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The Witcher Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – Dear Friend…


Published 4 months ago

The Witcher Season 2 Episode 6 Recap - Dear Friend...

[00:01:00] Ciri and Geralt left Kaer Morhen. She asked Geralt where they were going, but Geralt didn’t respond. Ciri told Geralt that Kaer Morhen was safer, but Geralt knew that Ciri only wanted to return to Kaer Morhen to turn herself into a witcher. Geralt told Ciri that she wanted to try and kill herself by becoming a witcher. If she succeeded, she was going to try and kill herself by getting revenge. Ciri felt that Geralt only cared about his duty and was not trying to help her achieve what she wanted. Geralt was about to respond when he heard something from the skies. He took Ciri and Roach to the shallowest part of the river so that they could cross. Geralt went out to the water to lure out their enemy.

[00:02:30] It was a chernobog as Geralt told Ciri. The beast attacked Geralt, but he managed to fend the dragon off. The dragon turned its attention to Ciri and Roach instead. Ciri fell off Roach, so Geralt told her to run for her life. Meanwhile, Triss woke up and immediately went to find Ciri and Geralt. Vesemir told her that they had already left for Neneke’s. Triss told Vesemir that the mutagen they had made from Ciri’s blood was more powerful than they thought. Vesemir wasn’t able to respond as he felt an immense power coming from his pendant. Vesemir knew there was an intruder in Kaer Morhen. Rience showed himself and immediately attacked the two of them. Vesemir and Triss did their best to fend Rience off, but he won the battle. Before Triss could fight back, Rience teleported out of Kaer Morhen.

[00:05:00] Geralt and Ciri went back to Roach. She was already dying as the chernobog had clawed her right thigh. The wounds were too deep to heal. Ciri asked Geralt what they could do for Roach. Geralt did the only thing he could. He took out his dagger and killed Roach to stop the pain. After putting down Roach, Ciri and Geralt prepared to face the chernobog. Ciri acted as bait and stood on top of a high rock. The chernobog spotted Ciri and attacked. Geralt told Ciri to hold her position and wait for the chernobog to come close enough. As the beast got close, Geralt attacked and killed it.

[00:08:00] Francesca and Fringilla took a walk through the fields of Cintra. Francesca told Fringilla that it was time she showed Cahir who was really in charge. Fringilla told Francesca that the white flame was in charge of Nilfgaard. Francesca responded that she was the one who had brought the elves to Cintra, which meant that she was the one in charge of her people. Cahir rode to the field to talk with Fringilla. He knew that Fringilla had made her decisions with the options given to her at the time. Cahir told Fringilla that it was time they focused on the real task at hand, finding Ciri. He told Fringilla that Ciri was spotted near Sodden. Dara was walking by at the time and overheard their conversation.

[00:11:00] Ciri apologized to Geralt for everything that had happened. He had lost Roach, and she felt that it was her fault. Geralt told Ciri that there was nothing to apologize for and he was proud of her because it was very courageous to act as bait. Ciri told Geralt about what had happened when Cahir and the men from Cintra had caught her. She had felt absolute fear when Cahir caught her; however, she fought back. Ciri told Geralt that she didn’t feel any fear against the men of Cintra. She knew that something would happen if she fought back. Ciri just screamed and let her powers take over. Ciri told Geralt that she had killed four men. Geralt jokingly responded that she had some catching up to do against his kills. Geralt pointed to some kind of structure up in the hills. He told Ciri that’s where they were going.

[00:13:00] Geralt and Ciri arrived, and he introduced Ciri to Neneke. She told Ciri that they could teach her the basic control of chaos. Ciri asked Neneke what chaos was. Neneke simply answered it was the feeling she couldn’t control. Neneke asked Ciri if she was ready to learn the truth. She explained that the knowledge she needed to learn, the truth, had been lost for so long. It was lost for a reason, so getting the knowledge back would be an uphill battle. Ciri knew that hiding from whatever lies were out there wouldn’t help her either, so she was ready to do whatever it took. Neneke introduced Ciri to her best student, Jarre. The boy took Ciri to the library while Neneke and Geralt did some catching up.

