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BLINDSPOT Review: Kurt and Jane Make a Killer Couple in “Authentic Flirt”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

BLINDSPOT Review: Kurt and Jane Make a Killer Couple in

By Pauline Perenack

Last week we were finally given information about one of the biggest questions posed so far on NBC’s Blindspot – what is Operation Daylight?

We learned Operation Daylight was put together to find creative ways to use information captured from the NSA’s illegal surveillance of the general public, and how Mayfair and Saul Guerrero were connected to it.

What wasn’t answered however, was how it all tied back to Jane. Suspicions ran high, while trust ran low, and it appears as if our characters will carry both of those feelings through at least several more episodes.

Additionally, if you’re playing along with the anagram puzzles of each episode’s title, this week’s anagram works out to be, “Lift the Curtain.” Looks like we need to start looking behind the story we’re currently getting.

This week’s episode had Jane and Weller going undercover, and bodies are starting to pile up, so let’s recap what happened.

New Plan: Secure the List, Get Out of Here Alive

Our episode started tonight with a full blown torture session in Barcelona, where we saw an assassin couple asking their victim where his brother was. When he couldn’t answer, he was no longer useful, and the first killing of the episode occurred.

Pulling us away from the carnage, “Authentic Flirt” then focused in on Patterson buying coffee from a street truck. As she waited for her coffee to cool, she noticed the letters on the truck’s sign were a little off, and immediately put together it was a sweet message left by her (ex)boyfriend, David. When she glances around, sure enough, he’s standing there waiting for her, but she tells him she still can’t be with him, and moves on. The morning is going just about as badly for Zapata, who while meeting with Carter, is given a bug, and is told to place it in Jane’s safe house. She’s not excited about the idea, but Carter leaves her with little choice.

Later in the morning at headquarters, our team is looking into more of Jane’s tattoos, and Patterson briefs them about an anagram she found. The letters work out to spell Ashwell Creek Kennels, which turns out to be a username on an online puppy forum, which just so happens to be used by black market dealers to conduct business. Not sure what it all means, the team decides to check out an advertised Open House for later that day in Staten Island.

Upon arrival to the Open House, the team runs into two armed attackers, who turn out to be the team from the earlier torture session in Barcelona. Our team takes them down, and Weller finds what the two had been there for – a pair of tickets to a charity ball taking place later that night. They also find a pin and a necklace, and head back to headquarters to figure it all out.

Patterson discovers the couple are world-class assassins, who killed Perry Byrne, whose brother is Robert Byrne, an accountant who provided evidence which led to the arrest of mob boss Victor Morello. Robert is currently in witness protection, but once a US Marshall is brought in, who just so happens to have history with Weller, our team discovers the list of everyone in witness protection has been compromised, and figure the charity gala is when the exchange for the list was to happen, which would lead to the death of Robert. Needing to act fast, Weller and Jane decide to pose as the assassin couple, knowing they can pass as such since the seller doesn’t know what the couple looks like. The pin will act as an identifier for them as the buyers, and the necklace they found could be used as payment for the list.

As Weller is waiting for Jane so they can leave, the US Marshall, Allison Knight, reminds Weller of when they used to date, and asks him to go for a drink. Weller however, brushes her aside when Jane walks in, and Knight immediately realizes Weller has moved on from her. As our favorite duo ride in the elevator, Weller gives Jane a wedding ring, since the couple they are impersonating are married. As he slips the ring on her finger, she has the first flashback we’ve seen in a while, and remembers lying in bed with the man with the tree tattoo, with an engagement ring prominent on her finger. The team head out to the event, but Weller and Jane are whisked off to a new location, their GPS trackers left behind, and the rest of the team scrambling to find them.

They arrive in a helicopter to a mansion where a birthday party is happening, and after being frisked (and Weller none too happy how Jane was frisked) they walk inside where they are told to wait for the seller. As they wait, Jane questions Weller about Knight, and he mentions they dated for a little while. Once told how long they actually dated, Jane doesn’t agree that it was for a little while, but then tells Weller about her flashbacks, hinting she might have been engaged. She makes sure to let Weller know however, she has moved far beyond her past.

Mayfair is dealing with her own problems, when Carter pays her a visit. He’s not happy about Saul Guerrero, and is not placated by Mayfair’s insistence she has everything under control. She has convinced Guerrero to sign a document saying he was her informant, but Carter doesn’t agree with her plan, and storms out.

Patterson meanwhile, is still trying to track down where Weller and Jane have been taken, and discovers the online puppy forum has been used for years, with multiple deals happening. And while each money trail leads to a shell account, she is able to determine all the accounts belong to Gord Enver – a dangerous man who earned his fortune in bitcoins. So proud of his achievement, he even changed his name to Rich Dotcom, and became a leader of the dark web. Zapata works to find all the houses he owns which have helicopter landing pads, and she and Reade rush out to search each one to find Weller and Jane.

Jane and Weller meet up with Rich, who is played with sleazy brilliance by Ennis Esmer, and trade Jane’s necklace for the list. Rich lets it slip that Jane and Weller aren’t the only buyers of the list, and knowing they can’t let anyone else leave with it, Weller palms a security guy’s key to the camera room as he makes a move on Rich for propositioning Jane. In the camera room, he and Jane discover the identity of the second buyer by looking for the same pin they had, and head out to find him. Once they do, they convince him they were both getting screwed out of the deal for the list, and convince him to move away from the party.

Outside of earshot, the meeting goes sideways, and Jane and Weller find themselves in a fight with the second buyer. The two overpower him, but are quickly found by Rich. Thinking fast, Jane and Weller convince Rich the second buyer was a fed, and prove their story by having Rich find the security key Weller planted on the buyer after knocking him out. Still not convinced who they are, Rich invites them upstairs to ask them further questions about their background, but Weller loses his patience, and takes out Rich’s security guard. Weller and Jane take Rich to his helicopter pad, but find themselves in a gun fight with Rich’s security, and only manage to make it out of the situation when Reade and Zapata show up in their helicopter.

Back at headquarters, Knight asks Weller out for a drink, but he declines, saying the whole team is having a house-warming party for Jane. Seeing she is officially out of the game, Knight walks to Jane, and tells her Weller is a good guy. When she leaves, Weller moves towards Jane, and tells her she can take her wedding rings off. As she does, she has another flashback, this time of her taking her engagement ring off, and handing it to the man with the tree tattoo.

Our end sequence this week is where everything seems to happen. Throughout the episode, David has been following a red-haired woman he saw in the library, writing in the same book where he and Patterson found the secret code. Knowing she was part of Patterson’s case, he spent his day tailing her. As he followed her, he was also being followed by a mysterious man, and as the day comes to a close, the red-haired woman goes down a dark alley, and David follows. The man following him runs to catch up, and finds David in a pool of blood. He then makes a call, and we’re all stunned to find out Mayfair was keeping tabs on David. She really does care for her team. She calls Patterson, who is at the house warming party, to deliver the news, but is dealing with her own problems as she stands over the body of Saul Guerrero, who was stabbed as he walked through his prison hallway.

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