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Virgin River Season 2 Episode 10 Recap – Blown Away

BY Angela

Published 6 months ago

Virgin River Season 2 Episode 10 Recap - Blown Away

Doc found Hope in her room and explained that Muriel has a friend in Seattle that specializes in vintage jewelry. He had their engagement ring reset and took Muriel to lunch as a thank you. Hope seemed convinced and told Doc that she was not going to cook dinner every night as she used to and that she was not giving up being her own person just to walk down the aisle. Doc told her that all he wanted is for them to be together. Hope said yes, and told him that she would marry him again.

Jack woke up sitting beside Mel on her couch. Jack wanted to know if Mel still felt the same and got his confirmation when Mel told him she loves him too after telling her he loves her. Jack had to leave to help Preacher with the breakfast rush at the bar, and he was still bothered that Spencer is dead. After Jack left, Mel called Lilly to ask for the address of Emerald Lumber so that she could talk to Brady.

Connie and Lizzie paid Lydie a visit to talk about what had happened between Ricky and Lizzie. Connie told Lydie that Ricky had defiled Lizzie and asked her what they’re going to do. Lydie said that they’re not children anymore, but Connie retorted that just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right. Connie said that she expected them to abstain, but Lydie replied that times had changed. She asked them if they were safe. Lizzie told them they used a condom, and Connie said they should be ashamed of themselves. Lydie sided with Ricky and told Connie that Ricky’s a good guy and that Lizzie was lucky to have him. Connie told Lizzie that if she sees them together, she would be sending Lizzie home.

Hope told Doc that they should renew their vows and have a small reception, but Doc insisted on having a big celebration.

At the bar, Preacher told Jack that he had been on edge ever since the guys had mentioned Lonergan and the food poisoning incident. Preacher told him that he could give him some help by making him a full partner at the bar, but Jack replied that this might complicate things and that he didn’t want to ruin their friendship over business. Jack left after he had received a 911 message from Charmaine, and Preacher call3: Jamie to tell her that he was taking the job in San Francisco.

Connie came in and asks Preacher about updates from the sheriff. He replied that they had discovered that Wes was dirty and that they think he was on the ru,  but they had no plans of looking for him. However, he was still bothered because he saw Wes at the bar the previous day. Connie told him that it was his mind playing tricks on him.

Mel arrived at the clinic, and Doc asked her to cover for him because he needed to go to Eureka to see someone for a patient. Mel says she had an errand to run, but her phone would be with her, so if there was an emergency, she could quickly come. Doc told Mel that he and Hope were getting married again and asked her to be a part of it. Mel gave him a hug and told him she would be there.

Jack got to Charmaine’s and discovered that the 911 was a clogged sink. While fixing the sink, Jack got a call from Carlos, saying that he had not received his paperwork yet. He said that the seller had multiple offers, and if Jack didn’t act fast, he would lose the house. Jack said he was all in and that he would get the paperwork soon. Overhearing this, Charmaine asked Jack what he was buying. He told her he was buying a house that was halfway the bar and the salon for the twins.

Mel goes to Emerald Lumber and when Brady sees her, he pretends to be really rude to her and tells her to meet him somewhere far from the site.

Charmaine tells Jack how happy she is that he’s buying a house for the twins and even went as far as buying a swing set. She says that the twins are lucky to have Jack as their dad and kisses him. Jack stops her, and she gets upset because she thought that Jack buying a house means that they will be living together. Jack tells her they’re not getting back together, and Charmaine blames Mel. Charmaine tells him that she wants a husband and that if she gets one, he’s going to be the father of the twins and Jack might not have a place in their lives.

Brady picks Mel up and drives away with her to a remote location where he says Spencer’s grave is. Meanwhile, Hope tells the ladies about Doc’s proposal and their plan to get married again.

At the bar, a man who looks exactly like Wes walks in. He orders a beer and tells Preacher that his name is Vince and that he’s looking for information about his twin brother, Wes. He asks about Michelle and Paige, and when Preacher tells him that he doesn’t know where she is, Vince tells him to drop the act. He says he knows about Preacher and Paige and that he should tell her that he’s coming for her.

Jack goes to Mel’s cabin and she shows him footage of Spencer boarding a bus, and thanking Brady. She tells him that Calvin thinks Brady has killed Spencer, but Brady has brought them to safety and has given them Mike’s number. Mel tells Jack that she can’t stand to see Jack in pain, so she has to do something. They end up having sex.

Jamie comes to the bar to say goodbye to Preacher. She’s leaving the next day but tells Preacher that she’ll see him in the city. He tells her he’ll just talk to Jack about the leaving and that he’ll be there soon.

Mel and Jack gets hungry after having sex, so Jack offers to grill some steaks. Mel agrees to be there soon.

Ricky goes to Connie’s to bring Lizzie the cake Lydie has made. Lizzie tells him that Connie has confiscated her phone, and the two agree to be secret lovers.

While preparing dinner, Jack gets a call from Mike saying that Spencer has made contact. Mike assures him that Spencer’s family will be taken care of and that Calvin and his gang, including Brady, will be arrested. It turns out, Emerald Lumber has been a front. They have been hollowing out lumber to ship cash to Mexico and in return, the cartel sends back fentanyl hidden in animal feed supply trucks. This explains why they have been after Lilly’s farm. Jack hears someone arrive at the bar. Thinking it was Mel, he cuts Mike’s call short.

Preacher meets Sally, Michelle’s friend out of town in the middle of the night. She tells him that Vince has reached Michelle and that he has left her a message. Christopher comes out from hiding and hugs Preacher, asking if he can stay with him. Preacher tells him yes.

Hope is still in her driveway when Doc arrives from Eureka. They walk towards the house together. Doc is unusually quiet and tells Hope that he has just seen a doctor for himself. He is about to tell Hope more about it, but the door behind her suddenly opens. The townspeople have surprised them with a party for their engagement.

Mel arrives at the bar and calls out for Jack. She walks towards the kitchen and sees Jack lying behind the counter, with a gunshot wound on his abdomen bleeding profusely.

Our Thoughts

This season-ender is definitely something. Well, Jack getting shot by an unknown person is really troubling, but knowing how he has ruined Calvin’s business by getting Spencer to testify, we just know that Calvin’s got to go after him one way or another. Well, maybe he’ll survive to tell us who really shot him. It’s worth mentioning how badass Lydie was when she defended Ricky to Connie. She’s speaking the truth and it’s so refreshing to see a grandmother with such modern views.  Charmaine wanting to leave Jack out of the twins’ lives just because he doesn’t want to be with her is just cruel, immature, insensitive, and selfish. Oh, the list of negative adjectives could just go on! Lastly, Christopher coming to live with Preacher was something unexpected, but maybe that would be enough to make him stay in Virgin River? I guess we’ll all find out in the next episode.

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