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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – Right Back Where We Started


Published 12 months ago

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 1 Recap - Right Back Where We Started

As the world ends, Five teleports everyone out of the current timeline to escape the apocalypse. They plan to go back in time and fix things the right way; however, things don’t go as planned. Klaus and Ben get separated from the rest of the team. They thought that the others would join them, but Five doesn’t have complete control of his powers. Klaus and Ben end up in Dallas, Texas, during the ’60s. Allison arrived in 1961, and Luther arrived in 1962. Meanwhile, Diego arrives in September of 1963, followed by Vanya in October and, lastly, Five in November.

Things weren’t doing great upon Five’s arrival. He was still a grown man inside a kid’s body, and to top things off, he arrived during the cold war. Vanya had her powers in check as the academy fought the Soviets back. Everyone is at the peak of their power as Luther could block RPGs with his body. Allison got her voice and powers back. Diego now has long hair and no longer relies on his daggers to kill people. Klaus could now summon the souls of the dead to fight alongside him and Ben. Five was about to join his family when Hazelstoppeds him. He tells Five to come with him if he wants to live. Five asks Hazel about his family, and he responds that Nuclear bombs are about to drop on them. Hazel tells Five that he can’t save his family if he’s dead.

Five abandons his family to save them. The rest of the team looks onward as a mushroom cloud appears on the horizon. Everyone was swept away and killed by the shockwave in a few seconds. Hazel brings Five 10 days before the war reaches Dallas. He tells Five that he has plenty of time to restore the timeline. Hazel reveals that Agnes died due to cancer, and he’s just returning the favor to Five for sparing his life in the previous timeline. Hazel spent 20 years with Agnes before she died, which was a good 20 years based on his demeanor. While talking, a group of men arrived and exited a bus. Five knew that the men were from The Commission. Hazel places something inside Five’s pocket and gives him the suitcase. The men kill Hazel off while Five teleports and escapes.

Five didn’t teleport that far, only a few feet from Hazel’s body. The men discover his whereabouts and open fire, and five uses his powers to escape to the adjacent roof. He then returns to the alleyway, where he arrived 10 days later. Five noticed that there was a man who was watching the alleyway and the camera that he had set up on the roof of the building. Five knew he needed to speak to the man to get more information. Five enters the building and arrives at the office of Mortimer Gussman. He knocks on the door, but a man from the other apartment opens his door and asks Five what he wants. Five uses his appearance as a disguise and tells the man that he’s selling encyclopedias. The man decides to close his door, so Five teleports inside to startle him.

The man is shocked by Five’s powers. He teleports again inside the apartment to show the man that he’s real, which shocks him further. The man is obsessed with aliens and all that shit. He knew humans weren’t alone in the universe, but Five didn’t confirm his theories. The man thinks that Five is the answer to his theories, but Five doesn’t appreciate being considered an alien. Five asks the man about his contraptions, and he tells Five about how his siblings came to the 60s over the last five years. The man’s name is Elliott, and Five asks him for help to find all of his siblings. Elliott recalls how everyone arrived as he managed to get a photo of their arrival.

Elliott shows Five a newspaper article about Diego. Everyone thought Diego was a madman, but he was telling the truth. The people in the 60s weren’t ready for his revelations, so they placed Diego in a mental institute. Diego tried to tell everyone the truth about JFK’s assassination in Dallas, but no one believed him. He did his best to get out of the institute; however, the doctor’s deemed him a nut job and didn’t allow him to explain his case any further. Diego became friends with a woman inside the institute. She somewhat resembles Detective Patch but in a weird way. The woman wants to accompany Diego in his escape plan, but he denies having an escape plan in the first place. He tells the woman he’s a lone wolf and doesn’t do well in packs.

