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The Witcher Season 2 Episode 4 Recap – Redanian Intelligence


Published 6 days ago

[00:01:00] Geralt and Ciri were out hunting in the woods. The hunt doubled as training for Ciri. Geralt told Ciri that the trail would test her, and as long as she didn’t hesitate with her decisions, the trail would also protect her. Ciri and Geralt heard a noise in the forest. She hid while Geralt located the noise. Ciri determined the direction of the noise and tried to attack, but she stumbled and fell to the ground. Triss saw Ciri and approached her. She told Ciri that she was headed for Kaer Morhen. Ciri didn’t trust Triss, but she told her that she wouldn’t be there if she didn’t know the way. Triss healed Ciri’s injuries just as Geralt arrived. Ciri was surprised that Geralt knew Triss. Geralt carried a wild boar on his back and brought it back to the citadel.

[00:04:00] Everyone in Kaer Morhen knew Triss. They welcomed her as one of their own. Triss prepared herself for dinner while Ciri asked Geralt how he knew Triss. Meanwhile, Yennefer and Cahir were being hunted down by the brotherhood. Cahir told Yennefer to portal them to Cintra, but she couldn’t. A bunch of crows arrived and turned into flyers. The flyers showed a portrait of both Yennefer and Cahir. They were now wanted across the continent and were on the run for it. King Vizimir was visited by his advisors. They talked to him regarding the alliance of the northern kingdoms. One of his advisors offered Vizimir a drink. He was about to accept it when the advisor was killed. A mage named Dijkstra had arrived and thrown a dagger at the advisor’s throat. He took a goblet and filled it with wine.

[00:08:00] Dijkstra handed the goblet to the other advisor and told him to drink. The advisor hesitated but drank it. His mouth started to froth, and he died instantly. Dijkstra told King Vizimir that he just wanted to be sure. Vizimir couldn’t believe that his advisors had just tried to kill him. He had known one of them since he was a young boy. Dijkstra told Vizimir that the northern kingdoms had allied against Nilfgaard and the elves. He told Vizimir that they shouldn’t care about the alliance as they currently had an opportunity to take Cintra. Dijkstra told Vizimir that they couldn’t take Cintra when Queen Calanthe was still in charge; however, now that she was gone, it was theirs for the taking. Dijkstra told Vizimir that he would take care of everything. He saw an owl and nodded to it as if he knew someone was using it to watch them.

[00:10:00] Ciri enjoyed dinner with Triss, Lambert, Coen, Geralt, and Vesemir. She offered to show Triss around the citadel; however, Triss knew the place already. Vesemir told Ciri that he had invited Triss to Kaer Morhen when she had helped Geralt recover from his injuries. Geralt told Ciri that he had brought Triss back to Kaer Morhen to help guide her. Ciri asked Geralt if Triss’s role would be like what Mousesack did for her grandmother. Geralt confirmed that Triss would become her adviser. Geralt told Ciri that it was time for bed. She refused, so Coen suggested they play a few rounds of a slap to pass the time instead. Ciri bid everyone goodnight as Triss asked Geralt how he knew Ciri.

[00:12:00] Yennefer and Cahir were on the run. One of the soldiers recognized the two of them and tried to stop them. Yennefer managed to knock the soldier out. Cahir led the way into the sewers. He told Yennefer that they’re safer in the sewers than on the streets; however, a man attacked Cahir and put a dagger against his throat. Cahir managed to overpower the man and disarm him. They were elves. The man told another man to run for his life, but he refused. He stood his ground to help. Yennefer told him that they were not going to hurt them. The man revealed that they were on their way to the sandpiper. The sandpiper helped elves get to Cintra. Cahir told them that they would have a land of their own once they arrived in Cintra. The other man agreed with the offer, despite the other man’s disapproval.

[00:15:00] Without any choice, they took Yennefer and Cahir with them. They started walking down the sewers without realizing the dangers that lurked inside them. A monster swam across the murky waters trying to follow the sound of their voices. Meanwhile, Triss and Geralt talked about Ciri. Geralt told Triss that Ciri didn’t want to tell him anything about her. Geralt thought that Ciri was a mage; however, she didn’t exhibit any sign of chaos. He thought that Ciri had the ability of foresight because she had seen Geralt before the Battle of Sodden. Geralt showed Triss the monster that had attacked them in the forest. Triss took a piece of the monster’s skin and placed it inside a glass vial. She recited an incantation and placed the vial back in the centrifuge. Triss told Geralt that they would have a result by morning.

