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The Minions of Midas Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – Guilt


Published 1 month ago

The Minions of Midas Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - Guilt

[00:01:00] Victor used the financial information against Enrique to keep his seat as CEO. Sabino and the rest of the board members were surprised when Enrique voted for Victor to keep his seat as CEO. Victor was about to sign the paperwork to keep his seat when he received a message from The Minions of Midas. They were planning to attack Paseo del Prado. At the moment, there’s a big demonstration happening at paseo. Inspector Conte and his men received the same notification as Victor. Victor left the meeting to call Conte, but he’s not responding.

[00:03:00] Conte’s colleague wanted to call the commissioner, but he hesitated. Conte wanted to see whether or not The Minions of Midas would be true to their word. There were about 180,000 demonstrators at Paseo del Prado. Conte thought they wouldn’t be able to kill someone with so much people. Conte called the commissioner about the attack with seven minutes left. The commissioner had no choice but to call in the riot police to disperse all the demonstrators. The riot police chose to use violence to disperse the crowd. While they were dispersing the crowd, one of the police used too much violence on a man and killed him. Conte realized that The Minions of Midas used them to have someone killed.

[00:06:00] The police called for an ambulance as everyone saw what had happened. The attack was televised since the demonstration was being televised before the riot police acted to disperse the crowd. Victor returned to the meeting and stared down at the board members as if he wanted to kill all of them at that moment. After the meeting, Sabino confronted Victor about how he managed to keep his seat as CEO. People outside the company also wanted to know how Victor pulled off keeping his seat as CEO, but he didn’t have time to talk as he wanted to know what happened at the demonstration.

[00:08:30] Victor entered his office and opened the TV. The man’s name is Javier. He died during the protest. Javier came to Madrid to protest about health care sector reforms. Meanwhile, Inspector Conte spoke with the commissioner about the disaster at Paseo del Prado. Everyone thought that the riot police killed Javier. The commissioner wanted Conte to assure him that he could provide evidence that the riot police didn’t kill Javier. Conte knew he couldn’t find anything to support that claim. He didn’t even have enough evidence to prove that The Minions of Midas existed. Conte just left the commissioner’s office; he knew their conversation no longer made sense.

[00:10:00] Victor waited at home for Monica’s arrival. She wanted to know how he managed to retain his position as CEO. Victor didn’t tell Monica the truth. She just told her that Enrique had changed his mind. Monica thought that something was wrong as Victor didn’t seem happy he’s still CEO. Monica told Victor he’s still her boss, and she’d think if they should continue with their relationship or not.

[00:12:30] The police continued to review the demonstration footage at Paseo del Prado, but they couldn’t find anything useful to the investigation. The press had a field day as they kept hammering the police force regarding the death of Javier. Everyone denied that the police were responsible for Javier’s death and tried to place the blame on The Minions of Midas. Conte didn’t know what to do next. He’s nowhere close to solving the case, and he’s again running out of time. Monica slept at Victor’s. She woke up in the middle of the night and found Victor downstairs watching what happened at the demonstration earlier that day. She found it odd that Victor was watching something that didn’t involve him.

[00:14:00] On his way to the office, Diego asked Victor if he’s having lunch at Montes. Victor was surprised that Diego knew he had lunch at Montes on Fridays. Diego suggested he could drop Victor off at Montes as he’s also having a checkup near the area. Victor agreed as he couldn’t keep up with Diego. His mind was elsewhere because of what happened to Javier. A total of four people had died because of him. At the office, Victor addressed the company about The Observer. He told everyone that as long as he’s CEO, The Observer wouldn’t be dissolved. He wanted The Observer to continue its job and commitment to being a beacon of truth.

[00:16:00] After his speech, Victor immediately left with Monica. They reached his office, where Victor broke down. He clutched his chest as if he’s having a heart attack. Monica offered to take him to the hospital; he agreed. After the incident, the commissioner resigned his position. Conte continued to worry about The Minions of Midas as the people continued their outcry for justice. Meanwhile, Victor was having nightmares about his current situation. He couldn’t sleep well because of the incidents. He asked for some space and time off from Monica. Victor thought he could cope with her by his side, but he couldn’t.

[00:21:00] Victor kept himself busy by watching security footage of his apartment. Meanwhile, Monica is facing problems at work. She found out that the man she interviewed in Syria, Said Alfaad, was already dead. Luis told her that the people who killed him no longer intended to hide his death. They left Said with his hands tied behind his back and a bullet on his head.

