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The Witcher Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – A Grain of Truth


Published 1 week ago

[00:01:00] A merchant and his family arrived in a deserted town. They were in the middle of a snowstorm and needed lodging for the night. He shouted at the top of his lungs, but no one responded. The man tried to knock on one of the houses, but he didn’t get any response. Suddenly, the cart was attacked by an unknown enemy. The corpse of his family member fell from the sky. The man was attacked next, and his corpse fell from the sky as well. The woman that sat on the cart feared for her life. She was soon attacked and taken by the unknown monster.

[00:02:00] Meanwhile, Vilgefortz and Tissaia continue their search for Yennefer. Vilgefortz killed the wounded survivors of their battle against Cahir and his men. Tissaia used her powers to check the last moments of each dead body to see whether any one of them came across Yennefer in their dying moments. Vilgefortz told Tissaia that Yennefer was dead so as not to get her hopes up. Tissaia shouted Yennefer’s name in hopes that someone would hear her and respond. Someone responded to Tissaia’s call; it was Geralt. He appeared through the cloud of smoke in search of Yennefer. Geralt is accompanied by Ciri, who couldn’t stomach the sight of all the dead people in the field. Tissaia approached them to ask why they were searching for Yennefer.

[00:04:00] Ciri told Geralt that she once saw this moment in her visions. Geralt told Ciri to stay on his horse while he talked with Tissaia. She asked Geralt who he was, but he didn’t respond. Geralt asks Tissaia where Yennefer is. Tissaia didn’t answer his question. She told Geralt that they won the war because of Yennefer. Geralt took Tissaia’s response as an acknowledgment of Yennefer’s death. He asked Tissaia if winning the war was worth Yennefer’s life. Geralt held back his tears as he walked back towards Ciri. She asked Geralt who Yennefer was, but he responded that she no longer mattered because Yennefer was dead.

[00:06:00] Geralt and Ciri continued on their journey. Ciri tried to get some sleep, but she failed. Geralt told Ciri that he also couldn’t get any good sleep at all. Ciri asks Geralt if he ever slept. Geralt told Ciri that the less he slept, the fewer nightmares he had. Ciri told Geralt about her nightmares. Cintra burned to the ground while she was too helpless to stop any of it as Cahir took her out of the city. Geralt told Ciri that she had escaped, but Ciri knew that she had only gotten lucky. Ciri changed the topic and asked Geralt about the law of surprise. Geralt told Ciri that he saved her father’s life which earned him the law of surprise. Geralt explained that Ciri’s father hadn’t known what he would be giving away; although, it wasn’t assuring on Ciri’s part.

[00:08:30] Ciri told Geralt that she was his destiny. Geralt responded that she was more than just destiny. Ciri wanted to go back to Cintra; however, Geralt disagreed. He told Ciri that Cintra was no longer safe for Ciri. She thought of Skellige, but Geralt responded that she would be married off to the nearest lord who sought the throne of Cintra. Ciri sighed in disbelief at the current state of her choices. Geralt assured Ciri that the food was good in Skellige. Meanwhile, Tissaia and Vilgefortz went back to Aretuza along with all the wounded refugees. Tissaia was still looking for Yennefer; however, without any sign of her, she had given up hope that Yennefer was still alive. Artorius asked them about his niece, Fringilla. Vilgefortz told Artorius that Fringilla was with the enemy now. He considered Fringilla dead and agreed to proceed with Tissaia and Vilgefortz’s plan. 

[00:11:00] Tissaia offered to torture one of the prisoners they had to gain information about the Nilfgaardian troops. Artorius told Tissaia that they had rules; however, they were in the middle of a war, and Tissaia knew that the rules no longer applied. Vilgefortz seconded Tissaia’s decision to torture the prisoner to get the information they required. Artorius didn’t have any choice but to agree with the plan. Meanwhile, Yennefer was still alive; however, she had been captured by Fringilla. Yennefer realized her current predicament and quickly looked for a way to escape.