[00:19:00] Triss asked Geralt to stay with her for the night, but he refused. She tried to convince Geralt not to be alone, but he still refused and walked away. Back at the sewers, Yennefer and company were making their way out when the monster attacked. It dragged one of the elves underneath the water. The other elf refused to help and ran out of the sewer. Yennefer tried to help, but the monster nearly dragged her underneath as well. Cahir told Yennefer to use her magic, but she couldn’t. He and Yennefer managed to escape. Cahir learned that Yennefer had lost her magical abilities in the Battle of Sodden. The two of them argued about the white flame and their own beliefs; however, they placed their argument on hold. Yennefer spotted the elf who had abandoned them.

[00:26:00] They entered a pub where another elf told them that the sandpiper was the bard performing upstairs. Yennefer recognized the bard’s voice; it was none other than Jaskier. Meanwhile, Dijkstra was brainstorming a way to infiltrate Cintra with one of his spies. He spoke to his owl as if it knew how to respond. The owl told Dijkstra to send another elf into Cintra as a spy. He knew it was a great idea, but he needed an elf that wouldn’t raise any suspicion. Dijkstra had the perfect candidate. A guard opened a cell and pulled Dara out of it.

[00:29:00] Ciri came down for breakfast, looking fresh and prepared. Lambert and Coen ridiculed Ciri for dressing up and looking neat. She was offended and decided not to have breakfast. Triss defended Ciri and followed her to the lab. Geralt followed them to the lab, where they checked the result of Triss’s experiment. The contents of the vial didn’t glow, which meant that the monsters weren’t man-made. They did find traces of stellacite. Both the monster that attacked Ciri and Geralt and the remains of Eskel contains stellacite. Geralt knew that stellacite came from monoliths. Ciri couldn’t speak; Geralt and Triss knew that she wasn’t being truthful with them. They ask Ciri what she knew of the monolith. Ciri touched the stellacite and saw another vision. She passed out, and when she came back to her senses, they had already brought her up to her room.

[00:34:00] Ciri told Geralt and Triss about the monolith that she had toppled the day Cintra fell. She thought it was her fault that the monsters were running wild because of the monolith that she had destroyed. Geralt assured Ciri that he would investigate and fix things. Meanwhile, the pub stood empty, so Jaskier paid the bartender to stand guard. Yennefer took the opportunity to speak with Jaskier. She had heard the song he sang the night before and knew it was about Geralt. Jaskier tried to deny it at first, but he eventually confessed that the song was about Geralt. He didn’t like the way they had parted ways, and it left him with a broken heart. Yennefer skipped the chatter and asked Jaskier to help them reach Cintra. Jaskier responded that they would leave at nightfall, but until then, Yennefer and Cahir needed to take a bath because Jaskier couldn’t stand their smell.

[00:40:00] Triss bid Geralt farewell. She portaled Geralt straight into Istredd’s study. Istredd defended himself, but Geralt couldn’t speak as he was experiencing jet lag from the portal. He sat down before introducing himself to Istredd. Meanwhile, Jaskier led the refugees to the ship bound for Oxenfurt. One of the guards tried to check his papers, but he allowed him to leave when he realized that he was the legendary bard, Jaskier. The guard provided Jaskier with a few negative comments about his song, which he couldn’t accept. Instead of letting it go, Jaskier argued with the guard. Cahir grew impatient; he told Yennefer that they should act before all was lost. The elf that left them earlier felt guilty and sacrificed himself to the guards. He drew their attention so that everyone else could board the ship. The guards beat him to death.

[00:46:00] Vesemir visited what was left of Eskel’s remains. He went to the killer trail and found feainnewedd. He went back to the citadel and showed the flower to Triss, who confirmed that it was indeed feainnewedd. Triss didn’t understand how Vesemir had found feainnewedd as it only grew where Elder’s blood had been spilled. Vesemir told Triss that elder blood was one of the main ingredients in making witcher mutagen. Since the sacking of Kaer Morhen, no one had been able to make witcher mutagen. Vesemir told Triss that destiny had given them a gift, the key to making new witchers, Ciri.

[00:50:00] Jaskier led the refugees into the ship so that they could hide. Dara thanked Jaskier for helping them escape. He told Dara to do great things with his new opportunity. Jaskier asked Yennefer what had happened to her. She responded that she had lost her magic. Jaskier wanted to gloat; however, he knew to place himself in other people’s shoes. Jaskier bid Yennefer farewell; however, they heard him scream when he got off the ship. Yennefer went out of the storage area to check what had happened to Jaskier. All she found was his broken lute. Cahir called Yennefer and told her that they needed to save themselves.

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