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The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

BY Angela

Published 8 months ago

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Rex sees a family picture and asks Anna when her husband will be home. Anna lies and tells him he’ll be home anytime soon. The man forces Anna to text him and tell him she needs him to buy bread from the store to buy time. The man asks Anna what she’s got going on with Chastity and accuses her of trying to cut him out. He tells her it couldn’t be a coincidence that she lives across the street and sent him a follow request. He tells Anna that Chastity is Lisa. She tells him Lisa is dead, but he tells her it’s impossible—she just texted him.

They see police lights flashing and see police coming towards Anna’s house. Rex hides in the pantry and tells Anna not to tell the police about him. Detective Lane comes inside with Officer Walters and asks for a cup of coffee. They then give her a restraining order Neil had filed.

After the police leaves, Anna tells Rex she saw Chastity by the window with her throat slit two nights ago. Rex tells her they were supposed to meet that night, but she never showed. Rex says it’s a little too convenient for Anna to see the whole thing through the window, and Chastity must have faked her death so that she can keep all the money to herself. Confused, Anna pries for more information. She learns about Chastity’s modus: to get into a relationship with wealthy widowers she finds through the obituary and asks them for money to sponsor her brother’s operation, where Rex pretends to be the brother. He reveals they plan to do the same with Neil, but it’s a bit more complicated because he has a daughter.

Their conversation comes to a top when Douglas shows up outside with the bread Anna had asked of him. Rex panics, but Anna tells him he won’t come in because they’re divorced. Douglas is worried about Anna, but she tells him she’s fine; she asked for bread out of old habits. As Douglas walks away, Anna sees a woman in his car.

Going back inside, Anna sees Rex holding Elizabeth’s unicorn toy. Rex explains he heard something, so he came upstairs and noticed Elizabeth’s room. Elizabeth collected the toys; she wanted a turtle, but they could never find it. Rex tells her he bets Anna was a great mom. Anna tells him she doesn’t know about it as she remembers it was her who insisted Douglas should bring Elizabeth with him to work the day she died, bringing her to tears. She asks Rex to leave.

Anna leads Rex to the door, and while pushing him away, Rex holds her and tells her he’s sorry, stopping Anna in her tracks. They kiss, then she tells him she hasn’t been touched in a long time. They kiss and strip with the front door open. Carol sees them but doesn’t interfere. They close the door and make love through the night in different parts of the house.

Meanwhile, a dog howls after finding Lisa’s body, her dismembered hand nearby.

Our Thoughts

Woah, so Lisa is truly dead. Maybe she died recently, explaining the text messages she sent to Rex and Neil. But in this episode, we finally find out Lisa is a con, and she isn’t someone good—that doesn’t mean she deserves to die, though. We’re sad for Anna because we know Douglas is moving on, but Anna finally got her share of steam when Rex came into the picture. So, maybe they can call it quits?

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