[00:15:00] It was almost nightfall; Geralt and Ciri stumbled upon a wolf’s carcass. Geralt inspected the carcass as they heard a faint shriek in the air. He knew something was amiss, so he told Ciri that they needed to keep moving. Geralt reached the nearby town; however, he found it odd that there were no guards on duty. Geralt knew the place, and he told Ciri that it was never quiet. He decided to visit an old friend instead of entering the town. Geralt entered the estate and was greeted by the blinds and doors moving on their own. He knew there was a trick; however, before he could figure it out, a wild boar came charging out of the house and attacked Geralt. He immediately countered and took out his knife to slay the beast. The boar recognized Geralt and asked him what brought him back to his home.

[00:18:00] Geralt told Ciri that the boar was his friend, Nivellen. He allowed Geralt and Ciri into his home and offered them the warm welcome they both deserved. Nivellen magically summoned a hot bath for Ciri. Ciri indulged herself in the bath while Nivellen took Geralt to have a drink. Geralt asked Nivellen if Ciri would be safe with them. Nivellen assured Geralt that Ciri was safe in his house. After Ciri’s bath, she went downstairs to join Nivellen and Geralt. Nivellen summoned a feast and told Ciri how he and Geralt first met. Since Nivellen was in a talking mood, Geralt asked him how he got his curse.

[00:22:00] Nivellen didn’t think it was a good idea to tell about his curse in front of Ciri. Geralt told Nivellen that Ciri was tougher than she looked and could handle a good story. Nivellen told them that he trashed a temple of the lion head spider and offended its priestess. The priestess cursed Nivellen to live a lonely life as a beast. Geralt tells Nivellen that all curses have cures. Nivellen didn’t remember the spell the priestess had placed on him, but he told Geralt that the priestess mentioned something about love and blood.

[00:24:00] After dinner, Geralt asked Nivellen about the village at the bottom of the hill. Nivellen responded that after the Battle of Sodden, deserters and thieves roamed the countryside, looking for spoils. The people of the village decided to leave to save themselves. Geralt wasn’t convinced that the Battle of Sodden caused a whole village to just get up and leave. Nivellen told him that it was because of the Wild Hunt. Ciri knew them as the Wraiths of Morhogg because her grandfather saw them before the fall of Cintra. Geralt still wasn’t convinced, so Nivellen told him that the end of days could become. Geralt responded that he had been through the dark ages as well as three supposedly end of days. He told Nivellen that the end of days was nothing but crap. Ciri heard scratching and cooing from the room upstairs. She asked Nivellen if he had a cat.

[00:26:00] Nivellen responds that her name was Vereena. He tried to lure their attention away from Vereena by telling them that she was a little shy, but Geralt wanted to investigate. Nivellen knew that his secret was out, so he allowed Geralt to go upstairs and have a look. Meanwhile, Tissaia went to their prisoner to begin her interrogation. The prisoner was Cahir, and he didn’t look too good. His right eye was bleeding along with a swollen face. Cahir asked if Tissaia was his inquisitor or executioner. Tissaia responded that they would see by the end of the night. She touched Cahir as he squirmed in agony. She asked Cahir for information regarding the forces of Nilfgaard. Tissaia told Cahir that it was not her nature to be cruel; however, they took something from her and, for that, she would be cruel.

[00:28:00] Tissaia touched Cahir’s head and began torturing him. Once again, Cahir squirmed in agony as he tried to scream, but no sound or words came out of his mouth. Meanwhile, Yennefer realized that they had won the war against Nilfgaard on Sodden. She knew that Fringilla was on the run because she couldn’t spare her energies to conjure them a proper meal. Fringilla tells Yennefer that they merely won a battle. She boasts that Nilfgaard has far greater plans in store. Fringilla couldn’t fool Yennefer; she knew that Fringilla couldn’t return to Nilfgaard without fulfilling her mission. Something or someone was missing, and that was Ciri. Meanwhile, Ciri enjoyed a nice story with Nivellen. He showed her some sort of music box that uses shadow puppets. Somehow, Nivellen’s story seems to be the love story of Ciri’s mother and father.

