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BLINDSPOT Review: Kurt and Jane Make a Killer Couple in “Authentic Flirt”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

BLINDSPOT Review: Kurt and Jane Make a Killer Couple in

By Pauline Perenack

Last week we were finally given information about one of the biggest questions posed so far on NBC's Blindspot – what is Operation Daylight?

We learned Operation Daylight was put together to find creative ways to use information captured from the NSA’s illegal surveillance of the general public, and how Mayfair and Saul Guerrero were connected to it.

What wasn’t answered however, was how it all tied back to Jane. Suspicions ran high, while trust ran low, and it appears as if our characters will carry both of those feelings through at least several more episodes.

Additionally, if you’re playing along with the anagram puzzles of each episode’s title, this week’s anagram works out to be, “Lift the Curtain.” Looks like we need to start looking behind the story we’re currently getting.

This week’s episode had Jane and Weller going undercover, and bodies are starting to pile up, so let’s recap what happened.

You Paid for Access, Not Exclusivity

This episode created one of the most devastating scenes of the show thus far when David had his throat slashed. Ever since he first walked on screen, fans on Twitter had two outcomes predicted for him – he was either a spy out to hurt the team, or he would die a grisly death. Unfortunately, the second prediction came true, and even though some were expecting it, the shock was still heard throughout the Blindspot hashtag. David was such a likeable character, and even though we were all suspicious of him, no one wanted to see him die, especially since he was working all episode to try to win Patterson back. However, his death will likely serve to bring the team even closer together, as they all left their party to be with Patterson in the hospital, and it was Mayfair who made the call to deliver the news.

Speaking of the team becoming closer, this could be seen in a couple of instances in this episode. Most notably, with Jane and Weller. Weller was really starting to drop his guard about his feelings for Jane, with even his ex-girlfriend pointing it out. Additionally, while they were undercover, he was not ok with people touching Jane. He is clearly becoming too attached to Jane, and it will be interesting to see how everything plays out once the man with the tree tattoo enters the picture, because you know he will, and with his appearance, I’m sure Jane’s feelings towards him will also return. The second instance of our team becoming closer was not only with the party they had for Jane where they all attended, but with Zapata, who full-on refused to put Carter’s surveillance on Jane, instead dumping it down a sewer. This decision will definitely come back to haunt her, because Carter is not a good guy, but it will be interesting to see how her team rallies around her.

Not addressed in this episode however, but hopefully will make a return next week, is anything new on how Jane is connected to Operation Daylight. Also, the storyline of her DNA test and tooth isotope has been largely forgotten, but it will undoubtedly come back with a vengeance, and next week seems a sure bet to do so, since it is the fall finale. Hopefully, in the episode, we will also find out more about Weller’s father, and how he is connected to everything, because there are no superfluous characters in this show. Every single one of them means something to the overall storyline, and it’ll be interesting to see where everyone fits come next week.

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