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The Minions of Midas Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – Chance


Published 1 month ago

The Minions of Midas Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - Chance

[00:01:00] Riots erupted across Madrid after The Observer published the article about Banco Industrial’s involvement with Syria. The police did their best to maintain peace and order as multiple organizations requested an explanation about the issue. Meanwhile, the Malvar Group had a meeting with all of its board members to discuss the article that Victor published using The Observer. A man named Enrique wasn’t happy about Victor’s decision. Another man named Sabino told Enrique that his anger wasn’t necessary. Enrique approached Victor and told him that he would do everything to strip him of being the CEO.

[00:02:00] After Enrique’s little tantrum, Victor stood up to address everyone. He told Enrique he’s the CEO, and until he isn’t, Enrique has no right to stand up and walk around the table like he owned the company. After the meeting, Victor called Sabino to ask if his position as CEO was still secure. Sabino responded he wouldn’t be replaced. Enrique isn’t qualified for the position his uncle left. Meanwhile, Inspector Conte met up with his men to discuss their next course of action.

[00:04:30] Conte told everyone their top priority was preventing more victims. He added catching the bad guys would be ideal but not in exchange for people’s lives. Conte reminded everyone that time isn’t on their side, so they need to act with haste. Meanwhile, people at The Observer were waiting for news about the article they published. Victor came to their office to personally bring the news. He told everyone that Banco Industrial was launching an internal investigation about the article The Observer published. They were still going to fund the Malvar Group and The Observer regardless of the results they found from their investigation. Victor told Monica they needed to celebrate.

[00:06:00] Victor had a drink with Monica and Luis. Luis left as it was getting late. Victor wanted to have another round of drinks, but Monica thought it’s getting a bit late. She needed to go home because she had a lot of things to do the next day. Monica told Victor they’d have to postpone the next round for another time. Monica was supposed to go home, but one thing led to another, and she went home with Victor instead. Victor told Monica not to go home, but she got up and left after realizing what they had done.

[00:09:30] The next day, Laura asked for a divorce. She told Victor that she wanted to have his money if she couldn’t have his time. Laura felt that ever since Victor took over the company, she’s the only one acting as Marcos’ parent. Victor’s lawyer told him they should think about things, but he signed the divorce paper immediately. He told everyone Laura was right; times have changed since he became the CEO. Victor joined Monica for one of her interviews, but she rejected his advances afterward. Victor tried to invite Monica for dinner, but she also refused. Since Victor was alone, he opted to have a gun inside his house. He called on Diego to supply him with a handgun. Victor met Diego in a discreet part of town, and he gave Victor the handgun.

[00:13:30] Victor met with Jose. She gave him an envelope with the same red seal like the letters from The Minions of Midas. Jose wanted to buy The Observer from Victor, but he refused to sell. He told Jose they needed to stand up for what’s right, which is why he allowed The Observer to publish the article about Banco Industrial. Jose told Victor that her offer was just between friends; he didn’t need to get angry. He invited Jose for lunch after their little argument.

[00:17:00] Conte and his men looked at Jose as a person of interest. They looked at blackmail, but they didn’t have much evidence against her. They weren’t able to find evidence from the two victims as well. Conte looked at his crime board in hopes of finding a lead as time was running out. They only had four days before The Minions of Midas attacked again. Victor went over to Laura’s house to pick up Marcos. He was playing video games and didn’t pay Victor any attention. He cleared his schedule for Marcos, but he didn’t care. Victor got angry; he took the video game from Marcos. Victor opened up his passenger window and threw the console away.

[00:19:30] Monica was having issues at work. She’s falling in love with Victor, and she didn’t like where their relationship was going. She didn’t want to take things to the next level as she did with her previous boss. Monica told her mother that she could get a job at any newspaper she chose because of their published article. Monica’s mother told her to make her decision quickly as she couldn’t be trusted with love. Meanwhile, Conte found a lead with Victor’s chauffeur. They saw him meeting with a strange man inside a parking lot. Conte wanted to use the chauffeur and find out if he’s connected to The Minions of Midas.

[00:22:00] Conte called Victor to tell him they still didn’t have any leads. They only have one day left before The Minions strikes again. Conte didn’t tell Victor about his chauffeur because they needed more evidence against him. Meanwhile, Victor pursued Monica and sent her more messages than usual. Monica read his messages, but she still didn’t respond.