[00:31:00] Geralt went to check on Roach as he stood to watch outside. Nivellen reminded Ciri of Mousesack. She still couldn’t believe that Mousesack was dead. Ciri wished to go back in time to save everyone. Nivellen also wanted to go back in time to right the wrong in his life. Ciri asked Nivellen what it was like to be alone because everyone thought he was a monster. Nivellen told Ciri that loneliness was what ate him alive. He adds that he had tried to cure himself by believing in fairytales and asking young maids to kiss him in exchange for his treasures. Nivellen had failed countless times, but he finally accepted his fate. Ciri told Nivellen not to give up. She mentioned a hedgehog man from Mousesack’s stories. Ciri didn’t know that the hedgehog man was her father. Ciri told Nivellen that the hedgehog man was saved by true love.

[00:33:00] Nivellen pointed out that the hedgehog man was a worthy man, unlike him. When he first was cursed, Nivellen hadn’t known his strength or what he had become. He accidentally killed all of his servants. He told Ciri that the statue garden outside was also a burial ground. Nivellen buried all of his servants the day he turned into a monster. Nivellen ended their conversation by taking Ciri back to her room so that she could rest. Upon their arrival, Ciri told Nivellen that he was not a monster. She recalled how Cintra burned to the ground because of the Nilfgaardians. She pointed out that compared to them, Nivellen isn’t a monster. Nivellen appreciated Ciri’s gesture. He responded that monsters are more than what they look like. It’s the unforgivable acts that turn a man into a monster. Nivellen bid Ciri good night as he left her room.

[00:35:00] Meanwhile, Roach tapped Geralt’s back. He walked a few feet forward and saw footsteps in the snow. He followed the footsteps outside the estate and after a few steps, the footsteps disappeared. Geralt knew Nivellen was hiding something. He went back inside and challenged him to a drinking game. They would throw daggers at the painting of Nivellen’s father; whoever missed needed to drink and tell the truth. Nivellen accepted the challenge without any second thoughts. Geralt threw the first dagger, but he missed. He had been so sure that it would hit its mark. Nivellen threw his dagger and asked Geralt how he ended up with Ciri. Geralt told Nivellen that he had promised Ciri’s grandmother he would take care of her. Another dagger, another miss, Geralt knew something was wrong. Nivellen threw his second dagger along with his second question.

[00:37:00] Nivellen wanted to know what Geralt planned to do with Ciri. Geralt responds that he planned to keep her safe. As Nivellen had stated earlier, the world was changing for the worst; he thought the end was near. Geralt boasted that he could protect Ciri against anything the world threw at her. Nivellen didn’t argue. They moved on to the third and final round. Geralt touched his amulet before throwing his dagger, but alas, he still missed his mark. Nivellen hit his father’s eye and asked Geralt what had changed him. Geralt responded it was not what but who. Nivellen was intrigued that someone could reach a witcher’s heart. He asked who the fair maiden was. Geralt told Nivellen that it was Yennefer of Vengerberg. Nivellen wanted to know where Yennefer was. Geralt told him that she had died a few days ago.

[00:38:00] Nivellen was curious as to why Geralt wasn’t heartbroken. Geralt asked Nivellen, who had told him that he was not heartbroken. Geralt didn’t know that Yennefer was still alive. She traveled as a prisoner along with Fringilla and her remaining troops. Yennefer argued with Fringilla that offering her as a tribute to the king wouldn’t save her from dying. Yennefer offered Fringilla to join her and go back to Aretuza. She told Fringilla that she’d vouch for her. Fringilla refused; she told Yennefer that none of them had had a choice when they were placed in certain kingdoms for the brotherhood to gain control. Yennefer argued back that Fringilla could’ve done what she did. Fringilla told Yennefer that she was blind and couldn’t see the grander truth of everything they were doing.

[00:40:00] Geralt and Nivellen continued playing their drinking game. Geralt was still on the losing end, so he asked Nivellen if he had any more questions for him. Nivellen asked Geralt if he had already told Ciri the truth about how witchers came to be. Nivellen knew that witchers were taken at a very young age and fed magic herbs to prepare them for the witcher’s path. Not all children would survive to become a witcher. Geralt responded that what happened to him wouldn’t happen to Ciri. Nivellen wasn’t convinced by Geralt’s response; after all, it had happened to Geralt. What was stopping fate from turning Ciri into a witcher as well? Nivellen told Geralt that for better or worse, Ciri was with him. Geralt worried that Ciri wouldn’t be able to accept who he truly was.

