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The Minions of Midas Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – Rift


Published 1 month ago

The Minions of Midas Season 1 Episode 4 Recap - Rift

[00:01:00] Victor took a shower and went to work. Monica did the same, but it seemed she already knew the truth. As Monica arrived at The Observer, she saw Luis leaving in a hurry. He couldn’t even tell Monica where he was going. Luis’ face showed things weren’t going brightly for him. Luis went over to Victor’s office. He told Victor they made a pact with the government back in 2011 about the story that Monica published. Victor told Luis to bring him any evidence he had, so he could keep them safe.

[00:05:30] Monica attended Tony’s funeral. She saw the date and time on a blog about Tony’s death. Monica couldn’t finish the funeral; seeing everyone in pain brought tears to her eyes. Monica went back to her apartment to finish what she was writing about. Meanwhile, Inspector Conte met with Victor to show him mug shots of people who attended the demonstration. Victor told Conte he didn’t recognize anyone. Victor was losing confidence in Inspector Conte. Five people were dead, and he still didn’t have any solid leads. Conte was getting desperate. He tried to file for a cash payment approval to trap The Minions of Midas while they collected the payment.

[00:07:30] Victor told Conte he’s getting desperate, but he didn’t mind. Conte believed they would get the break their looking for. He ended his conversation with Victor, but he had already gotten his attention. Victor agreed to put out five million euros to catch the people behind The Minions of Midas. Conte warned Victor he could lose all the money if they missed, but the money wasn’t his main concern. Conte responded he’ll have his men ready for the drop-off.

[00:09:00] Victor asked his financial advisors for help in setting up the five million euros he requested. With the risk of his actions, they weren’t pleased with what he’s about to do, but they had no choice but to follow him. Meanwhile, Conte called on the Technical Brigade for help. They were planning to track the money and the transfer to intercept the fugitives. There was no guarantee they would catch the fugitives or keep the money safe. Conte didn’t have any other options, so he agreed to continue the operation.

[00:12:00] Conte called on Victor to inform him of the plan. Victor responded the money would be ready by tomorrow. Victor spent the rest of his day with Marcos. He already posted an ad to confirm he’ll be making the payment as The Minions of Midas requested. Marcos and Victor went fencing while he waited for The Minions’ response. Meanwhile, one of Conte’s men found a lead. There was a man from the demonstration at Paseo del Prado and the Montes restaurant minutes before both victims died. The man looked identical in both videos. Inspector Natalia told Inspector Conte they could either find the man or not. Conte agreed to put all the remaining officers they had into capturing the man on the videos.

[00:14:00] Victor received The Minions‘ response just as he was finishing up fencing with Marcos. They gave him precise instructions on what to do on the 30th. They told him the killings would resume again if they saw the slightest suspicious activity coming from his end. Monica visited Victor that night. She couldn’t get the information out of her head. Monica wanted to publish everything about The Minions of Midas, but Victor refused. He told Monica the people of Spain would crucify him if they knew he refused to make the first payment which cost the lives of five innocent people.

[00:16:30] Victor told Monica he’s making the first payment. He also told Monica about the plan to track the money. Victor told Monica their plan had to work; they didn’t have any other options. Monica suggested that Victor just pay them, but he told Monica nothing would stop if he paid them. More people would just die if he funded a secret organization named The Minions of Midas. Monica didn’t know what to do. She wanted to do the right thing, but everything was so complicated it’s just out of her league. She asked Victor if they could go away for a while after he’s done paying the first part of the payment. Victor told Monica they could go back to his penthouse if it’s far away enough for her.

[00:19:30] The next day, Victor went with Monica to his home office to initiate the transfer. The police tracked the account number and acquired the necessary warrants to arrest the people behind the extortion. Victor initiated the transfer and waited for an update from Conte. They began to track the money while Victor enjoyed the rest of his day with Monica. She puts on a jazz record while they had sex on Victor’s couch. Meanwhile, the police lost the money while they were tracking it. Conte couldn’t believe they had lost the money, but they couldn‘t do it.

