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The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – Extra Ordinary


Published 1 month ago

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - Extra Ordinary

Five years ago, Vanya started writing her autobiography. She completed her book, and it drew audiences for a while. All her siblings read the book and were disappointed in her. Even Five managed to read it in the apocalyptic timeline. Reginald didn’t read the book yet; he opened the cover and placed it among the other books in the library. As time went on, people slowly forgot Vanya and her book. Fast forward to the present, Vanya continues to live her simple life. She attended practice along with other members of the orchestra.

At the academy, Luther and Allison watched the surveillance footage that she found. It seems that their mother killed Reginald. Allison thought that their mother wasn’t capable of such a heinous act, but now that they’ve seen the tape, they don’t know what to expect from her. Luther and Allison went down for breakfast to confront their mother. They asked her if she went to see Reginald the night of his death, but she couldn’t remember. Allison asks her if she is ever angry with Reginald. She was about to answer the question, but she stopped mid-sentence and immediately dropped the topic.

Diego went over to help Detective Patch with her investigation. They were now processing the shopping center where Five went to meet Delores. Patch didn’t have any leads, so she was now accepting Diego’s assistance. Patch couldn’t operate under the radar, so Diego needs to do the dirty work for now. Diego insists that he’ll hunt down Hazel and Cha-cha to help her out.

Meanwhile, Vanya is having difficulty in the orchestra. She’s been stuck in the third chair for a few years now, and a woman named Helen told her that it’s not about practice anymore. She gives Vanya some advice; she either gives it all she’s got or leaves and finds another thing she’s passionate about. Vanya didn’t take the advice lightly; she felt out of her league again, the same feeling she had back when she was still part of The Umbrella Academy.

Hazel and Cha-cha were taking a break from hunting Five. They received a notification that they will lose a percentage of their pay for each day that passes until they complete the job. Cha-cha didn’t feel okay with the pay loss, but he couldn’t do anything. Hazel suggests that he stops whining, and they kill Five as soon as possible. Five collects his stuff and leaves the academy. He sees Klaus on his way out, and he is dumpster diving to find the contents of the box that he threw away. Klaus wanted to accompany Five to wherever he was going, but Five refused. Five returns to Meritech in a stolen van. He camps out in the van just outside the facility, waiting for any clues regarding the prosthetic eye that he got from the apocalypse timeline.

Allison and Luther argue whether their mother, Grace, is hiding something. Luther thinks that Grace knew what she was doing based on the footage they found. Allison believes that Grace is just confused because they abandoned her after everything she did for them. Luther changes the topic by asking Allison what happened to her family. She told Luther that she used her powers on Claire so that she would obey her. Things got out of hand, and instead of being a one-time thing, Allison lost control and continuously used her powers on Claire. Allison regrets using her powers on Claire, so she refuses to use her powers moving forward. She is trying to start over in her life, finding everything difficult for her. Luther tells Allison that everything starts a little complicated.

Vanya felt depressed about her current situation. She went over to Leonard’s wood shop to ease her mind off things. Leonard showed Vanya around and even gave her a wood carving. Leonard made a violinist and told Vanya that she had inspired him. He invites Vanya for dinner, and she accepts the invitation. Leonard was walking Vanya from his shop when they bumped into Allison. Vanya introduces Leonard to Allison, and she tells Vanya that they need her back at the academy. Leonard told Vanya that they could do a rain check on dinner and left. Allison apologizes to Vanya for what happened yesterday, and goes back to the academy together.

Five was still sitting outside Meritech when Klaus and Luther found him. Luther told Five that they needed him back at the house to discuss Reginald’s death and Grace’s involvement with it. Five didn’t want to go back, but he didn’t have any choice. Meanwhile, Hazel and Cha-cha were getting closer to locating Five. They went to the doughnut shop to question Agnes. She couldn’t provide them with any details about how Five looked; however, she gave them his tattoo. Agnes drew the umbrella tattoo that Five has on his arm.

