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TV RECAP: Family Drama in The Originals “They All Asked for You”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

TV RECAP: Family Drama in The Originals

By Erin Resnick

The Originals returned Monday to give us a grand ole taste of that family drama we’ve been missing for several weeks. This week’s episode, entitled “They All Asked for You,” not only brought several unlikely Mikaelson’s together, but turned the heat up on some undeniable sexual tension.

Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah were fighting over their next move when Rebekah suddenly found herself in a witch street market. Apparently searching for ways to bring back Kol and strengthen her magic were the least of her worries as a group of unfriendly witches tried to grab her. Marcel popped in the save the day, knowing full well who Rebekah was even inside the body of a stranger.

Freya was arguing with Finn as she wanted nothing more than to wake daddy dearest and share a loving reunion with him. Finn argued that Mikael wasn’t the same man Freya had known over 1,000 years ago, but it didn’t matter. She was a daddy’s girl and she wanted her father’s help. Finn suggested Freya might want a reunion with sweet mommy Esther too, but she scoffed; why would she want to reunite with the woman who gave her away?

Klaus tried to rally Jackson and Hayley into helping him take down Finn, but Jackson was more interested in keeping Hope safe. Hayley relented, agreeing with Klaus that Jackson should gather his best wolves to look for Finn and Freya as it would benefit them all, especially Hope if they were no longer an issue.

Pictured (L-R): Phoebe Tonkin as Hayley and Joseph Morgan as Klaus -- Photo: Quantrell Colbert/The CW -

Pictured (L-R): Phoebe Tonkin as Hayley and Joseph Morgan as Klaus — Photo: Quantrell Colbert/The CW –


Marcel was perturbed that Rebekah had been keeping her new self from him, especially since he was armed with knowledge and resources to help sort out her new predicament. She needed to discover the origins of her vessel and why dangerous witches were after her. Elijah showed up to offer his services and adaptable charm to Josephine LaRue, an elder witch in charge of the magical loony bin, who would know why Rebekah’s vessel was wanted.

Elijah decided to enlist Gia in his pursuit of Josephine. The witch was a musical prodigy and Gia’s personal talents would be of great use to charm her into a friendly conversation. Gia was reluctant, but ultimately agreed to help.

Freya had brought Mikael back to the land of the conscious and the Mikaelson patriarch couldn’t believe that his thought to be dead daughter was standing before him. Freya convinced him, though, and Mikael finally showed the heart he had left in the freezer for so many years.

Jackson tried to rally Aiden to help look for Finn, but the younger wolf was concerned about the pack’s allegiance. Klaus had been lurking in the shadows to offer his own advice in the matter.

Marcel had called on a tealeaf-reading witch to help Rebekah and questioned her on her motives. She claimed she didn’t want to make tons of mouth noises with Marcel, especially in the body of someone who had no control. Once arrived, the tealeaf witch played coy, claiming he had never seen Rebekah’s new body before. He coerced them into drinking his tea and his true intentions were quickly brought to light as the tea began to inoculate the two. He knew exactly whom Rebekah’s body belonged to: Eva Sinclair, a psychopathic, murderer who killed witch children for their powers.

 Pictured: Joseph Morgan as Klaus -- Photo: Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Pictured: Joseph Morgan as Klaus — Photo: Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Jackson had cooked up some grilled cheese for Hayley and offered to help with Hope when the topic of martial relations popped up. Hayley suggested they put on some Marvin Gaye and light some candles to get in the mood, but Hope’s crying was the ultimate block.

At Josephine’s mansion, Gia showcased some Beethoven for the powerful witch, but she was not amused, calling Elijah’s moves calculating. He believed she would be more cordial, especially with Gia’s playing, but she didn’t have time for “monsters wearing the skins of humans.” Gia had had enough of Josephine’s rude accusations and played some jazz music instead, which, with Gia’s candor, appeased Josephine much more. She decided to give in and hear Elijah out. In return for her help, Josephine was insistent on the return of Finn’s vessel, Vincent.

Aiden had tracked down Mikael, who had chowed down on some of the pack. He was ready to chow down on Aiden as well, but Freya came around just in time to save him.

Klaus was ready at the cemetery for his showdown with Finn. The two tussled, Finn proving to still be quite powerful. Klaus overpowered Finn and was inches away from murdering him once and for all, but Elijah made sure he didn’t reach the final step. The two argued and Freya made an appearance to offer her services, expelling Finn’s soul into her magical necklace, leaving only Vincent. She was prepared to offer her younger brothers a deal to help take down Dahlia. Klaus was having none of her nonsense, wholeheartedly untrusting, but Elijah was more eager to accept her identity and let her try to gain their trust if it meant keeping Hope and their family safe.

Jackson was able to comfort a hysterical Hope and Hayley found his fatherly ways charming and an impeccable form of foreplay. The two finally were able to engage fully in their new marital bliss.

Rebekah had knocked out the witch and was able to use an anecdote on her and Marcel. Marcel confessed he was happy to see Rebekah again and the two flirted. Rebekah was still insistent she didn’t want to kiss Marcel, even if the body she was inhabiting was that of a sadistic child killer.

Klaus had returned home and tried to manipulate Hayley’s help to find Mikael, who had gone off to help Freya. Although she had been willing to use the pack to help out earlier, she was quickly growing tired of Klaus’ threats. Hayley shut him down; if Klaus was going to become violent with the pack then it would be the last time he saw her or Hope again.

Elijah and Gia had returned from Josephine’s and the two shared a beer in celebration of their success. We all painfully wished we were Elijah’s bottle of beer until Gia made a move, quickly making us all wish we were her instead as Elijah gave in to their chemistry and reciprocated her actions.

At a bar, Klaus convinced Aiden that he could be the leader of the wolves instead of Jackson, offering his help in return for protection over Hope. At Marcels, Rebekah had awoken no longer in control of her body as Eva made her way back to the witch market to find two young witches to slaughter for power.


Things we need to discuss:

– I was interested in the identities of the vessels the Mikaelson’s are inhabiting all season. I’m glad they are finally digging deeper into the identities of these people and the importance they play in the witch community. It also gives the actors a chance to showcase a wider talent and stay on the show without being tethered to a Mikaelson.

– I loved Rebekah’s insistence on not overextending her welcome in her new body in terms of sexual actions. It’s never seemed to be a problem for anyone else, but it does raise the question of permission and boundaries.

– What were Cami, Davina, and Josh up to?

– If Freya’s necklace can bring people back from the dead and house souls, I wonder what it can do in terms of returning a soul back to its original body.

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