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The Minions of Midas Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – Way Out


Published 1 year ago

The Minions of Midas Season 1 Episode 5 Recap - Way Out

[00:01:00] Gloria woke Victor up as his phone has been ringing non-stop. Victor turned on his TV to see the latest news. Someone was trying to take over the Malvar Group through shares acquisition. Meanwhile, Monica asked Luis for a two-week leave. She thought her article was what brought the takeover, but Luis couldn’t answer her question. Luis told Monica she should ask Victor about the takeover; he knew nothing about it. Luis assured Monica her article was the best piece The Observer had published in years.

[00:02:30] Inspector Conte sat at his desk looking at their crime board. All of the other officers were out as Internal Affairs questioned everyone about the current case their working on. Conte was curious why he hadn’t gotten any heat from their superiors about the case. They already had six victims but no one came down to even ask for an update. Natalia informed Conte everyone had been reinstated for duty. She told him none of their officers were moles. Natalia headed to the lab to find out if they had a lead for them. Meanwhile, Victor listened to all of his voicemails as he thought about his next move.

[00:05:00] Monica returned home to think about her two weeks’ vacation. Victor went to Jose to clear up his mind. Jose knew something was bothering him so she asked Victor about Monica. Victor confirmed her suspicions and told Jose that Monica already left him. Jose told Victor he should’ve accepted her offer when she opted to buy the company from him. She would’ve retained him as CEO. Jose explained that the people currently trying to buy the company would definitely remove him once they succeed. Jose didn’t understand Victor’s moral reservations. She told him he should enjoy everything he had while he still had it.

[00:08:30] Monica took time off work to help Victor. She’s secretly investigating the Midas Group and what they gain by extorting money from Victor. Meanwhile, riots were still breaking off in the streets of Madrid. The next day, the police arrived at Victor’s place and invited him for questioning. National Intelligence took over the Midas Group case from the local police. Everyone was given NDA’s to sign while their whole office was taken over by National Intelligence. They didn’t have any choice but to surrender all the evidence they found and processed.

[00:11:30] Victor met with the heads of state to inform him of the current situation. They told Victor they would move on from the investigation. The police force was required to prioritize the incoming summit as leaders from all over the world would be attending. Victor couldn’t believe they would just stop investigating. A woman named Pilar responded that silence was the best weapon against blackmailers. They planned to treat all deaths accordingly. Since the Midas Group always made the deaths of their victims look like accidents, there’s no need to inform the public about them. The state promised to reimburse Victor’s money, which enraged him further. Pilar told Victor that everyone in the room was responsible for keeping everything a secret.

[00:16:00] Victor vomitted on his way back home. He couldn’t accept the states’ decision to just turn a blind eye and wash their hands off of six people’s deaths. He ordered his driver to take him to another address. Victor went to see his lawyer. He told him about the incoming money from the state. Victor wanted his lawyer to prepare the rest of the money they needed to pay the extortionists. Victor told his lawyer he needed fifty million euros. The lawyer told Victor to be careful; Antonio died in a car crash despite being one of the best’s drivers in Madrid. Monica continued her own investigation into the Midas Group. She called a few people for an interview.

[00:19:30] Inspector Conte went over to talk with Victor. Conte told Victor he already handed his resignation. He also couldn’t accept the way the state operates. They planned to tap phones and disregarded people’s privacies to track down the Midas Group. Conte had a theory: the Midas Group was made of thousands of people. Conte couldn’t do his job properly, so he wanted to look for a way out. He desperately thought of killing Victor himself so that he could prevent further deaths of innocent people. Conte handed his resignation and accepted the easy way out. He apologized to Victor for leaving him all alone against the Midas Group.

[00:24:00] Conte got home and plugged his phone into the computer. He opened up an audio file: a recording earlier when he submitted his resignation. It seemed his superior knew more about the Midas Group than it seemed. Conte’s hunch was right when he got curious as to why his superiors weren’t looking for any updates about the Midas Group case. He signed an envelope and addressed it to Fernando Giner of the Violent and Specialized Crimes Unit. Meanwhile, Victor placed a new ad to confirm that he’s willing to pay the Midas Group again. The next day, Victor called Laura to tell him about the takeover happening within the company.

[00:26:30] Victor told Laura he’s going to sell the company. He planned to donate the earnings to charity and keep a little amount for himself so that he could start over. Laura didn’t understand Victor’s plan. Victor wanted to renegotiate his divorce with Laura but she didn’t want anything to do with him. Laura just wanted Victor’s money so that she could continue living her life with Marcos. Meanwhile, Monica went over to an estate on the outskirts of Madrid. She interviewed a man named Gerardo Pinzon. Gerardo sold his company and donated all of his money away. It was the same move Victor was planning to do. Monica wanted to know why Gerardo sold his company, but he didn’t tell her the truth. She thought that the Midas Group tried to extort money from him.

[00:30:30] Monica asked Gerardo if he ever heard about the Midas Group. Gerardo told Monica about the story of King Midas, but he didn’t answer her question. Monica didn’t get the answers she was looking for in her interview so she ended the conversation and left. Meanwhile, Victor sent a message to Monica that he plans to end everything with the Midas Group.

[00:33:00] Victor received a new message from the Midas Group. They were now demanding cash payment after what Victor did with the last payment. Victor placed the money in a briefcase and drove over to the drop-off. He got out of his car and left the briefcase near a bridge. Victor walked back to his car, but he went back and took the briefcase before driving off. After a few minutes, Victor noticed a black car following him. He drove as fast as he could to lose the car but he failed. Victor entered a dead end and feared the worse. The black car arrived and slowly pulled up behind him. Victor nervously took out his pistol to arm himself.

[00:37:30] The black car slowly backed out of the dead end. Victor returned his pistol to his glove box and exited his vehicle. He took the briefcase with him and expelled his anger on it. On his way home, Victor received a new message from the Midas Group. They pity him for feeling like King Midas. The Midas Group told Victor another victim would die for his indecision to pay. They asked Victor if he’s willing to die for his money. The next day, Victor called his lawyer, Mauro. He wanted Mauro to think of a plan where Marcos wouldn’t inherit anything from him. Mauro didn’t understand but he agreed to think of something. He told Victor he would keep him updated.

[00:41:00] Victor went to spend time with Marcos as Laura was going out. Marcos really wanted to continue living with his father; so did Victor but there was nothing both of them could do. Meanwhile, Monica was speaking with someone who confirmed there would be another victim tomorrow. It’s uncertain if she’s speaking with Victor or someone from the Midas Group. People were still protesting about the current situation in Madrid. There are five days left until the European Summit and the Spanish army had taken control of the streets just to keep everything safe. Monica continued attending debates about the current situation in Madrid. She told everyone it was time to choose sides: either they chose to side with the oppressed or with the oppressors.

[00:48:00] Victor went to the park for his usual jog. He sat on a park bench and took out his pistol. It seemed Victor planned on committing suicide, but it was the entire opposite. Victor suddenly got up and shot an unknown jogger. He went back to his car and immediately received a new message from the Midas Group. They told him he finally understood his role in everything. They told Victor they would keep in touch.

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