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Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – Ephesians 6:11


Published 7 months ago

Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - Ephesians 6:11

[00:00:30] Ava wakes up to the sound of Lilith and Beatrice talking about her. Lilith wants to remove the halo from Ava, but Beatrice disagrees. She tells Lilith that removing the halo could kill her, but Lilith doesn’t care. A confused and frightened Ava wakes up, and the halo reacts to her emotions. The halo causes Ava to levitate even while cuffed to the bed, and with the halo’s power, she frees herself. Beatrice tells Ava to calm down, but she couldn’t. The halo reacts to Ava’s emotion again and sets off a large blast as a defensive mechanism. The shockwave sends Lilith and Beatrice flying. Ava runs in the other direction and hits her head on the wall. Ava wakes up and sees Father Vincent trying to talk to her. Vincent offers to speak with Ava to get the answers she’s looking for.

[00:02:00] Father Vincent tells Ava the story of Areala of Cordoba. Like Ava, Areala was orphaned at a very young age. She didn’t have any purpose until she found God. Areala decided to fight for God until she’s killed in battle one day. God doesn’t plan for Ava to die, so the Angel Adriel went down from the heavens and gave his halo to save her. That was the start of their group, The Order of the Cruciform Sword. Father Vincent tells Ava they are a group of devout women tasked with keeping the ancient evil at bay. Ava is confused, and she’s not ready for any sort of commitment. Father Vincent tells her she can’t leave the monastery because she’s a danger to herself and others.

[00:08:00] Father Vincent tells Ava to stay to train to become the next warrior nun. Ava doesn’t want to stay, but she doesn’t have any choice. Removing the halo may cause her death, so she must take the alternative route. Ava looks around as the nuns are in constant training. Meanwhile, Mary took the man to a cliffside to interrogate him. The man responds he knows nothing about the contents of the package or why it was rigged to explode. The man adds that if Shannon is the only casualty among the nuns, she may be the real target. Mary returns the man’s gun to him. She turns around and starts walking away, but Mary knows better: the man tries to kill her, so she turns around and shoots the man.

[00:12:00] Cardinal Duretti goes to the Order to tell Father Vincent what happened. He thinks Kristian betrayed the church and told Dr. Salvius their secrets. Duretti thinks Salvius has something to do about the death of Shannon, but they don’t. Kristian doesn’t even know the Order of the Cruciform sword even exists until the night they went to Arq-Tech. Dr. Salvius wants to find Ava to learn about her connection to the Divinium Shield. They saw the shield reacting to Ava the moment she entered the lab. Father Vincent tells the cardinal that Ava is currently undergoing training within the Order. Cardinal Duretti gives Father Vincent one chance for both him and Ava. If they fail, Lilith gets the halo, which may kill Ava.

[00:14:00] A woman with a scar on her face appears. She introduces herself as Mother Superion. She tells Ava the halo grants the user different kinds of abilities. Each warrior nun possesses a unique ability the previous nuns may or may not have gained. Lilith arrives to engage Ava in a sparring session, so the Mother Superion could judge her physical and emotional skills. After a few hits, Mother Superion tells Ava to fight back. She does her best, but somehow the halo helps her. Lilith’s hits just go through Ava’s body, making her upper body impervious to physical attacks. The handicap pisses Lilith off, along with Ava’s free spirit attitude. Lilith snaps and tries to hit Ava in the face, but Mother Superion stops her.

[00:20:00] Ava goes to dinner that evening, but none of the other nuns want to sit beside her. She doesn’t have any choice, so she approaches a familiar face in Beatrice. She tells Ava the halo had a previous bearer who was close with everyone—Shannon. Ava knows she’s nothing like Shannon, and she couldn’t live up to her name, but Beatrice tells her she doesn’t have to. Ava adds she’s also not a nun, so she thinks she couldn’t be the next halo-bearer. Mother Superion and Father Vincent watch as Ava continues to talk with Beatrice over dinner. She tells Vincent that Ava is not fit to become the next halo-bearer. Vincent responds it’s not in their hands to make that decision—only Ava can decide if she’s fit or not.