[00:16:30] Neneke told Geralt that he was screwed in every way possible. She knew that Ciri was the child of destiny. There were forces larger than them at play, not to mention all the kingdoms that wanted Ciri for themselves to gain a footing in Cintra. Neneke told Geralt that he needed to find what was missing in Ciri to restore balance in her life. Meanwhile, Filavandrel went to see Francesca. Since Cahir’s arrival, there had been a shift in power inside Cintra. He could feel the tension in the air. Everything had become vulnerable, including Fringilla. Francesca told Filavandrel that she was working on it. He offered his allegiance to her once again. Francesca responded that all she needed was for Filavandrel to stay by her side as her baby was the most important thing.

[00:19:30] Coen and the rest of the witchers asked Triss how Vesemir was doing. She told them that Vesemir was stable, although shaken by the attack of the fire mage. They also asked her what one of her fellow mages was doing at Kaer Morhen and what the guy had wanted with Vesemir. Triss told them that the fire mage wasn’t one of them as fire magic was forbidden within their ranks. Lambert and the rest of the witchers no longer cared about the details as Rience had left empty-handed. Triss realized something and ran towards the lab. Rience hadn’t left Kaer Morhen empty-handed; he had gotten the vial of witcher mutagen. He showed Lydia the vial of mutagen but refused to give it to her. Rience wanted to meet Lydia’s employer because he wanted to work with them.

[00:22:00] Istredd visited Codringher and Fenn’s legal services. He wanted information about Geralt, Ciri, and their connection to the monoliths. Istredd paid, and Fenn told Istredd about Cirilla of Cintra. Meanwhile, Jarre led Ciri to the orbuculum. It was like a ball and chain. Jarre didn’t know what the orbuculum was for because he was not a mage but a historian. Ciri knew Jarre wasn’t of any use to her, so she took the orbuculum and left Jarre. Yennefer saw Ciri and knew that she was the girl the witch had said to look for. She tried to find a way to get to Ciri without being seen, but she failed.

[00:28:00] Yennefer managed to find her way to Geralt’s room. Geralt thought it was Ciri who entered the room, but quickly he realized it was Yennefer. He turned around and stood up in relief. Yennefer couldn’t believe that she had found Geralt. Geralt didn’t care how they found each other; he just kissed Yennefer. Ciri walked into the room to show Geralt the orbuculum, but she saw the two of them kissing. Geralt introduced Yennefer, who realized that Ciri was Geralt’s child of surprise. Meanwhile, Filavandrel had continued training the elves in human warfare when Cahir decided to visit them. He asked to give the elves a demonstration, so Filavandrel told Dara to fight. Dara and Cahir engaged in a sparring match, but Cahir was too much for Dara. Cahir insulted all the elves, telling them that they fought like fairies.

[00:30:30] Filavandrel couldn’t allow Cahir to insult them like that, but he didn’t have any choice. Gage called on him as Francesca was about to give birth. Filavandrel left in a hurry as Cahir smiled at the elves and walked away. Meanwhile, Ciri, Geralt, and Yennefer enjoyed dinner as they caught up. After a quick talk, Ciri volunteered to go to bed so that Geralt and Yennefer could have their moment.

[00:33:00] Fringilla helped Francesca give birth. The baby elf wouldn’t cry, so Fringilla, panicked, wrapped the baby in her arms. After a few seconds, the baby finally started crying. She handed the baby to Francesca. Filavandrel asked Fringilla what she had done. Fringilla responded that she had only provided warmth to the baby. She left Francesca’s room and announced the good news to the elves outside her door. Fringilla told them that a baby elf had been born for the first time again. The elves rejoiced upon hearing the good news.