[00:23:30] Victor and Monica continued to enjoy the day together. They didn’t have a clue that the police lost the money. Victor planned to go to a party with Monica later that evening. Meanwhile, the police were still hard at work trying to track the money. Conte asked Natalia to take over finding their new lead while he went to visit Victor to tell him about the bad news. Conte no longer sugar-coated his words. He went ahead and told Victor the truth. Victor couldn’t believe Conte had lost all the money. He asked Conte if he could get him fired, but he couldn’t. Conte told Victor not everything was in vain; he helped save a life for the future. They now had five more days to find a lead to find The Minions of Midas.

[00:26:30] Conte told Victor he’ll have a word with his superiors and tried to get his money back. Victor told Conte it’s not about the money. Victor was worried that The Minions would continue to haunt him. Conte left Victor and Monica to themselves so that they could talk things over. Victor apologized for his anger just before Conte left. He agreed that one life saved is worth the five million euros lost.

[00:29:00] Victor and Monica attended the party. Victor introduced Monica to Jose, who’s the host of the party. After having such a terrible day and an even terrible week, Victor allowed himself to get wild and dirty with Monica at the party. They drank to their hearts’ content. Jose invited Monica and Victor to the VIP lounge, where they continued to enjoy the rest of the party. They talked about Syria and smoked a little. Jose left Monica and Victor to join a VIP bidding for drunk people. They were bidding themselves off to other VIPs in exchange for money.

[00:35:00] While they were on their way home. Monica had a realization about her relationship with Victor. Everything happened while he was dealing with the extortionists. He asked Victor how he coped with everything and managed to feel any love for her. Victor couldn’t answer the question, which made Monica doubt his feelings for her. Monica asked Victor to drop her off at her mother’s house instead of coming home with him. Meanwhile, Conte received an update on Victor’s money. Victor had just got home when he received a call from Inspector Conte. He told Victor the Midas Group didn’t accept the money. They divided the money into 10,000 random accounts to send them a message. The Minions of Midas knew about their plan, so the countdown was still on. Conte expected someone would die later that day.

[00:38:00] Alex from the Tech Brigade didn’t believe the Midas Group would just divide five million euros. She was looking for a pattern. She thought that if the group could divide the money, they could also take it back and make it whole again. Monica went to her mother for advice. She knew she had entered a world out of her league. She told her about the rich people bidding on each other for real money while people were starving to death. Monica thought she should just end her relationship with Victor. Monica’s mother asked her if she’s in love with Victor. She told her some things in life just had a very high price to pay. Sometimes, paying the price wasn’t really worth it in the long run.

[00:41:00] The police were still tracking the money, and it was on the move again. From 10,000 accounts, the money was placed into a single account, ready for transfer. They tracked the account and got the face of the owner. It was the same guy they saw at the demonstration and the restaurant. Conte now had a lead, and he’s definitely not allowing the guy to escape. The man’s name is Armando Pujalte. Conte sent his men to track Armando down and arrest him before time ran out.

[00:43:00] While the police were on their way to arrest Armando. Victor received another email from the Midas Group. They told Victor his uncooperativeness had cost another person’s life. Alex was at the station and noticed a pattern just as everyone was leaving. She tried to inform Conte, but it was already too late. Armando got arrested, but he died on the way to the police station. It seemed someone poisoned him as his cat also died. Conte returned to the station empty-handed: no leads, no suspects, just another victim. He informed Victor what happened to Armando; he couldn’t do anything about it.

[00:45:30] Conte returned to the station with an ultimatum. He knew they had a mole inside the department. Natalia tried to talk some sense into Conte, but he’s made up his mind. He couldn’t fathom the Midas Group could know the identity of Armando, and he’s one of their lead suspects on all five cases. Conte was pissed: six victims and no answers. He asked everyone to surrender their badges; Internal Affairs would start questioning them one by one. Natalia pleaded with Conte that he just needed to get some sleep, but he also asked her to surrender her badge.

[00:47:00] Everyone felt disappointed at Conte. They gave him everything, but he accused them of being a mole. Victor tried to clear his head with some music. He picked up his guitar and started playing. Victor heard the bell ring and answered the door. He saw Monica returning all his files about the Midas Group. She told Victor she couldn’t love him while people died around him. Victor begged Monica not to leave him, but she had already decided. Monica turned around and walked out of Victor’s penthouse. Victor couldn’t do anything but watch from his balcony as Monica walked out of his life.

[00:48:30] Things were getting worse around Spain. The Spanish revolt now had three casualties, and more than 300 people were arrested and detained.

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