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Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Isaiah 30:20-21


Published 2 years ago

Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - Isaiah 30:20-21

[00:00:30] Mary walks around the beach as the police head over to the port. She sees a painter who asks for 20 euros in exchange for a drawing. Mary only has 10 euros, but the painter takes it, sketching Ava’s face, so Mary could show it around town. Two men recognize Ava; they tell Mary she went towards the mountains. Mary manages to find Ava, but she still doesn’t want to go back to the OCS despite what happened. They argue about Lilith and everything else. So Mary just gives up on Ava. They part ways as Mary limps her way onwards.

[00:04:00] Mary sits under a tree to rest. Ava suddenly appears and applies first aid on her leg. She asks where Ava learned first aid. She says she watched a lot of television back at the orphanage. Mary tells Ava she doesn’t need her help. Ava responds she helped Mary out of pity and not out of empathy. She tells Ava there’s a nearby village in the other direction. Ava goes to the village and tells Mary to head in the other direction. Ava spends a few minutes sitting by the edge of a cliff. She hears Mary walking by and asks her to leave her alone. Mary pushes her down the cliff, knowing she will survive because of the halo. Ava falls down the cliff, and Mary continues towards the village.

[00:07:00] Mary spends the night inside a cave. She lights a fire and manages to hunt dinner before Ava arrives. Ava thought Mary was a nun, but she wasn’t. They decide to talk about Mary’s past and how she came to the OCS. Mary became an orphan when she was eight. Her mother killed her father in self-defense—her father was a violent man. Mary’s mother got a life sentence even if she helped her out. The lawyers worked their magic and made all her statements into a lie. Mary tells Ava she’s not the only one with problems. All the other sisters in the OCS have their problems and stories. Ava tells Mary that Beatrice calls her a bitch. Mary agrees, and she understands why.

[00:09:00] Mary knows life is unfair for Ava, but so it was for the rest of them. Ava tells Mary the OCS is just using her as a weapon. Mary responds she gets what she wants from the OCS while they get what she wants from her. Ava doesn’t understand what Mary wants from the OCS. She tells her the OCS gave her family, friends, and a purpose to continue living. But Ava tells Mary about hating Lilith. Mary confirms, but that’s what sisters do. Mary tells Ava to cut the halo out if she wants to return to her old life. Their simple conversation turns into an argument. Mary approaches Ava pushing her to cut the halo out using her Divinium Dagger. Ava reacts in self-defense and slams Mary to the ground.

[00:11:30] They continue their way up the hill. Ava helps Mary as the road gets steeper. Ava feels sorry for what happened to Lilith. Mary feels the same way, but she doesn’t know where Lilith goes as the Tarask brought her with it through the portal. They manage to reach the village before sunset. A girl welcomes Mary as they walk inside the village. She brings them to Francisco and Dolores. Mary tells Ava the OCS spent some time in the village last year because evil erupted. She eats while Ava asks her a lot of questions.

[00:16:00] Mary tells Ava things got terrible as a swarm of wraiths attacked the village last year. Everyone started going out for each other because they didn’t know who to trust. The OCS managed to restore order and save all the people they could. But Francisco’s wife wasn’t lucky enough to be saved. He asks Ava if she could exorcise demons out of people. She tells Francisco she doesn’t think she belongs in the OCS. Francisco agrees the job isn’t for everyone. Mary calls Father Vincent to inform him about Lilith, but she doesn’t tell him Ava is with her.

[00:20:00] Mary tells Ava the pope is dying. She thinks Cardinal Duretti had a hand in Shannon’s death. He wants to install a warrior nun loyal to the church: it wasn’t Shannon. They both know Duretti wants to install Lilith as the warrior nun, so she would be one of his loyal servants. Mary tells Ava she needs to leave before Father Vincent sends someone to pick Mary up. She doesn’t try to stop Ava but warns her—everyone is after her: Cardinal Duretti, the OCS, and Jillian Salvius. So she tells Ava life won’t be easy.

[00:23:30] They visit the local church. Ava wonders why the church gets so few attendants in a town that has fought evil incarnate. Mary tells Ava the priest is one of the evils the town fought, so the local church no longer gets a lot of visitors. She knows most people inside the church. Mary speaks to the priest along with Ava. They discover Sister Shannon visited the church a few months ago. The priest tells them Shannon doubts her mission because she felt betrayed by something or someone. The priest doesn’t bother to ask Shannon about the specifics of her mission. Still, he gave her St. Christopher’s medallion for additional protection. It was the same medallion Mary took off Shannon’s body.

[00:26:30] The priest says a prayer for Shannon’s soul with Mary before they go to bed. Mary and Ava spend the night inside the church. Mary tells Ava she believes in the church because she has fought evil for a living, proving the other side exists. Ava doesn’t believe in God or the church. She thinks there would be a scientific explanation for why the halo resurrected her. Mary tells Ava the halo chose her because it has rejected other people. After what Mary told her, Ava couldn’t sleep. She approaches the altar to talk to God. She wants to know what God’s plan for her is. She hears water droplets from one of the statues near the altar. She approaches it and thinks the statue is crying, but water is just dripping from the church’s ceiling.

[00:30:30] Ava wakes up the next day, but Mary is gone. She checks the church for Mary and Father Orozco, but they aren’t inside the church. Ava goes outside and finds the majority of the village people watching the sunrise along with Mary and Francisco. She asks them if it is a special sunrise. Francisco responds all the sunrise are special since there was a time they thought they won’t see another sunrise. Francisco asks Ava why she doesn’t want to return to the OCS. She’s looking for answers to her life elsewhere, she answers. Francisco asks Ava if she thinks the answers are not with God. Ava honestly doesn’t know where to go or find the answers to her life.

[00:34:00] Francisco tells her he used to be like her once. Finding oneself is a journey of a lifetime, and life is what happens between the journey, she shares. Ava goes back to the restaurant to help Mary and Francisco around. She sees a wraith demon within one of the persons eating inside the restaurant. Mary asks which one has the wraith demon because she followed the man outside. Ava points to the man and tells Mary they couldn’t kill him. Mary doesn’t plan on killing the man, but they need to help him get the wraith demon out. Ava doesn’t know how to take the demon out since she hasn’t finished training. Mary tells Ava she’s going to show her how.

[00:39:00] They follow the man as he enters a meat shop. Mary asks everyone to leave while they ask the man to stay. His eyes go black, and he throws Mary into one of the chest freezers. Mary tells Ava to stay with the man and not let him escape. The man is now being controlled by the wraith demon inside him. The demon fights with Ava, but she eventually wins. The demon tries to escape; Ava kills it using Mary’s Divinium Dagger. The man doesn’t know what happened to him, so they help him up as Mary escorts him out of the shop.

[00:42:30] Ava and Mary join the other people and walk around town just to make sure there aren’t any more wraith demons lingering around people. Mary tells Francisco that Ava would stay for one more day just to make sure things are alright. She tells Ava to stay for another day to help the people. The OCS doesn’t know she’s there, so she’ll be safe to stay and help out. Mary gives her Divinium Dagger to Ava before she takes the van back to the OCS.

[00:44:00] Beatrice is driving the van and asks Mary if Ava is coming. Mary tells her Ava won’t be coming, but she will soon enough. Beatrice understood and went away. Ava is now free, but she isn’t sure how to handle things moving forward.

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