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The Witcher Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – Voleth Meir


Published 4 months ago

The Witcher Season 2 Episode 7 Recap - Voleth Meir

[00:01:00] Neneke tended to Geralt’s wounds and tried to stop him from following Ciri and Yennefer. Geralt told Neneke that he had sworn to protect Ciri. Geralt refused to sit back and wait for the inevitable. Neneke couldn’t stop Geralt, so she decided to help him instead. Geralt asked Neneke to open a portal for him. Meanwhile, Yennefer and Ciri arrived at the house where Geralt had found her. Ciri told Yennefer the importance of the house to her. She told Yennefer that the people there had taken her in when no one would. Ciri wondered where they were. Yennefer thought they had left, but Ciri found their corpses in the next room. They were burned to a crisp. Ciri cried because she thought it was her fault that they died. No one knew that she was still alive. Ciri thought Rience worked for Nilfgaard.

[00:04:00] Ciri was worried about Geralt. Yennefer told Ciri that if Geralt was captured, he would be brought to the nearest outpost of Nilfgaard, Cintra. Ciri wanted to embark for Cintra immediately, but she remembered Geralt’s teachings. Yennefer was amazed that Ciri wanted to go to Cintra despite what awaited her. The witch continued to whisper at Yennefer to bring Ciri to Cintra. Back in Aretuza, Tissaia woke up and decided to look at the ocean. Vilgefortz woke up and tried to call Tissaia back to bed. He noticed that something was wrong with Tissaia, so he got out of bed and approached her. Tissaia was worried that their new responsibilities for the brotherhood would be a burden for Vilgefortz. He didn’t care because he loved Tissaia and considered her a partner. Tissaia told Vilgefortz that Dijkstra was visiting them from Redania.

[00:07:00] Meanwhile, the chain of command in Cintra was falling apart. The generals thought that the increasing number of elves would cause more problems than solutions. Fringilla told them that she would handle it, but they didn’t believe she could. Cahir told Fringilla that she should let him take care of disciplining the elves so that things didn’t get out of hand in the eyes of the other generals. Things were already about to get out of hand. One of the generals had caught an elf trying to enter the city illegally. The elf told the general that she was merely looking for food and tried to get into Cintra. He accuses the elf of being a spy. She begged mercy from Fringilla as the general asked Cahir if he wants to hang the elf or not. Since Cahir was having trouble responding, the general decided for himself and hanged the elf.

[00:09:30] Dara is passing by when the events broke out, and he saw the elf mercilessly hanged. Meanwhile, Jaskier was rotting in a cell for trying to help Yennefer. He continuously sang to pass the time which annoyed the guard on duty. The guard threatened to cut out his tongue should Jaskier sing another word, but that didn’t stop him. The guard decided to just leave, but as he was leaving, Geralt appeared and knocked him out. Jaskier got up to speak with the guard but couldn’t say anything at the sight of Geralt. He hugged Geralt immediately. Jaskier wanted to make sure that Geralt was sure that he wanted his company because they had parted ways very sourly the last time they were together. Geralt told Jaskier that he needed his help. Jaskier agreed and went with Geralt.

[00:13:00] Yennefer and Ciri rode to Cintra. Yennefer told Ciri that the horses would not be of any use to them dead. Ciri responded that the longer they took to reach Cintra, the more she worried about Geralt’s safety. She considered Geralt to be the father that she had never had, which was why she was hell-bent on saving Geralt. Yennefer knew the feeling of cherishing Geralt since she cherished him as more than a friend. Yennefer agreed to speed up their ride, and they raced off. Fringilla visited Francesca’s room where she and Filavandrel were drooling over the newborn elf. Fringilla told Filavandrel that his warriors had failed to show up to training that same morning. Filavandrel responded that a lot of the elves had had a change of heart since a new elf was born. Filavandrel told Fringilla that they needed to add to their race, not die in someone else’s war.

[00:15:00] Fringilla angrily responded that Nilfgaard’s war was also their war. Francesca stopped their argument and asked Filavandrel to speak with Fringilla privately. Fringilla told Francesca that their agreement would remain intact as long as both of them kept their sides of the bargain, but Francesca refused. She wanted to keep peace within the elves so that they could rebuild their race. Francesca’s response didn’t bode well with Fringilla. She got up from Francesca’s bed and left. Meanwhile, Dijkstra arrived in Aretuza to bring them news of the newborn elf. Artorius and Stregobor considered the baby an immediate threat while Vilgefortz and Tissaia wanted to hear what Dijkstra had to say. Dijkstra tried to change the topic from the elven baby to Triss’s return to Aretuza. Tissaia told everyone that Triss had returned because she fell ill in Temeria. She didn’t tell them the true reason that Triss had returned.