[00:22:00] Mother Superion warns Father Vincent she won’t go easy on her. Vincent responds to keep a certain level of sensitivity to Ava’s situation. Father Vincent continues Ava’s training by allowing her to read the history of the OCS. Ava still doesn’t want to accept her fate, but Father Vincent reasons with her. He asks for patience, so they can both see where fate takes them. For Vincent, God gave Ava a second chance, so she could either take it or not. Ava accepts the deal on one condition, Father Vincent needs to stop Camila from following her. She tells Vincent she already noticed Camila following her wherever she went. Father Vincent accepts the deal and calls Camila off.

[00:25:00] JC and his friends found a new place to crash. They enter the beach house and are surprised to see Dr. Salvius having breakfast inside. They try to run, but the guards have already surrounded them. Salvius tells them she’s looking for their friend. Chanel accidentally tells her Ava’s name. JC tells her Ava isn’t part of their group, and they just met her a few days ago. Salvius gives them her number and tells them to contact her as soon as Ava contacts them. Meanwhile, Ava goes to see Lilith for weapons training. She sees a Divinium Sword for the first time. The sword starts to glow as soon as she enters the room. Lilith tells Ava that Divinium reacts to the halo-bearer when they get near it.

[00:28:30] Lilith provides a little demonstration for Ava. She takes the sword and slits Ava’s right bicep. All of a sudden, they hear a demon growling in the distance. Lilith throws the Divinium Sword towards Ava, but she panics. Lilith asks Ava how many demons she sees, but Ava doesn’t plan to coordinate with Lilith. She runs as fast as she can towards the wall, passing through it. But she gets her leg stuck inside the wall as she passes through it. Lilith goes to the other room, where Ava is trying to get her leg out. Mother Superion is also in the room; Lilith reveals it was a test. The demon she heard growling earlier was just a sound playing through a speaker. Mother Superion tells Ava trust is everything at the OCS—the warrior nun cannot just abandon anyone.

[00:30:30] Mother Superion knows Ava isn’t cut out to be a warrior nun. She berates her with insults and talks down on her. Mother Superion reveals Ava killed herself. She defends herself and tells her it wasn’t what happened. Mother Superion doesn’t believe Ava and continues talking down on her. She tells Ava she was aging out of the orphanage, and with her handicap, she knew she wouldn’t survive the real world, so she decided to kill herself. Ava insists she didn’t kill herself, but Mother Superion doesn’t listen to her. Luckily, Father Vincent arrives to stop their argument. He calls Mother Superion to talk outside while Beatrice consoles Ava.

[00:33:00] Father Vincent tells Mother Superion to respect Ava’s situation. Mother Superion responds she needs to face her issues now, or it will endanger the other nuns when they go out on a mission. She tells Father Vincent that Ava doesn’t deserve to become a warrior nun. She adds Ava is a sinner because she committed suicide. Father Vincent responds she committed suicide, and yet she’s not dead. God gives her a second chance, but it seems Mother Superion doesn’t see it that way. Mother Superion tells Father Vincent she’s committed to helping out her fellow nuns but not Ava.

[00:35:00] That night, Ava tells Beatrice she didn’t kill herself. Beatrice believes Ava and asks her if she remembers anything that night. Ava recalls it was just like any other night; she was watching television, and then she fell asleep. Beatrice tells Ava about her past: how her parents were politicians who shipped her off to Catholic boarding school, and the rest was history. Somehow Ava makes a friend in Beatrice. The next day, Beatrice introduces her to Camila. Father Vincent talks to Mary, asking where she’s been. Mary doesn’t tell Vincent, but he asks Mary for a bit of transparency when their roads intersect with their duties.

[00:40:00] Ava roams the monastery checking out the tapestry and the monastery’s history. She goes to Father Vincent’s office, where he is talking with Mary. She tells Vincent someone assassinated Shannon for a reason. It was the only logical reason Mary was able to find. Ava enters the office; Mary introduces herself and leaves. Father Vincent asks Mary to inform him as soon as she finds more information on Shannon’s killer. Vincent and Ava continue their history lesson. Ava reads that the Tarask mortally wounds Areala, so she calls for the next bearer. One of the nuns interrupted the lesson, calling Father Vincent for some paperwork. As Father Vincent talks with the nun, Ava decides to leave. She left a note along with her vest; the note reads: “I want to live.”

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