Five decides to visit Diego inside the institute. Five asks Diego where their siblings are, but Diego doesn’t have a clue. He’s been locked up for the past 75 days for trying to kill Lee Harvey Oswald in his attempt to be a hero and save JFK. Diego is hell-bent on stopping the assassination of JFK, but Five tells him that he’s not going to do that because they need to stop the apocalypse. Diego laughs at Five and tells him he should be locked in with him. Five doesn’t have all the answers yet, but he’s sure that Nuclear war will happen in 10 days. Five manages to convince Diego, and he agrees to help him only if he allows him to save JFK. Diego also wants to go back in time to kill Hitler.

Five knew that Diego wasn’t going to cooperate with him, so he told the guards of the institute about Diego’s plan to escape. Diego tries to attack Five, but the guards hold him down as one of the nurses enters the visitation room and sticks a needle on Diego’s arm. Five whispers to Diego that he’ll come back for him later on. Meanwhile, Vanya is doing okay in the ’60s. She found a lovely family to call home after arriving. Vanya reveals that she lost her memories upon arriving in the 60s. Without her memories, Vanya doesn’t have a clue about what she did in the future or why she’s stuck in the past.

Klaus and Ben were on their way to Dallas when their car broke down. Ben no longer wants to put up with Klaus’ attitude, but he has no choice since he’s always stuck with Klaus no matter what he did. Klaus enters a bar to ask when the bus to Dallas will arrive. The bartender tells him that the bus will arrive tomorrow. A couple of men were playing poker, and they decided to invite Klaus to play. Ben tells Klaus that the guy he’s up against didn’t have a good hand, but it seems they cheated. Klaus ends up losing, but he decides to steal the guy’s car keys instead. He knew that a fight would break out, so he calls on Ben to help him, but Ben decides not to help Klaus this time.

Klaus makes a run for it and manages to find the right truck, and drives away. The men came out of the bar to stop Klaus, but they were too late. Back in Dallas, Allison celebrates their small victory with her husband. She got her voice back, which means she also got her powers back. Allison’s husband is fighting for African American rights, but she doesn’t want to get his hopes up about Kennedy. Allison knew that JFK would die, but she kept her mouth shut. Ray bought a book for Allison entitled “From Earth to the Moon.” The book reminded Allison of Luther, who she thinks is dead.

While Allison enjoys her married life and adjusting to being in the 60s, Luther isn’t having the time of his life. He makes a living as a boxer even though he doesn’t like it. The crowds cheered for Luther as they paid a good amount of money to see him fight. Luther managed to win the fight, but his opponent was going to give up that easily. The man pulls out a knife from his boot and tries to kill Luther. Luther blocks the attack and disarms the man. He then proceeds to break the man’s arm to end the fight. Luther’s boss makes him fight to make money; he also doubles as his driver.

Allison and her husband held a secret meeting in her parlor. They discussed their plans to attract national media attention to the black community a few days before JFK arrived in Dallas. While they were talking, a white man knocked on her parlor door. The man wants them to end their meeting, but he doesn’t own the building, so Allison and her husband tell him to leave. Allison’s husband closes the door, but the man sticks his foot in the doorway and threatens to sue him for assault. The man tries to punch Allison’s husband, but she blocks the attack and sends him flying across the pavement. Allison felt good defending herself against their oppressors.

Vanya couldn’t sleep, so she went out to get some cake. She saw Sissy smoking in the kitchen, and they went to the barn for a little chat. Sissy tells Vanya about her dreams and that she still wants to pursue them. Sissy is thankful for Carl, but she still wants to make a name for herself. Meanwhile, Diego wakes up in a straight jacket and is trapped inside an isolated room. Diego manages to break free from his straight jacket and opens the door to get out. The guard finds Diego, but Lila helps him out. The men from The Commission were also at the institute and planned to kill Diego. They found him and immediately opened fire while they were on their way out. Diego takes Lila with him as they run for their lives.

Diego and Lila entered the maintenance room and went down the laundry chute to escape. The men followed them to the basement, but Diego and Lila managed to escape. Meanwhile, Five finds Luther and explains things to him. Five apologizes for what happened and tells Luther his plan. Five reveals to Luther that the apocalypse is upon them once again.


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