[00:41:00] Geralt threw his dagger at the painting. He hit the mark with ease and discovered that Nivellen had been cheating their entire game. Geralt asked Nivellen why he needed to cheat. Geralt knew that Nivellen was hiding something. He refused to tell Geralt and left to relieve himself. Nivellen told Geralt to get some sleep. Meanwhile, Ciri spoke to Vereena. Ciri assured her that they wouldn’t hurt her, that they were just staying for the night. As Ciri fell asleep, Vereena crawled out of her hole and stared at Ciri from the ceiling. Vereena crawled down from the ceiling to the floor and approached Ciri. Ciri was having another one of her nightmares. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she squirmed in her sleep.

[00:42:30] Vereena crawled up the bed and took a drop of Ciri’s tears. She licked the tear from her finger and approved of its taste. Ciri got up and saw Vereena at the foot of her bed. She asked who she was. Vereena introduced herself as a friend of Nivellen. She explained that Ciri had been having a nightmare and that she went to check up on her. Vereena asked Ciri if she liked the dress that she had left for her. Ciri had thought that Nivellen had left her the dress earlier. She told Vereena that she loved the dress and thanked her for it. Vereena spoke to Ciri through her mind as Ciri asked her what she is. Nivellen had told them that Vereena was a cat; however, she wasn’t. Vereena told Ciri that she was not a human; however, she was like them, one way or another.

[00:43:00] Vereena asked Ciri why she was traveling with Geralt. She knew that Geralt killed things. Ciri told Vereena that Geralt killed monsters. Ciri asked Vereena if she was a monster. Vereena didn’t answer; instead, she asked Ciri if she was a monster because she was different. Ciri responded that monsters did bad things to humans. Vereena told Ciri that humans did bad things to everybody. Ciri realized that Nivellen was hiding Vereena from Geralt. She knew that Nivellen loved Vereena. Vereena kissed Ciri’s hand. She told Ciri that she needed to remain a secret until they left. As Vereena kissed Ciri’s hand, she fell asleep.

[00:45:00] Geralt checked on Nivellen to see if he was asleep. Nivellen snored loudly in his sleep, so Geralt went to the village below to investigate. He immediately saw the frozen corpses of the merchant and his family. Geralt took out his sword and prepared for the worse. He investigated the corpses and found bloody footprints leading away from them. The footprints stopped and left only a few drops of blood before disappearing. Geralt knew that his enemy could fly. He returned to the house to wake Ciri up. He told Ciri that Roach was by the gate. Geralt wanted Ciri to ride for her life if anyone besides him tried to leave the house. Ciri couldn’t understand what Geralt was doing. Geralt told Ciri that there was a bruxa in the house. She reached for Geralt, but he had already drunk his elixir, turning his eyes pitch black.

[00:46:30] Geralt ordered Ciri to go down and prepare to leave. Ciri went down to Roach and prepared herself. Geralt roamed the halls looking for Vereena. Geralt heard Vereena inside Nivellen’s room. She was already eating Nivellen when she felt Geralt’s presence. Geralt barged through the door and tried to kill Vereena. She reacted and let out a loud wail that sent Geralt flying out the room. He couldn’t free himself as Vereena continued to wail, pinning Geralt to the wall. Vereena stopped her wail, but as soon as Geralt got to his feet, she was no longer there.

[00:48:00] Vereena crawled out of the room through the ceiling. Geralt saw the dusty prints that Vereena had left and decided to follow them. The prints stopped, and Geralt decided to stab through that part of the ceiling. Vereena screamed as blood dripped from the ceiling. She showed herself and attacked Geralt. Vereena almost bit Geralt’s neck off, forcing Geralt to use some of his magic abilities. He sent Vereena flying out of the house. She hit one of the garden statues, startling Ciri with the sudden noise. Ciri approached Vereena. She told Ciri that Geralt had hurt her. Geralt told Ciri to get back to Roach as Vereena was the bruxa he had been talking about. Vereena let out a loud wail to knock Geralt back. She slowly approached Ciri, telling her not to run. Vereena told Ciri that she couldn’t help herself if she decided to run.

