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TV REVIEW: Klaus Remains Steadfast in The Originals “Sanctuary”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

TV REVIEW: Klaus Remains Steadfast in The Originals “Sanctuary”

By Erin Resnick

The Originals hasn’t shied away from family reunions. First it was Klaus and Elijah, then it was Klaus and Rebekah, then it was Klaus, Rebekah, and Mikael, then it was all the presumed living Mikaelson siblings and Esther. Then it was – wait, let’s slow down. You get where this is going. The Originals has no shortage of Mikaelson family reunions. They seem to take place every week in some capacity, the siblings either at war with each other or their parents, constantly separating and reuniting to work together. This week’s episode, entitled “Sanctuary,” presented us with one more family reunion that’s sure to carry remarkable repercussions for the Mikaelson’s.

Rebekah, still in the witch asylum, began having nightmares of her own family’s horrible past, specifically the day Freya had been snatched up by her aunt Dahlia. Her visions meant something more powerful was stirring in the house and that meant appealing to Cassie, and the new, blonde girl obsessed with cartoons, for help busting out of the joint.

Out in the bayou, Jackson and Hayley were further discussing their trip down the aisle and the ritual they would have to go through together where all their truths would be revealed. Hayley was still hesitant, but trusted Jackson, and Jackson gingerly revealed that his family was the reason Hayley’s was no longer living. Although heartbroken, Hayley was still positive she wanted to marry Jackson and merge their powers.

Davina and Koleb were still on their all-powerful dagger mission when Aiden frantically texted Davina about the whereabouts of Josh and the rest of the vampires. Instead of focusing on completing the dagger, much to Kol’s dismay, Davina put everything aside to form the Davina and Aiden Mystery Agency. They promised to solve any crime by dinnertime in order to save Josh, Marcel, and the other vampires.

Unfortunately, the vampires were all having an awful time. Finn brought them all under his spell once again to give his full attention to Marcel and extract any and all secrets he was keeping about Klaus and the rest of the Mikaelson siblings. Marcel swore he had nothing to hide, which to Finn signaled that he had everything to hide.

Klaus made his way out to the bayou to put a stop to Hayley and Jackson’s ceremony, going so far as to threaten a pack of wolves with little kids and Jackson’s grandma. He eventually tracked Hayley down and she begged him to leave; Hope was her child and she would do what was right for her daughter, but Klaus had done everything in his power to protect her and he wasn’t going to have it ruined by some silly ritual. Hayley pleaded with Klaus to trust her and he assured her he trusted her implicitly, but it was Jackson he had no trust for, snapping Hayley’s neck to keep her from interfering with his mission.

Klaus forced Jackson into a duel and the two went back-and-forth, even going as far as to bring Klaus’ murder of his biological father into question. Klaus was tenacious in his beliefs; no one would find out about his daughter. Eventually, Hayley regained consciousness and put a stop to the fight before Klaus could do any lasting damage. She once again assured Klaus that she trusted Jackson and the merging of their powers would be a good thing for everyone. Klaus left the bayou and finally let Hayley make her own decision, which led to her confessing the truth about Hope to Jackson.

Kol popped over to the now dilapidated food market where Esther’s vessel once held shop and tried to distract his brother from doing anymore harm to Marcel and the other vampires. The Davina and Aiden Mystery Agency had used the opportunity to wake Josh and lead him out of Finn’s grasp, but Josh had been cursed into a blood-hungry monster, almost fatally attacking Aiden in the process. Finn had had enough of Kol’s games and lies and spelled him permanently into his body, unable to jump to a new one while Finn slowly and painfully killed him. It was only a matter of time, or the work of another powerful witch, that could save Kol’s life now.

Rebekah had planned to escape, but the nasty witches and warlocks keeping the asylum in check were standing in her way. Her new cartoon-loving friend had proven to be an ally, but it was Cassie that tattled; Rebekah had caused too much trouble already. Thankfully for Rebekah, her new friend, teeming with powerful magic, defeated Cassie, allowing them to flee from the home. Once outside the girl revealed herself as Freya, Rebekah’s sister, and the Mikaelson’s eldest sibling. They had met once before, a hundred years prior, but she had been sleeping since and was now awaiting a full family reunion. She undid the spell set on the house and glided off to probably obtain a fresh new, Mikaelson approved wardrobe.

With Rebekah free she was finally able to return home and reunite with Klaus. Marcel, though, was still being held captive by Finn and after a long time of torturing and uncovering flaws in Marcel’s memory, he finally pieced together the truth: Hope was still alive and being hidden for protection.


Things we need to discuss:

What will Freya’s presence mean for the Mikaelson siblings, Finn especially? Will his spirit ease; will he accept his family when he learns the truth?

If Freya is an immortal witch then what does that mean for Dahlia?

There was way too little Elijah.

Couldn’t Koleb just become a vampire? Or will he die (again) before he is able to save himself?

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