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BLINDSPOT Review: Orion is Where You Died

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

BLINDSPOT Review: Orion is Where You Died

By Pauline Perenack

Last week Blindspot finally returned after a long winter hiatus, and the episode was non-stop action from beginning to end. What other show asks its heroine to land a commercial airplane with no functioning engines? But best of all, we finally learned that Jane is in fact, Taylor Shaw.

The revelation of Jane’s true identity came at a price, as Jane is now confronted with the requirement of completing missions for the mysterious Oscar. Should she trust this man who holds video of her from the past? Or should she continue trusting the new team she has come to know and work alongside? Since we have officially lost our main antagonist in Carter, there is a strong possibility that Oscar will fill the role as we don’t know enough about him. Another character to be on the lookout for is Chief Inspector Fischer. We know he’s out for Mayfair, and has already targeted Patterson, so he could be going after other members of the team -- and sooner than we think.

Also, Weller will once again have to face the fact that Jane is his neighbor from long ago who went missing. Will that change his feelings for her, or will it only intensify them? Let’s recap what happened tonight, and see what new questions have been created for us.

Sarah and…Reade?

Finally, after all of this time, we get to learn more about Orion! Not a lot, but at least it’s something. In previous episodes, it seemed as though Jane was in charge of Orion since she was the one giving Oscar orders, but tonight we learn she was recruited. Did she rise through the ranks quickly? Regardless, it will be interesting to see why they targeted Weller as the person to whom Jane was delivered. The show always seemed to be setting up Weller’s father as part of the whole conspiracy, but with his revelation tonight that he went off to commit suicide the night of Taylor’s disappearance, this seems less likely. However, Blindspot is known for keeping us guessing. It’s also curious as to why Jane had so many missions set up for herself to complete once she started learning the truth. Perhaps they are designed to retrieve her memory – especially since the tattoos have set her up for several flashbacks of memory already.

The interesting thing to note about the pen she was asked to switch is, how did Oscar know what Mayfair’s pen looked like? Based on next week’s previews, there is a mole within the FBI, which makes one wonder if Oscar and Jane put the mole there. And if that’s the case, why has the mole not made him or herself visible to Jane? It doesn’t appear to be anyone on the team, but who else does the team interact with? Maybe this is why Dr. Borden is suddenly seeing field action?

Finally, the reveal none of us were expecting was that of Sarah dating Reade. It seems as though Weller won’t approve of this relationship, and Reade seems to think the same since he has avoided telling Weller.

Next week’s episode promises the return of Fischer, and it looks like he is once again trying to take the team down. Will he succeed? Only seven more days until we find out!

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