[00:36:00] Ciri couldn’t sleep, so she wandered the halls looking for something to do. She saw Neneke lighting up some candles. Neneke told Ciri that she lit up the candles so that people who come late at night might have some guidance. Neneke also lit the candles for the people she had lost but wanted to be remembered. Ciri joined Neneke and lit a candle for Roach and Mousesack. Neneke asked Ciri who Mousesack was. Ciri told Neneke that Mousesack had sacrificed his life for her. She just wished that anyone had told her what she was. Neneke pointed out that the people around her had chosen to stay silent to protect her.

[00:39:00] Neneke told Ciri that Queen Calanthe had hated the elves, but she may have done so to protect her as well. Ciri told Neneke that her grandmother had done a pretty bad job of protecting her. She asked Neneke how to use the orbuculum. Neneke didn’t tell Ciri; she needed to figure it out on her own. Neneke told Ciri that both she and Geralt believed in her; she could figure it out. At Cintra, Filavandrel and Francesca rejoiced over their newborn daughter. Cahir approached Fringilla to show her the letter from the White Flame. He told Fringilla that the White Flame would arrive at Cintra in a few days.

[00:41:00] Yennefer and Geralt continued to rekindle their old flame. She informed Geralt about Rience. Geralt told Yennefer that the fire mage was looking for Ciri. Geralt wanted to know what Yennefer was doing with Neneke. She responded with a comment about her wounds that refused to heal. Geralt asked Yennefer if she still wanted to have a child. Yennefer told Geralt that it was different this time. She didn’t tell Geralt that she had lost her magic. Istredd was coming close to finding the answers he was looking for. Codringher and Fenn translated an elven scroll that had been mistranslated in the textbooks. The book stated that the elves had built a weapon to destroy mankind. However, the scroll actually stated that the elves had created a warrior instead of a weapon. Codringher and Fenn told Istredd about Lara Dorren.

[00:45:00] Dara spoke to Dijkstra through his owl. Dara knew that Cahir and Fringilla were speaking about Ciri. He told Dijkstra that he had once met Ciri and lost her at the same time. Meanwhile, Ciri found a book covered in blood inside the library. She followed the blood trail and saw Jarre lying on the floor. She went over to see how he was doing and heard footsteps entering the room. Rience arrived with the Michelet brothers. Ciri tried to fend them off, but she was outnumbered. Rience uses his fire magic to contain Ciri. Geralt arrived just in time to save Ciri. He ordered Yennefer to leave with Ciri while he fought Rience and the Michelet brothers. Yennefer took Ciri and entered another room, but it was a dead end.

[00:48:00] Ciri asked Yennefer what to do as Rience tried to melt the steel door. Yennefer didn’t know what to do. Ciri began questioning how Geralt saw her as the greatest mage ever. Yennefer told Ciri that it was complicated. Yennefer saw the orbuculum light up. She knew that it was detecting magic; however, she didn’t have any, so the magic had to belong to Ciri. She told Ciri the incantation for a portal. Ciri did her best and was able to conjure a portal. Geralt finally killed all of the Michelet brothers. He threw a sword at Rience, but Rience teleported away before it hit him. Geralt saw Yennefer leaving through a portal. He told Yennefer to stop, but she responded that she couldn’t. Yennefer went through the portal and left with Ciri.

[00:51:00] Yennefer and Ciri appeared in an abandoned room. Ciri recognized the place. Meanwhile, Triss told Vesemir that the mutagen vial was taken by the fire mage. She kissed his hand and bid him farewell because she needed to leave Kaer Morhen. Meanwhile, Codringher and Fenn read the prophecy of Queen Calanthe’s elven bloodline. They came to the assumption that Queen Calanthe hid her bloodline because she knew the risks it carried.

[00:52:30] Triss portaled herself into Tissaia’s room. Triss told Tissaia that she was loyal to her. Triss told Tissaia that Ciri’s blood could destroy the world. If Ciri fell into the wrong hands, it would be the end of the world.

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