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TV RECAP: Agents of SHIELD “Who You Really Are”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago


By Felicia Kudronowicz

This week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.LD., Lady Sif returns and we learn what Skye really is. Believe it or not, the two are related. Let’s see how it all went down.

The episode begins with Lady Sif’s return to earth, but she isn’t acting like herself. To begin with she’s in earth attire and more importantly, she doesn’t seem to remember why she’s there. The SHIELD team finds her and tries to put the pieces together. The first half of this episode felt very much like a Marvel version of a crime drama .. but in a good way.

The team is able to uncover some video of Lady Sif’s activity before they found her, thanks to social media. It appears she fought a man on a pier and he stabbed her with a weapon that made her lose some of her memory. The team returns to the same pier for further investigation and discover that she was fighting a Kree man by the name of Vin-Tak (Warehouse 13’s Eddie McClintock). They decide to track him down to discover what the fight was about.

It turns out the Kree have come to earth because explosion that transformed Skye sent a signal alerting them to the fact an ancient army had been reactivated. Vin-Tak’s earthly mission is to destroy that foe (namely Skye). As he explains his position, Skye becomes so nervous that things start to shake again and eventually she shatters a huge window, revealing herself and her new found abilities. Lady Sif insists on taking Skye to Asgard to protect Earth, but the SHIELD team refuses to let her go.

Skye, however, isn’t so sure she should stay with the team. She can’t control these new powers and she doesn’t want to hurt her friends. Vin Tak won’t take no for an answer and fights everyone, but they zap him with his own weapon and he soon forgets his mission. They convince Lady Sif to take him back to his planet and leave Skye with them. She grudgingly agrees.

The team then gets together and gangs up on Fitz for not telling them about Skye’s condition. Fitz insists that they would have locked her up, but Simmons chimes in and says they can only be a team if they stop having secrets. They are all arguing about Skye’s dangerousness when she walks into the room. She is embarrassed and upset so she runs back out.

This was a very revealing episode that gave more than just a cameo from the Marvel franchise. Besides the whole ‘Skye being part of an ancient army’ thing, we also find out that Mack and Bobbi are still on some sort of secret mission that has to do with ‘backup’. Lance confronts Mack about it and Mack answers by strangling him. Not sure how that will play out …

While it’s painful to see the team so divided (and even more painful to have another episode without Ward) I’m excited that we are finally getting answers. Additionally, Skye’s storyline just keeps getting more intense. Next week should be just as awesome, with the return of her crazy dad and new evil villains, one played by Drea de Matteo.

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