[00:49:00] Vereena assured Ciri that she didn’t want to hurt her. Geralt saw an opportunity to attack while Vereena was talking to Ciri. Before he could hit, Vereena dodged the attack and tried to knock Geralt back. He blocked Vereena’s wail and countered, sending Vereena into the wall behind her. A heap of snow fell on Vereena momentarily blocking her from view. She changed into her true form and flew away. Ciri returned to Roach and untied him from the post. Geralt watched for Vereena’s return. He could hear her roars in the icy wind, but everything suddenly turned silent.

[00:50:00] Geralt anticipated Vereena’s attack. They exchanged a few blows, but Vereena decided to fly away again. After a few moments, Vereena returned, but Geralt knew which direction she was coming from. He managed to stab Vereena with his sword. She changed back to her human form as she hit another statue and fell to the ground. Ciri ran over to Vereena to cover her body. Ciri begged Geralt to spare Vereena, but he told Ciri to get away from Vereena. Vereena saw the opportunity and held Ciri hostage. She threatened to rip Ciri’s throat unless Geralt left. Geralt faked his attack, but before Vereena could launch an attack of her own, a spear went through her chest.

[00:51:30] Nivellen apologized to Vereena. He had impaled Vereena with a spear right in the middle of her chest. Vereena distorted her body to turn in Nivellen’s direction. She rotated her arms and head. Vereena slowly pulled on the spear to get closer to Nivellen continuously impaling herself in the process. Vereena told Nivellen that she loved him. This confused Nivellen to his core. He couldn’t let go of the spear. Vereena tried to bite Nivellen’s neck, but before she could, Geralt beheaded her. Vereena’s head rolled on the ground as Nivellen screamed at the sight of Vereena’s death. Before Vereena died, she looked at Ciri and told her telepathically that Geralt would one day kill her as well. Vereena’s message shocked Ciri as well.

[00:52:30] Vereena’s body burst into flames while Nivellen continued to scream. As the flames died, Nivellen returned to his human self. Vereena’s death had lifted the curse that the priestess had placed on him. Ciri asked Geralt why he had killed Vereena. Geralt told Nivellen that he was free as the curse was lifted. Nivellen told Geralt how he had found Vereena. She was starving and wounded in the forest; however, she wasn’t scared of how Nivellen looked. Nivellen took Vereena to his home, and she decided to stay after she healed. He chose to allow Vereena to feed on him so that she wouldn’t kill the villagers; however, she couldn’t control herself. Nivellen willingly turned his eyes away from what Vereena did to all the villagers.

[00:55:00] Nivellen did so because Vereena didn’t care about how he got his curse. He told them the truth. Nivellen hadn’t been cursed for destroying a temple; he was cursed because he had raped the priestess. The ugly truth had finally shown itself, much to Geralt and Ciri’s disappointment. Geralt decided to stay silent and just walk away. Nivellen begged Ciri to stay, but she also decided to leave. He begged Geralt to kill him, but Geralt responded that he could kill himself since he was already mortal. Nivellen sobbed at the doorsteps of his house. The magic that had accompanied his curse slowly faded away, leaving him with nothing but the ashes of Vereena’s remains.

[00:57:00] As the effect of Geralt’s elixir faded, he scolded Ciri for disobeying his orders before. He told Ciri that she should do as he says the next time they get into trouble. Ciri told Geralt that she understood and wouldn’t disobey him again. Ciri cried, telling Geralt that people died everywhere she went. She told Geralt that sometimes she felt that she could burn the whole world to the ground even though she didn’t want to. Ciri told Geralt that her destructive feelings placed great fear in her. Geralt responded that fear was an illness. If left untreated, it could consume anyone.

[00:58:00] Geralt told Ciri that facing her fears was a difficult journey. He assured Ciri that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. Meanwhile, Fringilla ordered her men to stop camping and continue onward to reach Cintra by first light. Yennefer told Fringilla that her men were on the verge of mutiny. Sooner or later they would turn against her, and she will be helpless to defend herself. Before Fringilla could respond, their camp was attacked by an unknown enemy. Spears flew in every direction, latching on to Fringilla’s men and pulling them back in the blink of an eye. Yennefer told Fringilla to release her from her bonds so that she could help her. The men scattered to defend themselves; however, they were defeated after the second wave of spears came in. Fringilla and Yennefer were left on their own, trying to figure out where the attacks were coming from.

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