[00:24:00] The investigation into Javier’s death was ongoing. Conte and his men weren’t getting any solid leads, just like the previous investigations on the other victims. To make matters worse for Conte, they didn’t have enough evidence on Diego to keep following him. Conte ordered his men to stop following Diego and focus on other possible suspects. Meanwhile, Victor stood on his balcony, thinking about his next move. Marcos told Victor he needed to go home. Marcos startled Victor; he forgot his son was still there. Victor offered to go hiking with Marcos on the weekend. Marcos no longer wanted to spend time with his father, but he knew he’s trying, so he agreed to come with him.

[00:26:30] Monica returned to work and watched a video covering Said’s death. Luis went to Monica’s desk to offer her a drink. He proposed a toast for Said and his heroic act. Luis thought Said gave in for the interview because his guilt could no longer bear the weight of his sins. Monica thought Said wanted to leave a better legacy to his name than being part of a dictatorship. Victor continued watching his security footage. He saw Gloria speaking with Diego. He confronted Gloria to find out what they were talking about. Gloria didn’t want to tell Victor the truth, but she eventually gave in. Diego went to the house to ask Gloria about Victor’s new girlfriend, Monica.

[00:30:00] It was already Friday. Diego dropped Victor at Montes for lunch. He told him he would be back just in time to pick him up. While Victor was picking from the menu, the waiter gave him a letter. Victor opened the letter and read it. The Minions of Midas told him to go out of the restaurant to contemplate his work. Just as he stepped out of the restaurant, a teenager dropped in front of him. The teen was covered in blood as he fell and landed on a parked car. Everyone inside the restaurant saw the body and called an ambulance. One of the waiters recognized the boy as Tony, the son of their neighbor.

[00:32:30] Victor walked away from the scene. The letter said there would be a continuous flow of victims until he complied with their demands. That evening, Victor went straight to Inspector Conte. Conte was still clueless as to who The Minions of Midas were. Victor thought they were looking into Diego as a suspect, but Conte told him they didn’t have any leads to continue pursuing him. Victor told Conte about his conversations with Diego. Conte responded he would continue looking into Diego as a suspect.

[00:34:30] Victor looked at the crime board to see the fifth victim already listed. On his way out, Victor bumped into Tony’s parents. Conte introduced Victor to them and told them Victor volunteered to make a statement about their son. Victor shook the hand of Tony’s father and left the station. Victor spent a few minutes talking to Conte about his theory as to who are the people behind The Minions of Midas. Conte thought the people were making money by killing other people. Conte was looking for ideas from Victor, but he didn’t like the topic. It made him sick that there’s a group of people making money by killing people.

[00:37:00] Victor was on his way home when he received a call from Conte. He told Victor that Diego didn’t go to a doctor’s appointment earlier; he returned to his apartment. Diego dropped Victor off at his apartment. Victor went to his car to get his golf club. Diego was on his way out of the parking lot when Victor called him back. Victor attacked Diego, thinking he was part of The Minions of Midas. Diego denied being part of the group, but Victor could no longer hold back. He whacked Diego a few times with his golf club.

[00:40:30] Diego showed Conte the videos he made inside Victor’s penthouse. Diego snuck into Victor’s penthouse and took videos of himself. Diego told Conte that he and his friends laughed at his videos. He added he used the videos to impress ladies by telling them he owned the penthouse. Diego thought Victor was an arrogant prick who thought highly of himself because he got lucky and inherited a fortune from Antonio Malvar. Diego wanted to file a complaint against Victor, but Conte told him he would personally punch his face if he ever walked into a police station.

[00:43:00] Conte told Victor not to worry about Diego. He asked one of his officers to drive Victor home so that he could get some rest. The next day, Victor and Marcos went on their hiking trip. Marcos cut his leg and fell. Victor got worried for his safety. Victor apologized to Marcos for everything. He told Marcos he didn’t want to inherit the company and lose his family in the process. Marcos was okay with everything; he knew Victor was busy at work. After their trip, Victor took Marcos back home. He told Marcos not to say anything to his mother.

[00:46:00] Victor went to Monica to tell her the truth. Meanwhile, Conte’s men were losing their nerves. Everyone was tired and pissed at their current operation. Everyone worked double shifts, but they’re not getting the job done. Inspector Natalia told Inspector Conte they’re doing a good job following protocol. Conte felt they’re not doing enough to solve the case. Five people were dead; one of them was a teenager. Conte felt Tony didn’t deserve to die at the hands of The Minions of Midas. Conte planned to set up a money trail to trap and capture The Minions of Midas.

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