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Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – Matthew 7:13


Published 7 months ago

Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 5 Recap - Matthew 7:13

[00:00:30] Lilith hits Ava with the Divinium Sword. She knows she won, but Lilith doesn’t expect Mary to interfere. Mary doesn’t want Lilith to rip the halo out of Ava, so they battle it out while Ava escapes. The two realize Ava has escaped, so they chase after her. Ava goes back to the port and thinks JC abandoned her. JC approaches Ava and asks her what’s going on. Ava tells him someone is after her. JC tells Ava there are no traces of Dr. Salvius anywhere in the port, but she tells him other people are after her. JC plans to take the boat to Morocco, but they’re not getting out in Morocco. They’ll hide on the boat and allow it to take them to Lisbon, where they could get another ride to Africa.

[00:02:30] Ava agrees with JC’s plan and hops on the ferry with him. Mary and Lilith are hot on their heels, but they need to decide which ferry to board. Mary checks the schedule and heads for the docks. They see Ava leaving on one of the ferries, but they can’t do anything to catch up to her. Ava thinks she has escaped, but it’s only a matter of time before the OCS or Dr. Salvius catches up to her. Meanwhile, Dr. Salvius orders Kristian to send more men to find Ava. The men he sent earlier were brought down by Lilith. Dr. Salvius knows she needs Ava more than she needs the Divinium Shield. To distract the church, Dr. Salvius calls for a press conference to tell the public about Beatrice. She asks the Vatican to stop all hostile actions towards her company.

[00:06:30] In the conference, Dr. Salvius tells the press she has discovered a gateway to heaven itself. God or whoever created people gave free will, and Dr. Salvius plans to use her free will to show the world the many wonders far beyond its reach. She also tells the press about Divinium but doesn’t provide much detail. Back at the monastery, Cardinal Duretti is still in control of the OCS. He plans to ship the shield to Vatican City to keep it safe. Father Vincent tells Duretti the shield is safer with the OCS. Still, he tells Vincent to cooperate or lose his position in the OCS entirely.

[00:10:30] Lilith and Mary argue about Ava escaping. Lilith tells her they need a warrior nun who can fulfill her duties. Mary says Ava will figure things out sooner or later. Lilith asks Mary what she plans to do, but she just gets on her motorcycle and leaves. Meanwhile, Ava and JC share a couple of drinks on the ride to Morocco. Ava tells him there are people after her because she took an ancient ring from them. JC doesn’t see the full picture; he knows Ava still leaves some details. She tells him about her past to change the topic. Ava couldn’t tell JC the truth about the halo because it’s too big of a deal to reveal at the time.

[00:13:00] Beatrice speaks to Father Vincent to find out why he doesn’t want Cardinal Duretti to take the shield back to Vatican City. Vincent fears Duretti is trying to divide the OCS. He explains if Duretti had his way, they would be fighting a war against Jillian Salvius as they speak. Father Vincent tells Beatrice he could handle Duretti, but he fears what Duretti will bring to the OCS. Beatrice leaves Father Vincent to oversee the transfer of the shield. As the shield leaves the OCS, Cardinal Duretti speaks to Beatrice. The conversation confirms the fears of Father Vincent. Duretti tells Beatrice he needs more warrior nuns like her. He wishes Beatrice remains faithful to the church’s will in times of changes and turmoil within the OCS. Beatrice responds she will remain faithful to God.

[00:18:00] JC and Ava decide on their next destination by postcards. JC bought postcards and allowed Ava to pick one at random. Ava chooses one, but JC has already been to the place. She tells JC they must pick a location he hasn’t been to. Ava goes through the postcards, but JC has been through all of them. JC tells her to just pick one location she wants to go to. Ava decides to go to the Blue Grotto. Meanwhile, Mary and Lilith meet at another port. Mary got there using a speed boat, but Lilith got there first because she used a helicopter. Their meeting ends up in another fistfight. Lilith doesn’t know why Mary wants to save Ava from her. Mary responds she sees something in Ava, and she doesn’t want Lilith to become the next halo-bearer.

[00:20:00] Mary and Lilith used to get along, but things changed when Shannon got chosen to be the next halo-bearer. Lilith tells Mary she was raised in a family of halo-bearers, so, of course, she wants to be the next halo-bearer. Mary doesn’t care; the fact that Lilith couldn’t stand up to her own family shows a lot of her being a coward. The argument leads to another fistfight. Mary stands victorious as she throws Lilith over the docks and into the sea. JC and Ava linger around the boat to hitch the ride back. Mary is waiting for them to exit the boat, but all the passengers have left, and Mary still doesn’t see them. She realizes they are doubling back, so Mary leaves to make it ahead of them.

[00:24:00] Ava and JC hide in the boat’s bathroom to escape the eyes of the crew. JC asks her what she meant earlier by being stuck in bed. Ava doesn’t want to tell JC, so she just kisses him. One thing leads to another, and they end up having sex inside the boat’s bathroom. Meanwhile, Father Vincent visits Jillian. He offers the shield in exchange for stopping the construction of her machine; part of the bargain is to stop chasing Ava. Father Vincent tells Jillian the OCS is tasked with battling hell. He tells her they can’t be at war when there is a greater threat on the horizon. Jillian doesn’t believe in hell, but Vincent hands him a note and leaves. She asks him how he knows she will keep her end of the bargain. “He wouldn’t lead me astray,” Vincent replies, referring to God.

[00:29:00] The boat leaves the dock, and Mary finds a way to get on board. She searches the boat for Ava and JC. Lilith also manages to sneak on board, and she wants revenge for losing the fight earlier. She finds Mary, so they resume their fistfight. It seems Lilith has the upper hand, but Mary manages to trick her. She handcuffs Lilith on the hand railing of the bathroom and leaves her there. Meanwhile, Jillian awaits any information about their mission to reclaim the shield. Kristian enters her office and tells her Father Vincent tells them the truth. Kristian shows Jillian a video of their retrieval of the shield. She drops the search for Ava to keep her word with Father Vincent. She leaves Kristian to visit Michael, her son, the young boy Ava saw a few days ago.

[00:33:00] Jillian asks her son if he spoke to the angels. He tells Jillian the angels told him the time is near. She tells Michael the time is indeed near. Meanwhile, Ava goes to the bar to drink while JC sleeps in his seat. Mary finds Ava by the bar and tells her to leave with her before Lilith arrives. Mary allows Ava to say goodbye to JC. Ava tells JC they need to go. Lilith manages to get out of the bathroom and finds Mary. Mary tells Lilith to just give Ava a minute because she’s willing to return to the OCS. But Mary sees Ava making a run for it with JC. They manage to escape Mary; Lilith chases after them.

[00:37:00] JC and Ava get cornered in one of the warehouses at the docks. Ava tries to find a way out, but JC refuses to keep running. JC wants an explanation from her, but before she can explain, Lilith arrives. Lilith punches JC and subdues Ava. She uses her dagger to get the halo out of Ava’s back. Mary arrives to stop Lilith, but carving the halo out of Ava has summoned the Tarask. It throws Mary away and goes after Ava. Lilith and Mary stand helpless as the Tarask prepares its attack. Lilith decides to use herself as a human shield, taking the Tarask’s attack. Lilith tells Ava to pick up the Divinium Sword—she does and attacks Tarask.

[00:41:30] The Tarask gets wounded by the sword and is pushed back to hell again, bringing Lilith along. JC asks Ava what had happened, but she couldn’t respond. She drops the sword and leaves. Mary stands hopeless; another sister is dead.

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