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The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

BY Angela

Published 7 months ago

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Anna runs after Buell even though she knows it’s raining. Douglas hears Anna scream, so he decides to go to her house. Anna collapses in the middle of the street again, but the memory of Elizabeth screaming brings her back to reality. She wakes up and conquers her fear of the rain—crawling until she reaches Neil’s front door.

She sees Buell lying in a pool of blood, holding some letters. He has a stab wound on his neck. He tells Anna some of Neil’s letters got to her mailbox, so he tries to give them to Neil. Anna realizes he’s not the killer and suspects Neil.

Emma screams. She protects Emma as Anna thinks Neil is after her, but she eventually sees him dead with his throat slit. She looks at Emma, who is holding a blood-stained knife. Emma tells her people always underestimate children, and she is surprised herself because she didn’t know she was capable of murder. “You killed Lisa,” Anna realizes. Emma casually narrates why she killed Lisa: she won’t buy her chocolates. “How could you do something like that?” Anna asks her. “I didn’t do it. You did,” Emma sarcastically replies—the murder weapon has Anna’s fingerprints on it.

As it turns out, the second time Emma went to Anna’s house to sell chocolates, she stole Anna’s palette knife while she was getting her checkbook. Anna asks Emma why her dad didn’t hear anything when she killed Lisa. Emma replies her dad was rehearsing his ventriloquist act in the bathroom with the water running, so no one could hear him. “His act sucks, which is why I killed him,” Emma adds.

“You’re a monster,” Anna tells her. But Emma quickly replies her mother was the monster. She says she killed her mother because she wanted to be an only child, but her mother got pregnant without asking if she wanted a sibling. She tells Anna she made it possible for her mother to drown—she even watched her mother drown. “You’re not going to get away with this,” Anna tells Emma. “Oh, yes, I will,” Emma replies. Only Anna knows the truth, so she’s also going to kill her. Emma attacks Anna—they fight against each other until Emma finds her father’s gun. She shoots Anna’s shoulder, but she still manages to come at Emma. She fights with her until Emma smashes the casserole on Anna’s head.

Thinking she already killed Anna, Emma calls 911. She tells the dispatcher that in self-defense, she might have killed her crazy neighbor who killed her daddy. Anna moves; Emma realizes she’s not dead yet.

Douglas arrives and sees Anna’s phone on the street. He sees Neil’s front door open, so he goes in.

Emma points a knife at Anna while telling her she tried to warn her. It turns out Emma was the one who wrote “STOP OR U R NEXT” on Anna’s rear car window. She also tells Anna her casserole tastes like shit. But before Emma can stab her, Anna immediately thrusts a piece of her broken casserole dish into Emma’s chest. Douglas comes and sees this. He tells Anna everything is going to be okay.

Anna is alone in the hospital when Detective Lane walks in with flowers. She asks Anna how she’s doing. Anna tells her she feels like she was hit by a Mack Truck driven by a nine-year-old. Detective Lane apologizes because Anna was right about all of it. Douglas comes with flowers too. The detective tells Anna she’s lucky Douglas showed up when he did because Anna could have been charged for the murder of Neil and Emma.

Anna remembers Buell and thinks he’s dead. Douglas tells her Buell made it, and he’s in intensive care. Before Detective Lane leaves, she asks Anna to call her Becky. Douglas asks her how she’s feeling. She repeats: she feels like she was hit by a Mack Truck driven by a nine-year-old. Douglas apologizes to her because he kept telling her old houses creak when she told him she heard noises. He apologizes for giving her a 50-gram dose of class-four psychotropic when he could have just given her Wellbutrin or Zoloft.

Carol comes in with flowers too and asks Anna how she’s feeling. Anna tells her the same: she feels like she was hit by a Mack Truck driven by a nine-year-old. Carol apologizes for not believing her and judging her.

After a while, Anna gets discharged. She slices yet another chicken casserole, so she can give some to Buell, who’s in her attic. Buell apologizes for not telling her he was living up there.

In an art exhibit, Anna excuses herself from the guy she was talking to when she sees Sloane place a SOLD sign on Anna’s flower painting. Sloane tells Anna she’s so proud of her. Sloane gets a call from her potential employer in New York, but she does not answer. She tells Anna they made an offer, but she will decline as she did before. Anna tells her she should take the job now—she’s not going to let Sloane take care of her again and lose a good opportunity. Sloane makes Anna promise to visit her in New York.

Anna sees Douglas from a distance, but her smile fades when she sees he came with another woman. She decides to leave, but Douglas stops her to say hello. Anna tells him she’s not feeling a hundred percent yet, so she needs to go. He tells Anna her painting is stunning, then introduces her to Claire, the woman he’s with, the same woman she saw in his car when he brought the bread, and the same woman from her nightmare. Anna asks how they met, so Douglas tells her she was just assigned to him. Anna realizes they are just working together, nothing romantic.

Douglas walks Anna to her car and tells her she needs to help him figure out where to hang the painting. Anna smiles when she realizes it was him who bought her painting. The rain starts to pour. Douglas hurries to bring Anna inside, but Anna tells him she’s okay. She dances in the rain, and they end up kissing.

A year later, Anna is about to board a flight to New York to visit Sloane. She talks to Douglas on the phone, giving final instructions about their baby. Douglas tells her not to worry; he has done it before.

Anna boards the plane and drinks Xanax with vodka. A woman walks up to her and tells her she’s in the wrong seat. Anna moves over and lets the woman have seat 2A. She tries to make small talk with the woman asking her what takes her to New York. The woman answers, disinterested while checking herself in a pocket mirror, “Business.”

Anna wakes up and sees she’s downed three bottles of vodka. She goes to the lavatory and sees the woman dead. She gets the attention of a flight attendant and tells him there is a dead woman in the lavatory. When they get to the lavatory, no one is there. The flight attendant tells Anna to go back to her seat, but she insists she saw the woman in seat 2A dead in the lavatory. The flight attendant tells her no one sat in 2A.

Anna is convinced she sees things again until she notices the pocket mirror the woman used earlier left on the seat. She gets it and says, “Bingo.”

Our Thoughts

Oh, what did we just watch? Poor Buell, we thought he was really the killer. Emma being the real killer was something we completely didn’t expect. Well, maybe she’s right—we, adults, always underestimate children. Still, we can’t get over it. With everything we’ve seen in this season, we honestly can’t say we’re looking forward to watching another season of this convoluted story. We know this is supposed to be a funny-not funny story, it’s a parody after all, but yeah, the only thing we liked was Kristen Bell and the crazy long title.

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