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THE X-FILES Review: Mutations and Experiments in “Founder’s Mutation”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

THE X-FILES Review: Mutations and Experiments in

By Pauline Perenack

With just 24 hours to digest and process the return of The X-Files to our television screens, we were back in our seats again last night with our favorite paranormal investigators having had just enough time to ponder about what's going on in our society and if it's all part of a greater conspiracy.

Sunday's episode focused on bringing our main heroes, Mulder, Scully, and Skinner back into the X-Files, and teased the return of our favorite villain, the Cigarette Smoking Man. "Founder's Mutation" drops Mulder and Scully right into the middle of a classic x-files case. With Skinner backing them up along the way, they investigate a laboratory which focuses on genetic experimentation, and is run by guest star, Doug Savant.

Last night brought out all the expected cringing and creepiness that goes with The X-Files, so let’s recap what happened.

Varying Levels of Secrets

Last night’s episode flowed better than Sunday’s, and it was partly because the initial set-up was done, and the writers could continue with the overall story. The season arc was apparent in the episode with the possible cover up by the DOD and their experiments on children with alien DNA. Additionally, the government seems to be hiding something by pushing the FBI, and the X-files team away at every opportunity. However, with Mulder able to take Kyle’s blood, it’s expected that he and Scully will test it, and will more than likely turn up with alien DNA, thereby pushing the story arc forward.

This episode also introduced the weirdness that we anticipate finding in X-Files episodes. There was the gruesome death of Sanjay, and the even more grisly self-inflicted C-section by Jackie to birth Kyle. Then of course, there was the paranormal abilities displayed by both Kyle and Molly, and we can only assume the other children in the ward had similar abilities.

Longtime fans were also introduced to the struggles of Mulder and Scully when it comes to their son, William. It was a tough choice they made years ago to give him up for adoption so he could be safe, and they both knew it was for the best, but as Scully told Jackie, a mother never forgets their child. Their lives may have gone on, but neither has forgotten their child, and it’s something that has obviously weighed heavily on them throughout the years. Each one had a well-worn photo of William, so it’s clear that they have looked at the photo often, wondering what might have been. It was interesting to see that while both Mulder and Scully envisioned the perfect memories of their son, but each of them ultimately saw William’s fate take a turn for the worse. Regardless of how much they would have liked to have kept William, it seems they both understand it was best to let him go. It would not surprise me if we saw this theme of guilt throughout the mini-series, and it will be interesting to see how it affects their decisions going forward.

The X-Files is definitely back in all its glory, and next week’s episode only promises to pull everyone deeper into the conspiracy.

The X-Files continues in its regular Monday night time slot, on FOX.

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