[00:24:30] The next day, Victor received a message from The Minions of Midas. They were about to strike, so they told Victor what would happen. He immediately told Conte about the message, and he rolled out his officers to the vicinity of where the next victim would die. The police made it in time, but they had no idea who the victim was so that they couldn’t prevent her death. A woman was walking from the subway. She was on her phone as she passed under some scaffolding. The scaffolding fell on her, instantly killing her. That night, Victor checked the woman’s Instagram profile. Once again, he felt responsible for her death. Victor contemplated the result of his decision to ignore The Minions of Midas.

[00:27:00] Victor slept in his office after the attack on the third victim. He called his secretary the next day and handed him a piece of paper. He told his secretary to follow the instructions on the paper. Conte and his men were investigating the incident and the construction workers behind the scaffolding. The man in charge of the construction told the police their scaffolding was perfect. The police continued to follow their persons of interest to find more clues about who was behind The Minions of Midas. Enrique and Sabino met with the president of Banco Industrial. Victor’s chauffeur went to his house even if he wasn’t there. After another interview, Monica left the TV station, and Victor was there to pick her up.

[00:30:30] Victor gave Monica a new phone because he thought her phone was not receiving his messages. Monica apologized to Victor because she’s just swamped at the moment. Monica returned the phone and refused to go with Victor. Victor asked Monica if there’s another man, but she responded she just didn’t like to be with him. Monica liked him very much, but she didn’t want their relationship to get in the way of her work.

[00:33:00] Conte went to Victor to present him with the new victim’s photos. The victim’s name was Elisa. She worked at a bar Victor had been going to over the past few days. Victor told Conte he didn’t know or recognize Elisa. Conte told Victor they needed to connect him to the victims to find out why The Minions of Midas chose him as their target and why they chose to kill the victims. He knows there’s a connection between Victor and the victims; they weren’t chosen randomly.

[00:35:00] Conte finally told Victor about his chauffeur, Diego. He told Victor that Diego went to his house and stayed there for about fifty minutes. Victor didn’t know why Diego was at his house. He assumed Diego was doing something to his car. Victor wanted to ask Diego, but Conte advised him not to. Victor went home to check his security footage. He confirmed Conte’s story as Diego pulled up and entered Victor’s home. There were no cameras inside the house, so Victor didn’t know what Diego did, but he confirmed Diego was there for fifty minutes based on the timestamp on the footage. Victor roamed around his house, trying to find out what Diego did, but he couldn’t. He called Diego and told him to give him a ride.

[00:37:00] Diego told Victor he went to the house to pick up some paperwork that he ordered him to do. Victor forgot about the paperwork but picking up paperwork shouldn’t have taken Diego fifty minutes. Victor told Conte about his conversation with Diego. Conte appreciated the effort, but he told Victor to refrain from speaking with Diego about the investigation. They needed him to stay loose and not suspect that he’s being followed. Victor and Diego continued their jogging routine, but Victor no longer trusted him.

[00:39:00] The next day, Enrique told Victor he needed to enjoy the board meeting he’s about to attend because it would be his last. After the meeting, Victor went over to meet with Sabino. He asked him how much Enrique offered him. Victor planned to buy Sabino out, but he didn’t want his money. Sabino told Victor he’s fueled by pride in running the company, and Sabino didn’t want anything to do with his pride. Sabino told Victor he’s a businessman, and all he cared about was money.

[00:42:00] Victor went to Luis’ office to tell him the bad news. Monica knew something bad was happening, but she couldn’t eavesdrop on the conversation. That night, Victor called Jose to tell her the bad news. The board members voted Victor out of the company. Victor was having the worst week of his life. Monica turned him down, he lost his position as CEO of the Malvar Group, and another random person died because of his ego. Jose offered anything to help Victor ease his mind off things, but he refused.

[00:45:00] Victor walked home after speaking with Jose. He didn’t feel like himself as he would be jobless soon. Meanwhile, Conte was still having difficulty looking for a lead. He couldn’t see anyone who would be the possible leader of The Minions of Midas. Time was running out as another victim would get killed. Monica visited Victor. She already knew he would no longer be her boss, meaning they could finally have a relationship. Victor kissed Monica and dragged her inside his house.

[00:50:00] The next day, Victor woke up beside Monica. He knew things were bound to get better with her by his side. Victor went down to prepare breakfast and saw a sealed envelope under his main door. He opened the door and found a letter from The Minions of Midas. The envelope contained financial issues of Enrique. They told Victor he could use the information to retain his seat as CEO of the Malvar Group. The Minions told Victor that what benefits him benefits them. It seems things would get better for Victor, more than he hoped for.

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