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Sweet Home Season 1 Episode 8 Recap


Published 7 months ago

Sweet Home Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

[00:01:00] Eun-Hyeok was preparing for surgery when they heard a loud bang from outside. They were curious about the sound, but Eun-Hyeok had a feeling their plan had already failed. Hyun-Su got out of the SUV and tried to battle the big monster but he couldn’t. It was the same monster Jae-Heon outsmarted a few days ago. Eun-Hyeok told Ji-Su that he couldn’t administer anesthesia because she could die from shock. But Ji-Su was determined to survive, so she still agreed to the surgery. Eun-Hyeok gave Ji-Su something to bite on as he made the first incision on her abdomen using a box cutter.

[00:02:30] The old man went outside to provide some support to Hyun-Su. He threw a few molotov at the monster to distract it. He went to Hyun-Su and helped him. They tried to head back into the building but it was too late. The monster was already in front of them. The old man pushed Hyun-Su aside and told him to live. The monster swung his arm at the old man but he missed. A fire truck suddenly appeared out of nowhere and rammed into the monster. It was Yi-Kyung. Meanwhile, the daycare director gave a few lead pipes to the other tenants. She told them to fight and protect the building at all costs.

[00:05:00] Yi-Kyung avoided getting crushed by the fire truck as the monster removed it from his abdomen. Sang-Wook did his best to save Yu-Ri. Gas began leaking from the SUV wreckage, so he only had a few seconds to save Yu-ri. Sang-Wook pulled Yu-Ri out of the wreckage just before it exploded. The monster got distracted for a bit as it was looking for Yi-Kyung. She got back inside the fire truck and puts it in reverse. The monster started chasing her but got hit by the explosion from the SUV. The monster tried to put the flames out of its body. Yi-Kyung saw the opportunity and rammed the monster again. The monster stopped the fire truck with brute force, but it was hurt from the explosion. Yi-Kyung floored the truck and used it to push the monster down a cliff.

[00:08:00] The monster impaled itself on a steel beam at the bottom of the cliff. Yi-Kyung pushed burning debris down the cliff to pin the monster down. Meanwhile, Eun-Hyeok completed the surgery on Ji-Su. Eun-Hyeok told Jae-Heon it’s his turn to do his part because the rest was up to God. Jae-Heon responded everything depended on Ji-Su’s will to live. After the battle, Yi-Kyung spoke with the old man regarding his motorcycle. Eun-Hyeok came over to ask Yi-Kyung about the details she could tell from what she saw in the outside world. Yi-Kyung told Eun-Hyeok that he needed to tell her first how Hyun-Su was doing and what happened while she was away.

[00:11:30] Yu-Ri woke up inside the management office. The old man came to see her because he needed to give her an inhaler. Yi-Kyung managed to find one when she ventured outside. Yu-Ri wanted to know where he got the inhaler for her asthma, but the old man told her all she needed to do was take care of herself. The old man scolded Sang-Wook for smoking near Yu-Ri when she’s already suffering from asthma. Sang-Wook returned to the store to resume his post. He entered the store and saw Jae-Heon drinking. He thought it was just one drink, but it seemed he’s returning to his old ways. Sang-Wook approached Jae-Heon and stopped him from drinking any further. Jae-Heon asked Sang-Wook what he chose for his first birthday.

[00:14:00] There’s a tradition in Korea where babies are given certain items on their first birthday to determine what they’ll achieve when they grow up. The baby needs to choose from three things, pencil, money, or thread. The pencil symbolizes wisdom, money for riches, and thread for long life. Ji-Su told Jae-Heon that she picked a thread when she was just one year old. Sang-Wook couldn’t remember what he picked because he had nothing left to remember anything. Jae-Heon gave a shot of soju to Sang-Wook. He told him God doesn’t give problems people can’t handle. Sang-Wook took the shot and drank it.

[00:15:30] Yi-Kyung went to Hyun-Su to check his mutation. She sliced Hyun-Su’s hand as soon as he woke up. The wound healed instantly, so Yi-Kyung asked him when did he experience the first symptom. Yi-Kyung told Hyun-Su about the soldiers and the government experiment on people who resisted the mutation. Hyun-Su wanted to know if the experiment was successful instead of finding out what happened to the experimented people. Yi-Kyung added she met a group of soldiers and told them about him in exchange for her life.

[00:18:00] Because of the water supply Yi-Kyung brought, everyone could take a bath that night. The tenants enjoyed dinner with one another as they felt refreshed. During dinner, Seon-Yeong told everyone she needed to go outside; she’s starting to feel symptoms of the mutation. No one wanted Seon-Yeong to leave. They told her she could just stay in the arcade. All the tenants called for a vote, and all of them favored Seon-Yeong to stay, including Eun-Hyeok. Yi-Kyung saw Seon-Yeong one last time before she entered the arcade. She told Yi-Kyung to keep her body warm at all times. Before she entered the arcade, Seon-Yeong apologized to Hyun-Su for being an awful grownup.

