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BLINDSPOT Review: Orion is Where You Died

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

BLINDSPOT Review: Orion is Where You Died

By Pauline Perenack

Last week Blindspot finally returned after a long winter hiatus, and the episode was non-stop action from beginning to end. What other show asks its heroine to land a commercial airplane with no functioning engines? But best of all, we finally learned that Jane is in fact, Taylor Shaw.

The revelation of Jane’s true identity came at a price, as Jane is now confronted with the requirement of completing missions for the mysterious Oscar. Should she trust this man who holds video of her from the past? Or should she continue trusting the new team she has come to know and work alongside? Since we have officially lost our main antagonist in Carter, there is a strong possibility that Oscar will fill the role as we don’t know enough about him. Another character to be on the lookout for is Chief Inspector Fischer. We know he’s out for Mayfair, and has already targeted Patterson, so he could be going after other members of the team — and sooner than we think.

Also, Weller will once again have to face the fact that Jane is his neighbor from long ago who went missing. Will that change his feelings for her, or will it only intensify them? Let’s recap what happened tonight, and see what new questions have been created for us.

Questionable Choices

Tonight’s episode, “Scientists Hollow Fortune,” picks up right where we left off last week with Jane and Oscar. He gives her her first mission – to swap out Mayfair’s pen. Jane is suspicious of the simple mission, and voices her distrust of Oscar. She asks about the bearded man in her safe house, but Oscar tells her she must bring the pen to get more answers. Still not trusting him, Jane pulls apart the pen once she’s back at the safe house, but finds nothing out of the ordinary.

The next day at headquarters, Jane immediately runs into Weller, who apologizes about the night before – giving Jane an out by saying he didn’t show up either. He doesn’t want things to be awkward between the two. Jane is shocked by his words, but plays along. Invariably, this will be brought up again in future episodes.

The case of the week begins with a confused solider, Charles Napier, standing in the middle of a road. After being brought to a base camp, he ends up killing three people. The attack is caught on video, and once Patterson gets hold of it, connects Napier and four other soldiers to one of Jane’s tattoos. The team is able to track Charlie to the house his mother used to live in, and take him into custody after Jane convinces him his mother is downstairs. During the capture, Jane has a flashback to training in boot camp.

Back at headquarters, Weller interrogates Charlie, who can’t remember where he’s been for the past year and a half. The last thing he remembers is a dungeon and flames, so he’s convinced he was in hell. Patterson and Dr. Borden meanwhile, discover Charlie is full of drugs, including Zip which was used to wipe Jane’s memory clean, leaving everyone to wonder if Charlie and Jane are somehow connected.

Jane believes that since Charlie’s levels of Zip are lower than hers, and he has retained some memories, and possibly visiting with his mother would help him regain the rest. She’s brought in, and Jane marvels how all his mother wants to do is hug him, regardless of what he’s done. It makes her question Weller’s motives for not forgiving his father, but he chooses not to answer.

Coming to check on Patterson’s progress with the tattoos, Mayfair questions her as to why she’s there, and not on leave as she said she would do once David’s killer was found. Patterson admits she felt it was more important to be at work, and Mayfair warns her to grieve.

Mayfair leaves Patterson to find Charlie being taken away by Army CID, but allows him to be taken, much to Jane’s disapproval. Mayfair apparently should have worked harder to keep Charlie, because soon after he’s taken, his convoy is attacked, all officers are killed, and he’s taken. The team uses clues left behind to track down where the young soldier was taken, and burst into a building, finding the other four soldiers dead in hospital beds, and Charlie missing. During the raid, Jane flashes back once again to the boot camp, and we see her ring the bell to quit the training, which is not what we have come to expect from her.

Patterson is with the team in the field, and finds a video which hasn’t been destroyed, showing the team who were experimenting on Charlie in their efforts to create a super soldier. Weller says that it was Charlie’s biology which has kept him alive, and Dr. Borden warns that Charlie will be killed in order to find out how he survived the experiments. Patterson tells the team of a storage facility the main doctor had in her name, and the team races to find them. Inside, they find themselves in a shootout, with Weller finding Charlie. Charlie was given another dose of Zip however, and unable to remember Jane or Weller, takes off running. Jane takes chase, and once she catches him, begs him to stop so she won’t hurt him. He picks up her gun, and just as he’s about to shoot her, but is shot in the back by Weller.

Unhappy with the measures he took to save her life, Jane confronts Weller, who tells her there are only good guys and bad guys in the world, and it’s not that complicated. He tells her to get checked out by medical, and as Weller walks away, Jane has a flashback to her sitting in a car with a superior officer, telling him she wasn’t ok with ringing the bell. He shakes her hand however, and welcomes her to Orion.

Back at headquarters, Jane goes to talk to Mayfair, and mentions she doesn’t agree with Mayfair’s decision to let Charlie be taken. Mayfair tells Jane she needs to learn how to function as part of a unit, and leaves Jane alone, giving her the chance to switch the pen.

Weller meanwhile, comes home to his father, who is babysitting so Sarah can have a night out. Taking Jane’s advice, Weller starts talking more with his father, and learns that the night of Taylor’s disappearance, his father actually had tried to commit suicide – that’s where he had been, totally changing Weller’s view of him.

After switching the pen, Jane meets up with Oscar, and demands answers. He tells her that yes, the bearded man was with them, and that his warning of not to trust them, was in regards to the FBI. She asks about Charlie, and Oscar tells her that yes, they knew of the research being done, but didn’t agree with it, so instead used it for what worked for them. Not satisfied with the information given, Jane pushes him about Orion, and he finally tells her that Orion is where she died.

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