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Virgin River Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – Out of the Past

BY Angela

Published 4 weeks ago

Virgin River Season 2 Episode 6 Recap - Out of the Past

While working on a Sunday, Mel hears that someone is trying to get into the clinic. She says she’ll call the sheriff but then discovers that it’s just Jack borrowing Doc’s dry bag. Mel mentions that the next day will be Mark’s first death anniversary.

An angry Hope walks into the bar to rant to Doc about Charmaine’s dog, Tucker, ruining her boots and peeing all over her house. Doc tells her that Charmaine will be out soon. Muriel comes to pick up her beef stroganoff and hurls an insult to Hope. She invites Doc to her Sunday Funday, a gathering at her house. Doc offers to help bring the food to Muriel’s car and takes the opportunity to tell her that he and Hope have decided to reconcile. Muriel didn’t seem so sad about the news and even agreed to stay friends with Doc.

Jack arrives at the camp and wakes the boys up to go kayaking. They wanted to have breakfast at the bar instead and go home right after, but Jack insisted on kayaking.

At the bar, Ricky’s worried that Jack is still mad at him. Preacher comforts him by telling him that Jack’s more disappointed than mad and that he’ll come around so long as the stealing is a one-off.

Mel arrives at Hope’s and sees her scrubbing her carpet. Tucker has peed on it again. Hope notices that Mel looks sad and asks why. She then tells her about Mark’s death anniversary the next day. Doc tells Mel that Charmaine’s exam is already 10 minutes late. She tells him she’s still in the shower, so they both have to wait. Doc mentions that Connie talked to him about Lizzie, and surprisingly, he sides with Mel this time. He says that Mel should give Lizzie another prescription because she’s a patient. Mel tells him that she tried to, but Lizzie refused because with Connie not on board, there is no way she’ll be getting the pills even though she has a prescription. Doc then tells her to give Lizzie the samples he has at the clinic.

Charmaine walks by and tells them she still has to dry her hair before they can treat her.

Ricky heads to the bakery truck and talks to Lizzie, who manipulates him to drive her to Eureka to go shopping. Ricky didn’t want to do it because he’s not supposed to drive the car out of town, but Lizzie won.

Lilly was picking up some goods when Brady talked to him about buying the farm. Lilly refuses to sell it because she doesn’t want anything to do with Calvin.

At Hope’s, Doc and Mel have given Charmaine permission to go home on the condition that she’ll return regularly for follow-ups and set up a birth plan with Mel.

The guys see that the current is not safe for kayaking at the river, but Jack tells them they should go. The guys tell him they should find a lighter current and that he is in no condition to kayak because he’s been drinking all night. Jack walks out on them and tells them to leave early.

Hope goes to Muriel’s house and brings her pie to apologize to her for letting her get close to Doc. Muriel tells her she has no hard feelings. However, as Hope is about to leave, Muriel tells her that she knows that Hope will end up screwing things up with Doc again – and when that happens, she’ll be picking up the pieces.

Mel contemplates what to do for Mark’s death anniversary while repeatedly listening to an old voice message.

At the bar, Jack serves breakfast to the guys, and they all say their goodbyes. Jack asks Mike about Calvin before he leaves, and he tells him that they cannot do anything about him right now unless he’s caught in the act.

Mel goes for a run to help her think of what she wants to do for Mark. She passes by the river and sees someone sailing, and she’s taken back to a time when she and Mark were sailing and talking about retirement dreams.

Doc goes to Hope’s and tells her he’s proud of Hope apologizing to Muriel. They were kissing when Hope received a call from Mel.

Jack comes to Charmaine’s, where she surprises him with lots of baby stuff that her relatives have bought her. This overwhelms him, and he has to go so he can clear his head. He told Charmaine that Preacher’s slammed and that he had to go to the bar.

Mel, Hope, and Doc are in the dock as Hope sews the finishing touches to a boat she gave Mel for her tribute to Mark. She sets the boat to sail away from her as she pictures Mark sailing.

In Eureka, Lizzie tells Ricky that Jack is taking advantage of him for working so hard at the bar and tells him that he has to know what he wants in life.


Back at the river, Preacher tries so hard to convince Jack not to go kayaking because it’s still dangerous. He still doesn’t want to listen, so Preacher had to call Mel. When she arrives, she tells Jack that she’ll go with him if he insists that the current is safe. She tells him that he’s not a man who would leave twins without a father. Jack gives in.

Jack meets Mel at a spot overlooking the river, where Jack finally opens up to Mel about Lonergan and how he blames himself for his death. He says that he’s worried that he cannot keep the twins safe if he cannot do the same for a grown man. They stay there for a while.

Preacher comes in looking for Ricky at the bar, and George tells him he never showed up.

Ricky and Lizzie are on their way home to Eureka. Lizzie feeds Ricky a gummy worm and teases him when he blushes. He gets distracted, and they get into an accident.

While Jack and Mel are on their way back from the kayaking spot, they are greeted by the sheriff, who tells them that a couple of hikers found a body.

Our Thoughts

Oh, the body found by the sheriff had us on edge. Could it be Wes? We cannot wait to find out. Anyway, we are so happy that Jack has finally started to share things about Lonergan with Mel. We hope he’ll open up more as he lets go of that chapter in his life. It’s worth mentioning that we shed some tears when Mel did the boat thing. It was beautiful and meaningful as well. Lastly, we can’t tell how annoyed we are at Lizzie and how she corrupts Ricky. We can tell that she’s the one taking advantage of him and not Jack. We hope she ends up falling for Ricky and not leaving him devastated. Oh, and yes, we deliberately didn’t talk about Charmaine. She’s just as annoying as Lizzie.

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