[00:24:00] The daycare director brought out a container filled with aged Korean wine. Eun-Yoo suggested they drink the wine before Eun-Hyeok came by, but it was too late. Eun-Hyeok was already behind them. He allowed them to drink as long as they didn’t forget their duties. Yi-Kyung was taking a bath when she remembered her deal with the army. She needed to use the tracking device so that the army could locate them. Yi-Kyung didn’t want to do it but she didn’t have a choice. She needed to give Hyun-Su to the army so that they could run experiments on him. In exchange for Hyun-Su, they would tell her where Nam Sang-Won was. Yi-Kyung was still taking a bath when a masked man entered the bathroom. He brought a gun with him, but Yi-Kyung still won the fight.

[00:26:30] The old man was telling the other tenants his war stories when the soldier ran inside the daycare center. He was looking for food, so he gobbled up the berries at the bottom of the container. Everyone was alarmed by the soldier because they didn’t know him. Yi-Kyung told them he’s a runaway soldier. Eun-Yoo visited Hyun-Su to talk. She was seeing how Hyun-Su was doing. Eun-Yoo made Hyun-Su do a pinky swear. Hyun-Su didn’t know what promise he made with Eun-Yoo, but she was delighted. Eun-Hyeok interrupted their conversation by telling Hyun-Su that his sister had a crush on him. Eun-Yoo walked away; she was embarrassed by Eun-hyeok.

[00:32:00] Hyun-Su went to the bathroom to look at himself in the mirror. He used a pair of scissors to cut his hair while he remembered the last time he looked at himself in the mirror. Meanwhile, Ji-Su finally woke up. She thanked Jae-Heon for saving her life. Jae-Heon also thanked her for waking up. Eun-Yoo thought about Hyun-Su being her first love. She thought it was absurd, but it seemed to be the truth. She lighted up a cigarette and continued to think about it.

[00:36:00] Yi-Kyung interrogated the soldier, but he was still shaken up. He could tell them what he was doing in their building. The soldier threw away his walkie-talkie. Someone suddenly spoke from the other line; they were asking the soldier for their gun. The soldier wanted to leave, but Eun-Hyeok held the soldier down. Yi-Kyung used an oxygen tank to break the walkie-talkie so that they could calm the soldier down. After speaking with the soldier, Eun-Hyeok visited Ji-Su to see how she’s doing. Ji-Su requested to see Eun-Yoo after speaking with Eun-Hyeok. Yi-Kyung visited Seon-Yeong. She told Yi-Kyung that she should only see and hear good things for her baby. Yi-Kyung told her she visited her because she’s a good thing. Yi-Kyung told Seon-Yeong that she needed to survive for fifteen days to overcome the worst.

[00:40:00] After she told Seon-Yeong about surviving for fifteen days, her nose bled profusely. Meanwhile, Hyun-Su and Sang-Wook were on the 12th floor. They saw the security guard entering the elevator. They tried to stop the elevator, but it had already gone down. The two of them rushed down the staircase to alert the other tenants. As they were heading down, Sang-Wook got caught by a monster. Hyun-Su wanted to save him, but he told him to go ahead and save the other tenants. Yi-Kyung held Seon-Yeong’s hand as she made it through her nosebleed episode. They heard the alarm, so Yi-Kyung needed to help the others, but Seon-Yeong told her not to go because it’s dangerous.

[00:42:00] The daycare director was in front of the elevator when it opened. Hyun-Su couldn’t go down the stairs fast enough, so he jumped through the stairwell. He landed on the ground floor but broke his leg in the process. The daycare director saw the security guard and remembered giving him the rotten fish. The guard attacked her, but Jae-Heon blocked the attack just before it hits her. He struggled to fight off the guard as Hyun-Su tried his best to crawl out of the staircase. Jae-Heon fought the guard but he lost. The guard used his lawn mower to cut off Jae-Heon‘s left arm. Jae-Heon picked up his broken katana and stabbed the guard from behind. He knew it wasn’t enough to bring the guard down, so he pulled him back into the elevator.

[00:46:00] The door closed in front of them as Jae-Heon continued to fight the guard inside the elevator. The lawn mower prevented the elevator door from closing, so the tenants could see Jae-Heon holding the guard down on the elevator floor. He told the tenants to throw a molotov inside the elevator. They didn’t want to because he would die with the guard, but Eun-Hyeok knew they didn’t have a choice. Eun-Hyeok took the molotov and threw it into the elevator. Everyone cried as Jae-Heon sacrificed his life for them.

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