his friends turned against him. They beat Hyun-Su almost every day, and he couldn’t do anything about it. Hyun-Su’s parents went to his school, but instead of helping him, they convinced him to apologize. Hyun-Su’s father worked for the new kid’s father, and he couldn’t afford to lose his job.

[00:43:00] Hyun-Su hated his parents for what they made him do. He also hated his sister because she denied being his sister instead of helping him. The bullying stopped after his parents went to his school, but he could no longer go back to the way things were. He lost all of his friends; the new kid continued to bully the other kids in school. He was making one of Hyun-Su’s friends commit suicide for the money his mother needed for surgery. Hyun-Su overheard the conversation and interfered. He pushed the new kid onto the street and was nearly run over by the oncoming traffic. Hyun-Su’s father was fired the next day. The friend Hyun-Su thought he was helping came over and blamed him for his mother’s death. He didn’t get any money from the new kid, so he couldn’t save his mother.

[00:45:00] Hyun-Su no longer saw any reason to live. He took a box cutter and tried to kill himself. Now he’s risking his life to save other people, making him rethink everything that ever happened to him. Sang-Wook drove the SUV out of the building so that they could search for supplies. As they exited the building, something sent the SUV flying like a toy car. The SUV was severely damaged, and there were no signs anyone inside survived.

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