[00:17:30] Dijkstra left Aretuza after realizing he wasn’t welcome there. Meanwhile, Rience went to Lydia to meet her master; however, he wasn’t there. Lydia tells Rience that her master loved theatrics and distraction, which was why nothing was certain when it came to date and time. Rience grew impatient, so he took Lydia up on her offer to test the witcher mutagen. Lydia took a few drops and rubbed them on her palm. She smelled the mutagen, but direct contact on her face burned her immediately. Lydia screamed in agony as her face continued to burn.

[00:20:00] Geralt and Jaskier reached a river, so Jaskier decided to take a bath. Geralt wanted to know what Yennefer was doing in Oxenfurt. Jaskier responded that Yennefer had saved his life even though she had lost her powers. Jaskier thought it through and thought Yennefer was just lying when she had told him that she lost her powers. He remembered that Yennefer had escaped the whore’s house before he could rescue her, which meant she hadn’t lost her powers. Jaskier told Geralt about the incantation that Yennefer had used to disappear. Geralt knew the incantation led to the deathless mother, Voleth Meir. Geralt told Jaskier that the first witchers were hired to imprison Voleth. The witchers had imprisoned Voleth inside her hut deep in the forest. Jaskier thought Yennefer had opened the door, but Geralt didn’t believe she was capable of doing so. Jaskier suggested that Yennefer would trade Ciri to get her magic back.

[00:22:00] Geralt knows the Voleth Meir is a demon that fed on pain. He knew they need to go to Cintra. Before Jaskier could pick up his shirt, a small ax flew in his direction and landed on the shirt. Geralt and Jaskier went back up the river to see who their visitor was. It was the dwarf, Yarpen Zigrin. Geralt asked why Yarpen wasn’t in Caingorn being a lord of a vassal state. Yarpen responded that being a lord wasn’t suited for him. Geralt asked Yarpen for a favor. He needed a horse to ride for Cintra; however, he didn’t have any money to pay him for it. Yarpen wouldn’t have helped Geralt, but they were on the trail, and no one refused help on the trail. He wanted to know what Geralt needed to do in Cintra, but he refused to tell Yarpen.

[00:24:00] Yarpen decided to accompany Geralt to Cintra for an adventure. Meanwhile, Yennefer and Ciri were nearly in Cintra. However, the bridge to cross the river was destroyed. There was another crossing, but they would lose half a day, and Ciri couldn’t afford to leave Geralt in danger that long. Yennefer thought it was time for lesson number two in chaos control. She wanted Ciri to use her powers so that they could cross the bridge. Yennefer recited the incantation so that Ciri could repeat it. The footbridge slowly raised from the riverbed. Ciri did her best, but Yennefer knew that raising the bridge was too much for her. Ciri didn’t want to give up, so she continued saying the incantation despite blood running down from her eyes. Ciri didn’t want to stop, so Yennefer forcefully stopped her.

[00:27:00] Ciri was so angry that she couldn’t repair the bridge that she managed to unleash her power and teleport them to the other side of the river. She apologized to Yennefer for what had happened. She didn’t understand how they had gotten to the other side of the river. Yennefer told Ciri to never apologize when she had that kind of power. Meanwhile, Tissaia went over to Triss to talk. Tissaia told Triss that she had seen Ciri with Geralt after the battle of Sodden. They were looking for Yennefer. Tissaia didn’t know who Ciri was at the time, but now everything made sense to her. Tissaia asked Triss if anyone else knew about Ciri’s powers. Triss responds that only Tissaia knew of the power as well as the other witchers in Kaer Morhen.

[00:29:00] Vilgefortz entered the room and immediately confronted Triss about Ciri. He asked Triss to tell him everything she knew about Ciri. Tissaia tried to make Vilgefortz leave, but she couldn’t. Triss couldn’t believe that Tissaia had told Vilgefortz about Ciri when she specifically told her not to tell anyone. Triss left the room without telling Vilgefortz anything. She looked disappointedly at Tissaia for telling Vilgefortz their secret. Tissaia confronted Vilgefortz after Triss left. She told him that Triss wasn’t ready to tell him anything. Vilgefortz didn’t have time to play games with Tissaia. He pointed out that Ciri had the power to end all wars forever. Vilgefortz knew that if Ciri fell into the wrong hands, they would be facing dire consequences. Tissaia didn’t care about the consequences. She had promised Triss that none of her mages would be placed at unnecessary risks again.

[00:30:00] Vilgefortz shouted at Tissaia, telling her that he wouldn’t ask her to put her mages at risk if it wasn’t necessary. Tissaia was shocked at Vilgefortz’s reaction. She decided to step back, so Vilgefortz knew that their discussion was over. Vilgefortz told Tissaia that he had always considered her his loyal partner and most trusted confidante. He wished to prove to Tissaia that he could also be like that for her. Meanwhile, Fringilla visited Artorius to ask for help. She told Artorius about the sudden change of heart by the elves. Fringilla feared her life was at risk because her plans had backfired. Artorius told Fringilla that she should be prepared to apologize to the brotherhood for attacking them at Sodden and for all the grievances that she had brought them.