Luther shows the footage to everyone. He thinks Grace killed Reginald, but Diego points out that Reginald died independently. Grace went over to take his monocle. Diego knew that Grace took the monocle because he took it from her things. Diego knew that Luther would lose his shit if he saw the monocle with Grace’s belongings. Luther demands that Diego gives him the monocle, but Diego responds that he already threw it away. Luther and Diego were about to go toe to toe again, but everyone told them to stop. The siblings took a vote against shutting Grace down or not. Luther and Allison voted to turn her off, but Vanya, Diego, and Klaus were against it. Diego was confident that they had the final votes, but Five wasn’t there with them. Allison told Diego they needed to wait for Five since they owed it to him.

Vanya is starting to doubt whether Grace was ever their mother or if she was just programmed to act like a mother because Reginald built her. Vanya only sees Reginald when she’s looking at Grace. Diego agreed that he had the same feeling initially, but he knew that Grace had evolved and become herself. Diego goes back to his room and remembers all the good times he spent with Grace. She was only ever good to everyone, and he always felt that she was his mother. Diego went to Grace to confront her. He knew that she could have had ill feelings towards Reginald, given that he treated her like shit. Grace responds with nothing but admiration for Reginald, and she defends him even if he doesn’t treat her with care.

Diego knew that Reginald only saw them as tools for his experiment, but Grace didn’t talk ill about him even then. Diego stops pestering Grace as their conversation is leading nowhere. Meanwhile, Five was still busy camping out at Meritech. He finally gets a lead and proceeds to follow it as Lance comes out of the building and hands a gym bag over to a random car that pulled over in front of the facility.

As Hazel and Cha-cha arrived at the academy, things were about to get messy. They break into the academy and find a portrait of Five, which confirms they were in the right place. Klaus was busy getting high in his bath when dozens of spirits called out his name. Klaus no longer felt that his powers were useful and was now being tormented by the spirits that he could see and hear. Meanwhile, Hazel and Cha-cha slowly walked into the academy, looking for Five.

Allison and Luther were having their moment when they heard gunshots coming from their bedrooms. Diego encounters Hazel and Cha-cha in the hallway. He tries to get rid of them, but he can’t win against machine guns. Allison and Luther arrive just in time to save Diego. Hazel and Cha-cha didn’t know who they were up against, but they continued with their mission. Hazel chases Allison around the house as Luther steps up to fight Cha-cha. Cha-cha nearly kills Vanya as she goes into the library looking for her siblings. She heard the commotion from her room, and she decided to check it out.

Hazel managed to win her fight with Allison, but she still needed to face Diego. In the end, Hazel can’t manage to fight them both and gets injured by Diego’s knife. Luther thought he took care of Cha-cha, but he underestimated him. Cha-cha turns the fight around when Luther is looking for Vanya. Allison and Diego come to Luther’s aid, but Hazel drops the chandelier on them. Luther pushes Diego and Allison away so they won’t get hit by the chandelier. Luther removes his armor and shows everyone his natural body. It was grotesque and hairy. It was like someone sewed his muscles together, like Frankenstein.

Luther felt ashamed of his body, so he went back to his room. Hazel and Cha-cha left the house, but Grace didn’t notice anything wrong. She didn’t move a muscle as the whole place got wrecked from gunfire. Diego went over to check on Grace and asked her if she heard anything that went down. Grace didn’t hear anything, and she continued doing her cross-stitch. With a heavy heart, Diego opened up Grace’s arm to access her control panel. He stuttered and told Grace that everything would be okay. Diego turned Grace off as he knew she was no longer functioning correctly.

Allison felt they were lucky to be alive. Diego tells Vanya that she should leave because she could have been killed or gotten them killed. Allison took Diego’s side and told Vanya that it was dangerous for her to be around them. Vanya left without saying another word as she got offended that she wasn’t like them. Allison tries to reason with Vanya, but Diego knows that it is safer for her to leave. Vanya left the academy and went over to Leonard’s house. She didn’t know where to go, but Leonard welcomed her into his house.

Cha-cha went back to their motel room and waited for Hazel to arrive. Hazel was in bad shape as she got hit with Diego’s knife. She knew that things went wrong for them that night, but not everything was in vain. Cha-cha manages to kidnap Klaus before leaving the academy.

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