[00:33:00] Dara had also had a change of heart. He turned on Dijkstra and wanted to focus on providing elves hope. Seeing the elves celebrate with Francesca and her newborn baby had given everyone new hope, including Dara. He no longer wanted to concern himself with Redania, Cintra, or Cirilla. He wanted Dijkstra’s owl to tell his master that he was done being a spy for him. The generals of Nilfgaard were discussing while Fringilla was away. They knew that the elves wouldn’t obey them. One of the generals told Cahir that Fringilla should be beheaded once the White Flame arrived. Cahir was disappointed in his generals. They should be fighting on the same side while looking for Ciri. The general responded that they would continue looking for Ciri once they had unloaded Fringilla’s dead weight.

[00:35:00] All the generals drank and ate except for Cahir. He had finally decided to drink and suddenly froze after gulping a cup of mead. Fringilla revealed herself and told them about the nightshade-infused mead that she had prepared for them. Everyone was paralyzed from the head down. They could only breathe and move their eyes as Fringilla approached them one by one. She took their knives and started killing them. Fringilla stabbed two in the head, one in the eye, and slashed the last general’s throat. She went to Cahir to kill him; however, she needed him to deliver a message to the White Flame. Fringilla wanted Cahir to clear her name to Emhyr once the White Flame arrived in Cintra. After their conversation, Fringilla left Cintra for good. Voleth Meir gained power for what Fringilla had done to her enemies. She rejoiced as the power entered her body.

[00:38:00] Dijkstra informed King Vizimir that Dara had had a change of heart. He assured Vizimir that they had all the information they needed from Dara. He only needed to marry Ciri to have a legal claim of Cintra and become the most powerful kingdom on the continent. Vizimir told Dijkstra that he didn’t get paid to pile up their problems. Dijkstra told Vizimir that they’re not piling up on problems, merely bedlam. Dijkstra assured Vizimir that he had many players on the field and didn’t need to worry about losing Dara. Meanwhile, Geralt and Jaskier continue their journey to Cintra. Jaskier wanted to clear things up with Geralt. He was confused why Geralt was so interested in Ciri when he didn’t care for her at all the last time they were together.

[00:40:00] Geralt admitted that he had thought of avoiding Ciri’s existence all this time, but that wouldn’t have changed anything. Geralt knew he was bound to Ciri’s existence, which meant he needed to protect her from harm. Jaskier asked what Geralt planned to do with Yennefer. He told Jaskier that he might kill Yennefer if she hurt Ciri in any way. Jaskier was delighted to hear about killing Yennefer; he told Geralt that they needed to kill Yennefer no matter what. Meanwhile, Yennefer and Ciri reached the outskirts of Cintra. They were near the fallen monolith as Voleth Meir kept whispering to Yennefer to bring Ciri to the door. Yennefer spoke to Ciri’s mind. She apologized for what she had done. She didn’t know Ciri at first nor what she meant to Geralt. Ciri couldn’t believe that Yennefer had betrayed her. She marched towards Cintra when Yennefer told her that Geralt wasn’t in Cintra.

[00:44:30] Ciri blamed Yennefer and thought she was working with the Rience. Yennefer wanted to make it up to Ciri and told her to go back with her. Ciri no longer trusted Yennefer, so she didn’t want to go back with her. In her anger, Ciri opened up another gorge; this time, it was headed straight for Cintra. The guards saw what had happened and mounted an attack against them. Ciri tried to fend the Nilfgaardians off, but they managed to capture her. Yennefer did her best to defend herself against the guards, but without her magic, she too was captured. Geralt and the rest of the team arrived in the nick of time. Geralt killed the guard Yennefer was fighting and proceeded to help Ciri. Yarpen and his band of dwarves helped out with the other guards.

[00:46:30] After the fight, Geralt asked Yennefer what made her do it. Yennefer could only apologize for her actions. Geralt told Ciri to go with Yarpen and his team. They needed to head back to Kaer Morhen. Geralt assured Ciri that he’d meet her at Kaer Morhen. Ciri refused to leave with Yarpen and his team, but Geralt insisted. He told Ciri that he needed to fight a monster before he could get back to Kaer Morhen. Geralt forced Yennefer to say the incantation so that they could enter Voleth’s hut. Later that evening, Francesca’s baby died at the hands of a hooded figure. Francesca woke up to find her daughter dead. Filavandrel held the bloody baby in his hands as he, too, mourned her death. The death of the baby brought more power to Voleth Meir. She could now make her hut stand on its two feet.

[00:49:30] Geralt and Yennefer arrived at the hut and found that Voleth was no longer there. He knew that Voleth had already had her fill of pain and desperation, which meant she was in full power. Voleth started hunting Ciri down. She managed to catch up with her and hide inside Ciri’s body.

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